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  1. Mike Mitchell. I loved the way he played in 2013. He helped set the tone for the defense.
  2. The imagery in your writing is beautiful (if slightly disturbing)
  3. What, did he steal a laptop?
  4. I prefer to take Fields if hes there, but I think he'll be gone and we'll grab One of the top 2 OT's
  5. I would give a 3rd to see if Darnold could reach his potential. I think at this point we know what Minshew and Garrapolo are.
  6. I personally wont be watching if Teddy is the starter next year. I cant watch him take another sack on 4th down with the game on the line, or throw the ball to the LOS on 3rd and 8. The team was a lot better than we thought it was going to be last year. Just good enough to give the fans some hope, but Teddy is the hope crusher. He plays scared.
  7. I recall Remmers getting beat pretty badly during the 2015 season too. Someone had 3 sacks against him in 1 game. I cant remember who it was now. I think he gave up several sacks in a couple games that season.
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