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  1. I'll say it til I'm blue in the face, but football is not rocket science. It doesn't require cutting edge plays to be successful, just timely playcalling, and perfect execution. Oh and it helps when you have a few cheat code athletes.
  2. 54 according to Google. Definitely past the age when most women (and men) give up on their bodies.
  3. What?! Not sure how old you are, but Brenda still has a banging body for her age! She's just embracing the grey hair. If she dyed that joint, a full body picture would change your perspective.
  4. Fumble or intentional grounding. He just chucked it after getting hit.
  5. Holy ish! Did they sneak another Rivera in here without us even noticing?!!!
  6. Still think Darnold should have been more active in the preseason. A lot of those miscues last week would likely have been worked out of him. The Saints will pressure him, giving him flashbacks of his time in NY. Here's to hoping he and Brady have a plan to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible.
  7. Is that true? I admittedly haven't lived in SC for a long time, but I never knew we didn't like each other. When did that happen?
  8. I hope our guys realize how easy it is to get on this list. This season may come down to dedication and sacrifice - no partying and hanging out with those outside your circle.
  9. It really isn't that easy to find a competent FG kicker. Any jack can kick the ball a mile, but putting it between those uprights under pressure takes a special mentality. There aren't 32 good FG kickers in the NFL.
  10. I expect 8-10 sacks. He has a high motor and these edge rushers are going to force guys to step up to him. Hopefully he returns the favor.
  11. I've had YT TV for almost 2 years and had no idea. Wil definitely use this loop hole this season. Thanks!
  12. You're missing my point. QBs know they aren't going to get hit in practice. That makes a huge difference in how you react to pressure. Hence why live game reps are so important. Football is a physical game. Very physical. Adjusting to that aspect of the game is just as important as reading defenses and chemistry with receivers. A lot of QBs much better then Darnold have been ruined because they weren't protected by the o-line.
  13. Isn't hitting the opposing team's QB not allowed in joint practices? I would think it a lot easier for QBs to step into throws without the fear of having your spleen ruptured by a 300 lbs DT.
  14. Offensive coordinators should be able to scheme around weaknesses on the outside. It's much more difficult to scheme around a weak interior line. That ish will kill ANY QB in the league. Even the GOAT (Tom Brady) couldn't overcome it. Even the most prolific passer of our time (Brees) couldn't overcome it.
  15. Not sure why, but I laughed way too hard from this comment...
  16. And that was coming from Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis who have to practice against him everyday. Let that sink in for a minute.
  17. Great running back, but he legit has a future as a slot if the hits out of the backfield start taking a toll.
  18. I tell you what... he can make all the throws! Even those deep outside timing routes that many QBs shy away from. And he kills the seam and skinny post.
  19. That didn't change until they drafted Starr and Short - remember Fua and McClain. They were the equivalents of Cam's Silatolu and Nate Chandler (and Byron Bell). Starr allowed Luke to be Luke better than anyone else and losing him may have even taken a couple of seasons away from Luke's career.
  20. I get that this season is not DIRECTLY comparable to past seasons. My only concern is that games are drastically different than practices, even joint ones. Starters are usually on a play/time count in that 3rd preseason game. And teams have used the 4th game in case they wanted to get them in a bit longer, for confidence if nothing else.
  21. In hindsight he probably should have jumped on it - yes. Maybe. It's not the split decision move that bothers me, it's the BS narrative that he jumped away from the pile to avoid contact that triggers me. As if we all haven't watched him run over, stiff arm and juke some of the best defenders in the NFL like Earl Thomas. And not sure if WE wouldn't have more readily identified the true intentions of Brees or Ryan in that situation. You know them being so cerebral and all.
  22. This is the second to last game of preseason. Didn't starters usually go at least a quarter in the 3rd game in the past? He'll have all next week to heal. It's important that he get some live game reps this week. 4/6, 45 yards. 0 TDs, 0 INTs. We'll be trying to establish a running game to identify CMC's backup. Now CMC needs to stay home. Don't even have him in the stadium.
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