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  1. Rivera did the same thing with the oline in Washington. Came in with a really one, and slowly replaced it with defensive linemen. He did better with receivers though. Not a lot better. But better. He inherited Logan Thomas and scary Terry.
  2. Agree in theory, but Burns' pass rush relies solely on his speed. I think it's very possible that Burns hits a wall as he gets to that 28-30 range. Similar to running backs. He really isn't a well rounded hand in the dirt DE.
  3. I mean I remember Peppers being in the MVP talks as a defensive end. Running backs were a little more likely back then but it has always been an offensive back award.
  4. I'd take Williamson, a 2nd and a 3rd. And never look back or question the move. Win for both teams.
  5. I was thinking, wasn't he drafted in 2021? The math ain't mathing...
  6. That's fine. As long as they can play outside. Smitty did it at 5'9".
  7. Smith-Marsette definitely has a dawg mentality. He needed to get the ball more once Shenault went down. Anybody could see he was the biggest playmake on the team by the end of the season. But politics are a real thing in sports. Always have and always will be.
  8. I love slot type receivers. But the Panthers need an outside threat to open up the middle. No one is afraid of our X beating anyone deep. That's crazy in today's NFL with the best athletes in the world and we don't have one.
  9. Yeah, I don't know if the Panthers can get Higgins or Evans. I'm just saying players will come to Carolina if this is the best financial offer on the table. The whole idea of guys chasing super bowls is way overhyped. Especially for younger players.
  10. Players will more often go to the team that makes the most financial sense. This hunt for a super bowl ideal is overplayed. This is a job. This is how they make their living, provide for their families, and create generational wealth. Most won't ever make this kind of money again in their lives, and they know it. Super bowls don't pay the bills once you're no longer under contract.
  11. Did someone get banned for not agreeing with LinvilleGorge's disdain of Bryce Young? Tell me that didn't just happen. This is getting out of control.
  12. He could 100% make that throw. Easily. That's not saying he has Cam's arm. Cam would consistently be late on that 15 yard out and still power it by the Corner. You're not supposed to be able to do that. Cam was different.
  13. I could start with NE, but I think that's irrelevant. The point being made is that he doesn't have an NFL arm. If every other QB in the NFL has an "NFL arm", then even if he's at the bottom (like dead last), he still has an NFL caliber arm. He can make every throw needed. Every single one. That's NFL caliber. Some folk are dying on that "he can't make NFL throws" hill, and that's just not true. It isn't. My man definitely has issues. But arm strength ain't one of them.
  14. Here we go again with these ridiculous takes on Bryce Young. It's embarrassing that someone has to convince you that he has an NFL caliber arm. Like what the actual fug?! He ain't Cam but he's far from Chad Pennington. Goofy.
  15. I will. You too sir. Keep lying to yourself. You and the Bryce haters/CJ slurpers are a cancer to this site.
  16. Nope. That's what you're saying. CJ has a better team than Bryce. From coaching to players. He is a major contributing factor but it ain't just him.
  17. And there it is. If texans win tonight you would have definitely been comparing Bryce and CJ. Crapping on Bryce. Slurping on CJ.
  18. That's fine. I didn't think the Panthers should have traded up for any of them because the team wasn't good enough yet. I have a problem with Panthers fans slurping CJ and crapping on Bryce when the situations are not equal.
  19. So if the Texans would have won today, you wouldn't have had anything to say about Bryce? Be honest.
  20. Roger. As long as you acknowledge that when a team is getting their ish pushed in every play, then a QB can't will a win. Unless you have Lamar or Cam running ability. The only QBs that could have had any success in this offense.
  21. I agree that CJ is the better QB. But to blame every lose and failure on one player is disingenuous. Obvious motive.
  22. The Panthers make every team look like the Ravens, but you will beat that Bryce blew it drum to anyone that'll listen.
  23. Why poo my post if you agree? You CJ and hate Bryce. But if Bryce gets a little help and turns into a franchise QB, you'll celebrate him figuring it out. Right?
  24. I'm thinking if the Texans won tonight, you would have been all over CJs sack. And crapping on Bryce Young with comparisons. CJ just experienced what Bryce does every week. Oline couldn't hold up consistently and receivers couldn't get consistent separation. The texans don't have a bad oline. They just ran into the best defense and couldn't make plays against them.
  25. Stop arguing with these guys. They love CJ and hate Bryce. Doesn't matter what you say, it'll be debated and/or labeled as cope. No QB can get in a rhythm if they can't trust their oline to protect them or any of their receivers to get open. But they'll always end with the caveat that they eally want Bryce to improve and will cheer for him when he does. Yet they crap on the gut every chance they get. CYA.
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