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  1. I wouldnt be opposed to bringing him back on the cheap if we dont get lucky in the draft. If we're gonna lose....rather lose with Cam....at least Ill have some feels.
  2. Wr had a great D and a great qb in 2015...know why we lost? Mike Remmers.
  3. I think we could absolutely resign Curt as long as year one was team friendly.
  4. Not that bad. Trade Robbie and CMC but you can resign Curt and draft an RB.
  5. CMC is like 24...he will be alright. He has 3 great years left.
  6. Hmm maybe we are. I mean we dont have any OTs at the moment and were losing Samuel. We wont be able to draft legitimate replacements because all of our picks are gone. I like Deshaun but people on here qcting like Chinn, Burns, and Brown are untouchable...well what do you think 3 first round picks are? Guys like that on rookie deals.
  7. Im not anti Watson but if what you're saying is true why did the Texans suck so bad last year with the type of season Watson had? Don't fool yourself its a team game.
  8. I hope it isnt a turning point. That would imply things getting worse.
  9. I dont think we're landing our Superbowl winning qb this year. We have a new GM and we have a huge need need in the interior OL. I stay pat at the 8th pick. It will not be worth the king's ransom to move up to grab the 3rd pick. I could see if a qb drops to the 5th then you may move up. Theoretically it would be more prudent for us to move back in the draft then move up. Moving back would grant us the chance to grab some top interior OL in the draft and possibly a second or third round TE. Whether we like it or not we're at least a year from a breakthrough season. If we h
  10. The tag Im ok with...but he will want more then that in an extension. So that's where I'd feel uncomfortable. Realistically I think we're gonna be looking at a decreasing cap the next two or three years.
  11. Ugh...Moton has never jumped out to me as one of the best in the game. Just solid.
  12. This was a good trade for us as all guys are expiring contracts. Paquette strengthens us going down the middle of the ice. I like Larentz but he has been inconsistent, and I thought Geekie played well last year but has disappeared this year. This trade gives us depth that let's us atone for injury. Also one or both guys could be moved before the deadline if the coaches don't like what they're looking at. If you're a bad team these expiring contracts are incredibly valuable. It's harder for bad teams to get better when there is a salary cap decrease which amplifies the value of a bad t
  13. I think it was simply a ref retribution game. I thought we looked better then them.
  14. Its like the book is out on how to get easy goals on us. Just stretch the ice on the line change and voila easy breakaway on the Canes.
  15. Yeah Im gonna get poo'd for this but dependent upon what we'd give up...Id like it.
  16. The problem I have with Bridgewater isnt his skill set, even thought that could be improved. It's his decisions in the clutch are what eats at me. Even if their was another qb available with many of the same characteristics as TB thats fine as long has he is a guy with more moxy who doesnt take the big sack and is more dependable in the clutch.
  17. Sort of sounds like that. Also sounds like a direct liason between Waddell and Rod. Also I think this is a good sign regarding the well deserved Rod extension....lol...Rod extension.
  18. Sweet move. Love how the canes create new legends with their existing legends. https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/canes-hire-justin-williams-special-advisor-to-general-manager/c-321121714
  19. I'd take Wentz. Just have a feeling that guy just needs a new team. It reqlly reminds me of Carson Palmer.
  20. Yeah I thought about that after my post. I knew someone astute would mention it.
  21. If that is truly the way they feel then its a mistake. I doubt Rod feels that way considering he rode Ward and his conn smythe to a Cup.
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