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  1. Saints have a better roster than us...I think. Maybe we are about even. That said, I think Baker is better than Jameis.
  2. It's about time for the injury bug to hit TB, and maybe it already has. If we can get competent play from Horn, Henderson, CMC, Baker, and some decent O line play, we may be able to overtake them, but I kinda doubt it.
  3. Looked fine. Like a guy who is a rookie, but has all the tools...just needs to refine his game, and I think that he will. Either way, a starter, for sure.
  4. They will say it was a collective effort. IMO Matt wanted someone to try to compete with, and Fitt wanted someone who could lead a team and had a chip on their shoulder. Trying to find that is tough, especially since we have been raiding the draft pick war chest for a few years in a row. We got lucky, let's see if it works.
  5. That's closer to how I see myself doing it. Would probably like to "tinker" on construction or renovations for 4-5 hours per day of my choosing. Want to work a couple hours one night, great, Sunday mid day...also good. I could probably make that move now, but would take a big pay cut and don't want to adjust my lifestyle that much....yet. The current job just hasn't pissed me off enough....but I'm sure it's trying to.
  6. It's almost like he can't learn anything and doesn't have any common sense. He has been a disappointment from day 1 here, I'm actually not 100% sure what he could have done worse, outside of trying to move the team.
  7. Hope not. Tepper really thinks the shiny stuff is what makes fans happy and open their wallets. Guy is a winner in the money department, and a loser everywhere else.
  8. I would take him, but that's just me. He's so valuable in a PPR. Hell, I think even with him missing almost all of last year he was still the 22nd ranked back fantasy wise....something like that. He's a gamebreaker in FF.
  9. Congrats. I'll never "retire", will likely always either build a home here and there, remodel, or buy crappy fix them up, and do long term rentals. Can't really imagine a world where I won't do that, but who knows. Thank you for your service.
  10. Install an under sink RO system. And yes, it stinks, but it's been here a LONG time, no clue what the long term effects are, but there's a LOT of people here that have never drank bottled water.
  11. It won't happen, and don't call me Shirley.
  12. In my family only the men cook. The grandmothers could cook, and did occasionally, but not often. My Father cooked most every meal unless he couldn't get home in time. I cook every meal, my brother went to school to be a chef, and my sister cooks zero. Weird, I know. I knew "how" to cook, but didn't know why I was doing most of what I was doing. Alton Brown's cooking show helped, then I started reading cookbooks for fun...now we rarely eat out.
  13. Ha, my reason's are... She can literally burn water. I cook every meal, the last time she cooked a meal for me was 2009 or 10....somewhere in there.
  14. Stew's ankle never fully healed...ever. He could have been all time Panther, but his lower half just kept plaguing him. Incredible skillset.
  15. Same. I don't know how on Earth they can remember what shirt you were wearing when you blabbed about wanting to go to a Nascar race rather than with her to a wedding 11 years ago...but here we are.
  16. I was a CB/WR....so a smaller guy, but that injury lingered for years and years and years. Go throw a football on the sandbar.... randomly put you right on your butt in searing pain. You were almost scared to really push with the balls of your feet.
  17. That injury still haunts me. Man what a crappy thing to deal with.
  18. I really screwed up, I know I really screwed up, I don't want others to think that I really screwed up, but I think they already know I really screwed up, so I don't know what to do, like usual.
  19. And that 1 spot both the most valuable, and the precise reason we drafted Icky. Campen needs to slap Matt.
  20. A fool or a liar. Or both? I just think that he's in WAY over his head. Wonder when Tepper steps in?
  21. But not at the position in which he later shined. Icky is better than Jordan (meaning, he was a higher graded player) and should therefore be getting all of the 1st team reps at LT until he "loses" that job. Rhule is so terrible at this stuff.
  22. You ever met many folks from Pittsburgh?
  23. Tepper: Putting together a real "C Suite". Rhule: Two seasons of progression in a row with two playoff wins.
  24. I'd like to say that he has to be better, but intensity likely just got ahold of him. Smoking hot out there too, that doesn't help.
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