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  1. Yep. First TD had me like wtf but after about the 3rd catch, I was with it
  2. I hope your HC shares his vicodin this season season.
  3. Last time I tries to change the name, it wouldn't let me so I said fug it for a while. Yeah, it needs to go. I agree
  4. Did you watch him in the playoffs?
  5. It looked like DJ rolled his ankle on like his first touch and I kind of felt that was a turf deal. It looked like his foot stopped moving before he expected it to.
  6. Probably because your immune system hasn't been compromised..
  7. The DL feed off each other. They can't get home every play though.
  8. This was short but sweet thread. Good job guys.
  9. Ok. Talk about it in the tinderbox, then.
  10. That's the thing with looking at something with biased glasses on. It makes grander views that much harder. Cam is used up and has washed out of the Patriots system. He may still be a serviceable QB somewhere but he wasn't going to play #2 over there this season and we all knew that.
  11. So it appears the Spectrum show guide is the problem. They just don't have it listed.
  12. I'm on Spectrum (smh) and it seems our game today is only on NFLNHD. I'm sure there will be a stream posted somewhere but wtf? lol
  13. It's retorts such as yours as to why these situations are so volatile to even talk about. The source of the virus means where the virus originated.
  14. I never once said the math was fudged. I said I don't trust the source of this "pandemic" and that 2% of the global population is not worth us losing our collective poo over. Nothing more.
  15. When every algorithm imaginable is catered to an official narrative, it's sometimes vital to observe anecdotal stories. I'll go back to my original point, we know where this virus came from and Fauci absolutely refuses to admit it because every ounce of funding he has is tied into this research. It's just too convoluted, in my opinion. Unless, they become honest.
  16. I would most likely agree with you. I am sure the two non MRNA vaccines are probably pretty safe.
  17. Taking all sides into account is how you educate yourself. Jimmy Dore telling you about his own personal experience and his knowledge of others with his same experience is important information. If people are having reactions to these shots, would you not want to know? What type of world do we live in where people people suppress non FDA approved "vaccine" side effects?
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