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  1. I'm sure he's got some muscle mass in his core and lower body but at 5'8 / 5'9, I think you're pretty close. 165ish
  2. Well then, go ahead and pack your things and pick a different team because, for better or worse, the is Tepper's team. I doubt he's looking to sell anytime soon.
  3. To summarize this video, this guy shows where Bryce has certainly had his share of bad plays but how most of his two games have been spent throwing nothing but anticipation balls to coverd / quiting recivers. Talks about lack of play creativity and how Bryce can certainly still take easier plays that are there. Mostly, he says and shows that Bryce is playing well above what the stats show, obviously. He also agrees with the team "resting" Bryce while they go to Seattle and learn a little more about how to run their offense. It was a good video with no Homer bias.
  4. To be fair, Kyle Pitts is basically the DK Metcalf of tight ends. That was Horn's guy.
  5. With a 3-4, we basically have 5 dt's and then about 10 lbs. We'll only be in 3-4 sparingly and all the other times will basically be glorified 4-2-5
  6. This thread is going down in flames. Spinning out of control, really.
  7. The Hawaii fires caused more global warming than we could in several years time. Blame Hawaii or, if you believe in the DEW theory, blame them.
  8. What injury is he coming off of?
  9. Are people debating this? Is it pro Cousins, I assume? Certainly, it's not hinting at Burrow being mids?
  10. Why is nobody talking about practice today? Was this a closed practice? Or have the McAfee redirects been too much to overcome?
  11. ohhhhhhhhhhh I thought you meant these guys:
  12. 1. C.J. Stroud QB Ohio State 39. Nolan Smith EDGE Georgia 93. Cameron Latu TE Alabama 114. Zacch Pickens DT South Carolina 132. Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss 145. Dontayvion Wicks WR Virginia
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