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  1. This game is huge because a W lets us buy time for CMC without the season going down the tubes.
  2. We weren't perfect against the Jets as to be expected in the first game, but we didnt struggle.
  3. I mean I wouldn't say the Panthers struggled to beat the Jets.
  4. Worst thing that could happen is Mills gets hurt and Watson goes in.
  5. Reddick is the real deal and needs an extension.
  6. Yeah I read that. I mean he definitely looks better then he did with the Jets. Im not quite ready to say he is a probowler...but he is definitely trending up.
  7. Gotta be a reason his name is popping up.
  8. Also a backwards baseball cap on. That said....Horn will be a beast.
  9. I like both players, but Martinook I really do want to keep. He embodies the work ethic the Canes need to be successful. The work they've had whenever they've been successful. He does have a few limitations. He's not a good finisher or a brilliant athlete, but he's smart and does a lot of the dirty work.
  10. While I want the Panthers to build here and dont necessarily love the writer's tone. I 100percent agree that Mcmaster is a scumbag.
  11. Are you trying to tell me that if you hqd to chose between keeping Necas and TT you're keeping TT?
  12. Necas is better. Also I like TT....its just i think we can still be good without him. As skilled as he is he lacks a degree of physicality we desperately need. As much as I like him Id rather move him to keep some of our other players.
  13. Yeah well I dont know how much of a core player he has to be. We looked better with him not playing last year.
  14. The ride is just beginning man. All we need to do is pick up some more physicality, and keep developing our youth. Short off season this year.
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