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  1. Dude, please don't take it the wrong way, certainly didn't mean anything by it, was just curious. I grew up in a household that rarely, if ever ate food we didn't make in our kitchen. There was no such thing as choosing what you ate...you ate whatever the hell was on the table, or you went hungry. My wife grew up eating at restaurants for almost every meal, now I hear of people getting fast food and taking it home for dinner with the fam...I just never did it, was wondering how often that happens?
  2. We have some media darlings (at the moment) in the 3 big coaches here. Sam is a reclamation project from the most media frenzied part of the country. CMC is a star, and our strength is on our pass rush and pass catchers...media loves sacks and passing plays. The Panthers are fun to watch for the first time in a while. This too shall pass.
  3. I've gotten take out before, it's rare, but I do it when lazy or needed. However, I cannot recall a single time in my life where I got takeout from a drive through and took it home as a meal, especially for dinner. That said, I eat out about 2 times per month for dinner, maybe less.
  4. Just curious, not judging. Do many people get "fast food" to take home for dinner? I can't recall ever doing that a single time in my life.
  5. Prolly just make both...she get's what she wants, and I do as well. Wings and quiet.
  6. Either wings or Cali Chicken Burgers. Wife wants the chicken burgers, I want wings.
  7. Bolded is so important to the future/immediate future of the team. If, and its a big if, but if Sam can turn his career around like Tannehill....we will have the makings of something really nice here.
  8. There are very few RB's out there that can hold up in pass pro on a consistent basis...those are the guys you never see leave the field.....again rare. Chubba is gonna take a WHILE to learn to do it at a decent clip, and the Line needs to learn how to move their guys...they can't yet.
  9. Who knows what happens going forward, but for the first time, in a long time, the team seems to know the direction it wants to take. SOOOO refreshing seeing so many young players out there playing well....that was a rarity under the last two coaching regimes...glad it's gone.
  10. O line was my biggest fear going into the season, and I'm still convinced that's our worst group on the team. Hopefully they can prove me wrong, and they are playing a BIT better than expected, but it's a long season.
  11. I completely understand the desire to start the younger (and at some point likely better) options now...however, coaches need Sam to be calm, do his job, and not get panicked. A couple/few missed blitzes by the youngins, and we could undo a lot of work that's gone into Sam already.
  12. Not concerned about the WR corps, or Robby's extension. Glad to bolster a strength there when the entire NFL is telling you to pass the ball.
  13. Can't blame them, a lot of past work that needs to be covered up by good play still.
  14. With 5 of them in one game, I was curious to see if it was a fluke or not...apparently not.
  15. Been saying it for a while, if we stay somewhat healthy, and Sam plays above average at QB, we could have a winning record. Who knows what happens over the next 15 games, but I'm impressed so far...better than I expected this early into a new team and offense.
  16. Doing this with a LOT of youth too...which is awesome.
  17. He's a 3rd round rook getting playing time in the 2nd game of his rookie year with some questionable talent around him. He's gonna have up and down days, let's hope he gets better as the season progresses. I like the kid.
  18. Hope it's "vet/care day".
  19. Again...impressed. Putting the logo at midfield isn't impressive to me. Focusing on business first isn't impressive. Bringing in MLS, changing the field, wanting a new taxpayer funded stadium (as the wealthiest owner in the NFL), mega campus in SC, etc... I'm disappointed in the ownership for sure, could have been so much better.
  20. I said "impressed" hahaha. He kept them both when he got here...Jesus man.
  21. Tepper continues to make me dislike him at almost every single move. I can't recall one single thing that he's done that I've been impressed with.
  22. He had decided to retire, we talked him into another stint.
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