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  1. Panthers do a good job stopping the run and short passing game. There will be a pick 6 by a LB or Chinn. Offense does a better job in the red zone. 34 - 24 Panthers.
  2. Yep I noticed that as well. Hartsfield played surprisingly well and Chandler seemed to have a hard time filling in.
  3. 2nd half coaching on both offense and defense
  4. This is what I want to see. A good example of this was last night when Brady hit Gronkowski 5 yards off the LoS and he lumbered his way into the endzone. Just get the ball to your playmakers in space.
  5. Mike Mitchell. I loved the way he played in 2013. He helped set the tone for the defense.
  6. The imagery in your writing is beautiful (if slightly disturbing)
  7. What, did he steal a laptop?
  8. I prefer to take Fields if hes there, but I think he'll be gone and we'll grab One of the top 2 OT's
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