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  1. I have to be honest, this behavior is something foreign to me. Why spend the money just to spend it? Starbucks isn't even good coffee, and if you get the whipped up stuff...I just can't imagine how bad that is for someone. Make a pot in the morning, then drink water the rest of the day. Total cost...about $1.00 per day for liquids. If things are tight, the last place I'll drop money is in something that's bad for me, doesn't taste good, and I'm going to piss it out in 50 minutes. I see this all the time with Amazon, online shopping, Insta (especially women), I just don't understand the "high" people get when spending money....just doesn't compute.
  2. "If I'm being seen, at least they know I'm working". I encounter that a LOT in my business, it's typically the folks who get the least done who love to be around the others in the office. That's not me, I don't want to say hello to anyone, don't need to discuss the Cowboys over coffee, don't need the "office environment" at all. I want to get work done and go home, if I'm doing all those things, with constant interruptions I'll just never get it wrapped up. In no way can you do my business before 10 or so in the morning...still...a lot of the bosses want butts in the door at 8...just stupid and archaic. My next "job" I hope to be outside about 50+% of the time, and I'll own the company. Good luck you guys.
  3. This is what is so frustrating about our team's predicament. We were in pretty bad shape, but gaining cap space, and clearing up the Marty Mess...we should have done a hard rebuild...right when... Brady was nearing the end, Brees was all but done and the Saints had mortgaged, Atlanta is Atlanta and Ryan is getting older... We were setup to do it correctly and have a division winner for a few years in a row...consistent winning football. Nope, hire a college, keep the worst GM in the league, hire no NFL guys to help wite a full rebuild and being a new NFL owner...etc... We had a chance to take advantage, and crapped the bed. Now we are all in purgatory.
  4. Same. I'd much rather bet on a player coming from a D/Running Game first team rather than anyone coached by Bill and a Shanny. Kyle has him looking as good as he possibly can, we couldn't come close to doing that...at least Kirk has had to somewhat make it work, we have no clue if Jimmy is actually good at football...IMO. Much like Andy Reid assistant coaches and QB's...just say no.
  5. Very little I hate on this Earth, the Panthers are not one of them. That said, I feel that we are at the lowest point in the teams history.
  6. This team has been prepared for a full rebuild many times, each and every one, we have screwed it up by trying to win....then/now. We are just a dumb team, no other way around it.
  7. "you need to bring in a rockstar at OC or be shown the door" That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard...I hope it's not true, but knowing Tepper, it probably is.
  8. Taylor, Horn, and Henderson is a good set of corners...I believe. We will likely need to let Gilmore and Jackson leave to invest in OL...and I hope that's what we do.
  9. I'm not confident in the front office, nor the coaching staff. But strangely, I have more confidence in both than I do the ownership. At least Rhule somewhat understands the game of football, he's certainly in over his head in the NFL, but he understands football. David Tepper doesn't understand anything to do with football, the NFL, fans, histories of programs, local customs and tendencies, clothing, etc... Nothing, the guy has proven that he's an unfit owner, and there's nothing that can be done about it.
  10. "Why was Sam's 5th year picked up?" He may as well have answered "We don't really understand the NFL game here at Panthers Place, and we really struggle with understanding the salary cap as well. When I met Sam, I just knew that he was going to be a great Panther, and I wanted him to be happy...so we picked up the 5th, no different than giving Robby more money when we didn't need to. Next question."
  11. Not until they can start selling jerseys again.
  12. PSL's never made sense to me, but to some, I'm sure it's nice to go to the exact same seat game in and game out, but the draw simply isn't there for me. Good luck.
  13. Well...now I'm invested again.
  14. "You have a very good chance of being an interim head coach for 8 games next season."
  15. Don't need a stadium, screw him.
  16. Moton would be the only player that I'd be hesitant about. We are in such a bad place with OL, and it's so necessary to win consistently, trading our only good lineman would be tough to come back from. The rest? I'd like to try to keep Horn and Chinn, but everyone has a price. My hunch is this is mainly swirling around DJ, Burns, and CMC....all of them are available.
  17. I do not buy this, but would love to hear your explanation of why he would do it? NC is an ascending state. Charlotte is an ascending state, most players like living/working here. It's just never made much sense to me to move the team, unless all you care about is being the wealthiest owner in the league, and need a HUGE new stadium to make you feel better about your nether regions.
  18. Interest has been waning for years, sped up by our abysmal ownership change. When Tepper came in, my ears perked up a bit, hoping for a smart owner to finally take over. Couldn't have been more wrong about that. As of now, I'm done. Had no clue what happened yesterday, and couldn't have been happier...same with the previous week.
  19. And not just in the short term...this could have lasting effects. If fans continue to fall away from the team, as they have done since 2016, this will only put that into overdrive. We have now reached "bottom tier team" level in the league. Giants, Jags, Panthers, Jets. We are no different than them any longer.
  20. Welcome to TepperLand.
  21. Hah, I do not believe you. With his Dad being such a big part of the game, and for so long, I bet he has better insight than most any active player...he knows this is a dumpster fire. At least I hope he knows that.
  22. Yup, he's at a crossroads here. Every single decision he's made since buying the Panthers has been the wrong one, I'm guessing he continues with that trend.
  23. "there's a long way to the top" means that the Panthers have a LONG WAY to go to become winners. IMO, that's a dig, not an agreement.
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