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  1. That's why I'm actually okay with multiple threads. Who wants to sift through all that dating back two months.
  2. Whenever I look at Bryce Young throw I don't see tight spirals. I see a little bit of a wobble on the ball.
  3. I think this does factor into Reichs decision actually. For better or worse. Thielen is also a part of some FCA sort of groups.
  4. Carolina winters aren't cold, they just reek havoc on the sinuses because of the temperature fluctuations and pressure changes day to day. Not a great place to live if you have sinus problems or any arthritis.
  5. I would much prefer pairing veteran WRs with a young qb then an aging expensive vet qb with young wrs.
  6. It's not that concealed. They spoke in plain site. Fitterer told us that if they move up they better be all in one guy.
  7. He also immediately and emphatically says it. I took that interview as Reich saying we aren't drafting Bryce Young.
  8. The fact that the team moved up before Bryce Young's pro day tells you it's Stroud
  9. I certainly hope your right and don't get me wrong I'll be very happy to land CJ Stroud. I just want the QB to succeed and I don't think you can find an adequate wr replacement in the 2nd round of a weak wr draft. We may be able to find a decent TE. I would love a Mike Gesicki signing so we could split the production left by the absence of Moore.
  10. Sorry if I'm not meta enough for you, and it's not just the DJ Moore issue. We traded a lot of assets away, and now we can't adequately fill our needs with our remaining assets. We went from being a qb away, to a 3 year rebuild this offseason. Also we're taking a defense that wasn't far off and we're changing base schemes with no legit 0 tech.
  11. I just don't understand what our actual plan is besides drafting a qb. If you make the call to give up DJ Moore then you need to have a plan to replace him and I just don't see it.
  12. I lowkey hate this offseason.
  13. Well we don't have a first next year so
  14. Ivory Panther is a Bama fan and he has it out for CJ Stroud every post.
  15. There is nothing a "mentor" would offer that McCown wouldn't. This isn't Mike Shula. Now a capable back up is a good idea. But a young QB with McCown, Reich, and Caldwell doesn't need a mentor signing.
  16. McCown is more or less a peer. He is an extreme veteran qb not far removed from playing ball himself. He is a mentor, who was hired to be specifically that.
  17. I agree. He was never supposed to be the guy. Kuechly's retirement made him have to be the guy a little prematurely.
  18. Yeah so it's the accumulation of hits, that's the problem. I get that your a huge Young supporter, and probably a Bama fan. That's cool.
  19. Watch his footwork and perfect delivery of the football. When skills are similar you take the bigger player. Like it or not Young's size is a huge problem, ironically.
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