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  1. Just for a topic. I am against trading Burns. But for the sake of conversation and argument. If we were to package Burns in a deal to move up to the #1 spot. What do you want in return? No way I trade Burns and #9 just for the #1 spot.
  2. You think Jackson is done due to his injury proneness?
  3. So, who we cutting to get us in a good position during free agency? I saw on Spotrac that 12% of our cap is dead cap. Carolina Panthers 2023 Salary Cap Table | Spotrac
  4. Yeah, and he had a solid opportunity during camp and preseason. Anyone that follows this team knows that Rhule did zero to give him valuable reps. No one can say whether Corral is good or bad based off of preseason.
  5. Who's making it simple? You just think any team ahead of us is going to trade with us when Stroud in still on the board.
  6. A top 5 pick should never be a bust. You don't trade all your assets for a player that could be a bust.
  7. Well if Stroud is all that than you can forget about trading up for him because no one is going to give pity on us and trade down so we can draft him. Someone will take him well before us.
  8. It's not a wait for next year argument. It's don't sell the farm on a QB that isn't a franchise QB. Stroud is not worth the asking price of multiple first round picks. He may be a 1st rounder but not worth the assets we would have to give up. Reich is supposed to be a QB whipserer. Is it too far for anyone to believe he might be able to take a lower round pick who has the tools but needs work. I'd rather not pass on a player that could help us somewhere else. I saw an argument for Darnold, not saying I agree with it, but did you know Darnold had a QBR over 100 four times after he came back from injury? There are many other options than losing 3 first rounders like SF did for Lance.
  9. Stroud may be the best QB in this draft class but none of these QBs are savior QBs. I don't see any of them starting day one and if they do it will be a long year for whoever they play for. Any other season Stroud is the 4th or 5th QB on the board. I wouldn't trade the farm for him that's for sure. Our draft capital isn't great and we have other holes to fill. I would not be upset to see us sign a veteran and stay at 9. If Stroud, Young, Levis or Richardson fell to #9 you take your chance and pick him. You let the vet start and let the rookie battle Corral for the #2 spot. If none of them are available at #9 you take BPA. Use a later pick on a QB that moves up the boards via the combine and Pro days. If we trade the farm for him and he fails, it will set this team back many years. I don't think it is worth the gamble.
  10. This is where Wilks comes in. If they had contacted him as you suggested than they weren't really giving Wilks a true look. Only 2 of Wilks's wins came against winning teams. Detroit who are an improving team and Seattle that falter down the stretch. I think the Panthers waited until the end of the season and decided Wilks would have to have competition for the job.
  11. He is the 1st QB in Carolina Panther history that's historic. To help an organization that chose you to be the first QB ever by itself would be a solid reason to come back. Having a home here, his brother is here and many other factors. I just see it as a weak argument that her being hired was some sort of prerequisite for him to come here.
  12. The way I heard it was during Reich's interview he specifically named people that he spoke with about coming to the Panthers with him. Whether Fangio was the name is unknown.
  13. Fair enough and sorry about including that. I see your point on his daughter but with all the other ties he has to the area do you really believe that his daughter getting a job with Carolina was a deal maker. I think it's coincidental.
  14. I am in total disagreement with you. Wilks got a second interview along with Reich and Moore. I think Tepper wanted to hear who and how he was going to right the ship. Reich had a better plan. Granted the chips were stacked against him because Tepper, who made it very clear, wanted an offensive minded coach. It's been noted that Reich came in with a plan and names he had already spoken to about being on his staff before the interview. To say it wasn't legitimate because he didn't get the job is very weak. His daughter being hired in the marketing department is purely coincidental. It was very clear that his family has roots here, Her father was a football player and coach would make her want to apply for a job with a football team. To make the assumption that Reich was the man and he insisted Carolina hire his daughter or he would not come is really reaching. People look for anything to throw the race card at. It's a sad time in our lives. We've regressed 60 years.
  15. Not to mention that the New Orleans win at the end of the season wasn't something you'd be happy with. It basically came down to who could lose the game the most and not win it.
  16. If someone were to trade a 1st for Fields than that GM needs to be fired. I've been up and down on Fields but he has shown flashes. If they are ready to draft Young and let Fields, go than they are saying he's not an NFL caliber QB and IMO not worthy of a 1st round pick to trade with. If the Bears were truly ready to move on from Fields than our 49er 2nd round pick would be all I would offer. Reich is a QB guru so if anyone can make him a star QB than it's Reich. Like many of you, i don't want to do the retread on a QB anymore. We've done that the last 3 seasons and we are 0 for 3.
  17. We've had the defensive minded coaches since our inception, minus Rhule who IMO was neither. Tepper has always said he wanted an offensive minded head coach. Wilks did a good job making this team competitive but as I said after the Pittsburgh game Wilks was done. IMO Tepper wanted to beat his old team and Wilks fell flat on his face. Pittsburgh was primed to be beat. Wilks and McAdoo had a terrible game plan and did nothing at halftime to adjust. IMO this had to burn Tepper's ass some. Losing to Tampa put Tepper's mindset that he wasn't the guy for the future. I think the final nail was Reich had names and was prepared during his interview. His plan was more advanced than Wilks. QB has been our Achilles heel since Cam got hurt. Why would Tepper want to go with a defensive minded coach that has very little experience developing a QB. Luck, Rivers and Wentz had some of their best numbers when they were with Reich. Remember Luck won comeback player of the year under Reich. I saw on YouTube how Irsay screwed up by blaming Reich, but the issues were far more internal than just the 3-5-1 record. I get that the NFL needs to do more to get minorities as their head coaches, but an owner should not have to sacrifice his goals to appease the NFL. If Wilks were offensive-minded he would have been our next head coach. I feel bad for Wilks and I really liked him but I have zero issues with going with Reich. IMO it had zero to do with race. Wilks's lawyer wants to make this about race. Sadly, that's the world we live in. Everything is about race, nothing to do with qualifications.
  18. Chances are none of these QBs will be Franchise QBs. A few might be serviceable but none of them have Lawrence, Herbert and Burrows skill levels. Those are Franchise QBs. These guys in this draft just happen to be the best available, That's it.
  19. Doesn't make them Franchise QBs. Hell, Zack Wilson went No. 2 and Trey Lance #3 and are they franchise QBs. Just because they are predicted to go early doesn't make them Franchise QBs. Just means teams are desperate for a QB.
  20. Hey @GOAT whatcha hating for. You honestly think one of these QBs in this draft is a Franchise QB? If you think so, I got land south of Key West I'll sell you real cheap.
  21. He said franchise QB. I don't see one in this class. We might get a serviceable one for a couple of years but someone who'll lead us for the next 10 or 15 years. Highly doubt it. I didn't say we weren't drafting a QB though, I think it is highly possible. Just depends on how the cards fall on draft night.
  22. Reich is third on my list behind Steichen and Payton. I was listening to a PODCAST yesterday saying it was Steichen job to lose. I hope we hold out until the Eagles are out of the playoffs. I do believe that if Wilks is retained, we will definitely have a new OC. I cringe at the thought of McAdoo being our OC in 2023.
  23. Wrong If a new head coach believes that he can make a 3rd round QB his starter than it would definitely be something we would consider in hiring a head coach. Payton would definitely be a good one for Corral and I believe Steichen would also do well with him.
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