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  1. You’re right I’ve never watched or played. You win.
  2. That’s not what that my post meant but you can spin poo however you want I’m done with you. how tf are you a mod.
  3. Okay captain hindsight football genius. Tell us what should have been done with that LB showing blitz?
  4. I mean I can’t force you to have perspective. But you are consistently the worst poster on here so I don’t know what I expected.
  5. The QBs job is to read the defense as it’s being shown, not to predict the future. The LB kept showing blitz even when the ball was snapped. He ran up, engaged with a lineman and then backed out last second. Bryce threw the ball to the part of the field that the blitz was coming from, as he should have. edit: Also Bryce is 21 years old and seeing new looks every week. He needs time to learn.
  6. And you would not have said that about them in their rookie season. That’s the entire point.
  7. A 10+ year vet has played a better game than a rookie in his 7th start? Wow what an anomaly.
  8. You think dalton is doing anything right now getting sacked on 25% of his drop backs?
  9. I don’t think we upgraded at RB or WR. Even if you’re counting Chark as an upgrade he’s only played one game with limited snaps. We’re 2 games into the season, in a new offense, with a rookie QB, and injuries to the offensive line. It’s way too small of a sample size to get any meaningful takeaways from the passing game. Even later in the season last year there were multiple sub 175 passing yard games.
  10. Yea I took a few of those. also took a lottery pick on mingo 82+ for +1800
  11. Yea Bryce needs to play better. I don’t think another 3 turnover game for the offense is likely. His processing wasn’t really the issue on those two ints. Based on the defense, the safety should have been deeper so he processed that part correctly. Let’s see if he can make amends this week or if he repeats mistakes.
  12. We had 3 turnovers. Sanders fumbled. Ridder is not Carr and Henderson is not Horn. I see the worry on D.
  13. This is why we need speed. It takes about 4 seconds for Thielen to get open here. That's way too long.
  14. The coaches are in a tough spot this week. They need to be able to run the ball to take some pressure off Bryce and give him some PA opportunities. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to stick to that game plan unless the defense creates some extra possessions. I have a feeling we’ll be playing from behind early. I trust Bryce in the long run, hopefully these first few games don’t shake his confidence.
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