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  1. This team has a group of gadget WRs. They aren't tacticians (route runners, set up DBs, superior at tracking the ball). That can work though- see 49ers. This actually makes things easier for our QB, and fits what we seem to have at that position as well. We don't have the personnel for a conventional NFL offense. Even our RB1 has strong slot WR capability. This should be an unpredictable offense where you never know who's getting the ball. All plays look the same out of only 4 or 5 formations. Based on match ups, not defensive coverage. No team has the defensive personnel to cover DJ on a slant, Robbie on a fly, Shenault on a screen, and CMC on a choice route - on the same play.
  2. Bucs are missing Mike Evans and Godwin. MUCH different team when they're back.
  3. Shanahan would feast with this personnel group! 5 course meal.
  4. Anderson is not a WR. Poor man's Tedd Ginn at best...
  5. Icky will be fine... His issues are with technique and recognition. I don't have issues with those. Just glad the team isn't marching guys out there that get peter-rolled every other play.
  6. At the end of the day, if Tepper doesn't think Rhule is the guy anymore then he should just cut bait. Bad news and bad decisions don't get better with time. He really is losing this fan base and that'll cost him more than anything he still owes Rhule.
  7. I didn't want to believe he was as bad as some say. Focused on Brown a lot in the game. It was bad...
  8. Personally appreciate the fact that this team played a competitive game against a quality team. Normally this is the type of team that curb stomps the Panthers, particularly in the second half. Instead of looking for something else to do with my day by the third quarter, I got to watch a really good football game. Adjustments were made. Team fell short, but there's definitely hope.
  9. Xclown was a classic! But I'd have to say the regular season game against the Seahawks in 2015. That was a coming out game and let everyone know that team wasn't to be taken lightly. The Seahawks had our number up til then.
  10. If you stick Cam in that 2003 team, we very likely would have had back to back Bowls. People remember the last minute TDs Jake made to win the games, but forget the 2 stupid INTs he threw to make ot close. He was a fiery competitor, but he had a team of DAWGs on both sides of the ball. Very, very few weaknesses. Stacked at WR with young Smitty, Moose and Proehl.
  11. I honestly don't think they're better than the Giants, Commanders or Cowboys. A good QB and play caller makes a big difference though.
  12. Agree with all. But... Moore has to work back to the ball. You should never be waiting on the ball with a timing route like that. If you have to slow down, then start working back to the ball.
  13. Not really. Steve would have ate Horn's lunch... with a half decent QB throwing the ball.
  14. Love DJ, but Scary Terry is a different breed. Most underrated WR in the NFL. DJ is probably second.
  15. Got dammm!!! You've been in the fray!!!
  16. Quality Depth at OL is important. Every team has depth. The Panthers had depth at OL last year. Unfortunately it was an abyss of ineptitude.
  17. OMG!!! You can SWIM a MILE!!!????
  18. I hope D'onta is the one that sees the heavy interior running with this revamped offensive line. He's shown that he can be that guy when that man-child in Tennessee went down. And he really hasn't had nearly as much battle damage as CMC. Yes, I'd put him above Chuba right now. As others have said, I'd use CMC as more of a weapon (along with DJ) in this offense rather than a pure RB. D'onta - 15 to 20 carries from the backfield a game CMC - 15 to 20 touches a game from the backfield and slot Chuba - 5 to 10 touches a game
  19. Agree but I think Wundrbread isn't thinking intelligence in the way you are. There are many ways to measure intelligence. For instance, book smart vs street smart. And that's a REAL thing. I've met a ton of people that were one or the other. I'd think QB intelligence is more on the street smart side than the book smart side.
  20. If nothing else, this team has finally, finally, finally gotten serious about the offensive line. That in itself will go a long way in helping this team compete. Rivera and Hurney just never seemed to get it. Even after 2015 gave them the blueprint, they completely ignored it.
  21. He's only been an NFL head coach for 2 years, and not much experience in the NFL prior to this. Our expectations weren't realistic. It wasn't realistic to think the Panthers would go to the playoffs with Rhule this early, particularly when he didn't have a QB. And especially in the NFC South with Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. He needs time to adjust to this level of football - but in the end, it is still football. He's had a chance to create his defense, his offensive line, and now his QB. A drafted QB that they targetted, and not settling for a throw-away vet that no one else really wanted. We should expect to see improvements in the wins column this season, even though it's still a tough division.
  22. When is this team going to learn? How many friggin times does it take? Stop doing the same dumb ish over and over and over and over. Draft a LT. That position (Offensive Tackles) has F'd this team for over a decade now. Remember the last time this team was relevant on a consistent basis? Offensive line was a strength. QB was a wildcard.
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