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  1. Wait. Homie on the left us our new TE??
  2. though, available coaches, I liked what Vrable was doing in TN, mostly.
  3. no, I just simply expect a moderator to not get down in the weeds with the lowly trolls but..
  4. but it's fun shitting on shitty team performances when our own team sucks donkey dick. It's cathartic.
  5. hope he likes the smell of feces in that stadium
  6. give me more examples of what jiffy lube mechanics look like
  7. forgive me, I am partially retarded.. but what the fug in Charlotte? How would they play each other.. here?
  8. I'm starting to think Tepper smashed one of your cameras or something lol
  9. I'm sure he's got some muscle mass in his core and lower body but at 5'8 / 5'9, I think you're pretty close. 165ish
  10. Well then, go ahead and pack your things and pick a different team because, for better or worse, the is Tepper's team. I doubt he's looking to sell anytime soon.
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