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  1. Yeah I put some stock into the preseason. We didn't show anything. The tape doesn't lie, guys couldn't win individual matchups.
  2. Yeah it's not the most exciting of year. I'll tune in for sure but it isn't like the past.
  3. I'm happy for Corral. He has a little talent and I would have preferred him be the back up rather than Andy Dalton. Dalton gives us no chance at developing an asset behind Bryce. If Bryce gets hurt I would much rather have Corral being developed so maybe we could get something in return for him down the road. We drafted Corral knowing that he wasn't running a pro style offense in Ole Miss. We knew that he was going to take time to develop and transition to an NFL offense. It's the same thing we did with Will Grier. I think, just like Grier, we have another player that we pulled the plug on their development too early, and he will end up being a good backup. When you draft qbs out of spread offenses in college, it take abouts 3 seasons for them to fully adapt to the pro game. If we weren't willing to accept this then we should have never drafted him to begin with, but that's a Fitterer mistake. When it comes to GM's, their track records shouldn't be judged on 1st round picks, those are easy, but rather the later rounds. Fitterer has an absolute dogshit track record when it comes to mid to late round picks. He has also traded assets to move up for these picks that haven't worked out. Some of the picks like Grier, may have worked out, but Fitt was too impatient to allow the development to happen.
  4. While I like Burns, he just isn't a game wrecker and he can't stop the run. Most of his sacks come against bad teams, very rarely does he beat skilled tackles and he gets hemmed up in the run game. He deserves a nice paycheck but he is not a top 5 pass rusher in the league.
  5. You realize that Belichick was a defensive coach right. He didn't develop Tom Brady. Rivera didn't develop Cam. That's what QB coaches do.
  6. A Steve Wilks, AR, Foreman combo sounds so much better then a Reich, Young, Sanders combo
  7. I agree with OP. AR in the only qb in this years draft that scares me when I think about playing against them.
  8. He was Deuce's guy. But I agree, we should have brought back Foreman and had a legit one two punch.
  9. Teams are going to run all over us and then gash us in the passing game after we over correct. I see a 5 win season.
  10. May not. But I never brought Holcomb up. Holcomb is just a proxy to bash the idea of hiring Wilks for many on the board.
  11. Id rather Holcomb and the playoffs then all the kings men and a 5 win season with no 1st round pick.
  12. Sounds like a big giant admission that Wilks should have been the hire. Why hire Wilks and make the playoffs this year, when we can hire Reich and possibly make the playoffs three years from now after we trade all of our assets?
  13. I appreciate the passion. I'm amazed that you're still emotionally affected by the team. I have low expecations just like with a marriage. When the team sucks as it does. For instance if Bryce ends up not being worth what we had to give up for him, I will laugh comically at the continuous mistakes we have made. When we are losing 27-0 to nothing, I will be secretly disappointed if we don't get shutout just because the reactionary threads will be more amusing. This is entertainment and I will treat it as such.
  14. What's have that away ..undersized with a noodle arm?
  15. Yep people make excuses for Bryce while the same could be applied to MC
  16. This team makes my twirly ball hairs look like the illustrious mane of a Kentucky purebred show horse.
  17. The worst thing that happened was the Charlotte Observer cancelling Jerry Richardson.
  18. Obligatory Thank God for the Hurricanes post.
  19. The obvious answer is to pick someone up after teams make their cuts.
  20. Yeah so most number 1 picks go to the worst teams in the league. Very rarely does the number one pick go to a team that was one game out of the playoff hunt the previous year. This is the reason why rookie qbs typically don't make the playoffs, and why a guy like Brock Purdy made the playoffs last year. It's a misnomer to say that rookie qbs just aren't good enough yet to make the playoffs. Because so much has to do with how the team they are drafted to are built. When we drafted Cam we didn't make the playoffs his first year, but we saw a five game improvement with an exciting offense. We saw glimpses of the talent the moment he stepped on the field, and if we had a slightly better defense, we would have made the playoffs in 2011. So when your team drafts a QB at number 1, it isn't wrong to expect improvement. If we went 9-8 and missed the wildcard would that be ok....yes. It's improvement. Would it be ok if the team back slides and loses more games then last year, no it isn't. We were in position to compete this year, base upon our cap space and the way that last year finished. We weren't an old team and didn't need to rebuild. It would imply a mismanaged team by the FO.
  21. It's the same reason he isn't even in the same ballpark as Bosa contract wise. He's terrible against the run, and isn't a true game wrecker. Wonderful edge rusher, but ultimately he's a specialist and thats it.
  22. What was the test record when he took over again? Explain to me how he is the reason?
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