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  1. The players look underprepared and uninterested. The personnel decisions have been awful. The lack of NFL experience is glaring. Of course that's only fixed by gaining more experience, but fans don't want to watch 5 years (or however long it takes) of losing for Rhule to figure it out. At least 1 of his coordinators should have been NFL coaching veterans, preferably with some head coaching experience.
  2. On that note, what names do you think Daboll would bring along with him if he was hired as HC?
  3. I'm generally optimistic too, but it is a little concerning that he has no answers for any of the losses. "Credit to the other team" and "They haven't shown that on tape before" just make it look like he has no plan. The lack of in game/halftime adjustments also make it seem like he's in over his head.
  4. I'm referring to the coaching blunders during the Rivera years. The playoff appearances were almost in spite of the coaching.
  5. Is this supposed to be a positive? I dont think anyone wants to re-live the Rivera years.
  6. Really, you think he played decent? Are you a friend or relative?
  7. The protection was dogshit. Christensen and Daley couldn't block semen with a contraceptive.
  8. Rhule was outcoached in the eagles game. That was worse.
  9. This. Having him back is a boost to the defense. He played well in the opener.
  10. Theres only 17 games, every game is a must win. Plus this week is against a team that we could be fighting for a wild card spot come playoffs. Might need that h2h tie breaker.
  11. Special teams has been bad for a while now. Blackburn needs to go next year.
  12. Rhule talked about how Sam wasn't going to his first read and how he needs to trust the system and take what he's given. I think they were emphasizing that to him late in the eagles game, and that's why he made that throw to Robby(his 1st read) on the 3rd pick. If that's the case, Brady made a bad play call due to not trusting the line, and Sam pays for it because he trusted the system.
  13. Didn't like his answer regarding the players being responsible for adjusting at halftime. Had no other issues with his answers though. I do wish reporters would ask more game management questions.
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