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  1. The Huddle... No QB has ever taken a bad team to the Super Bowl. It doesn't work that way. Very few can even go .500 with a bad supporting cast like tge 2023 Panthers. QB is the most dependent position on the field. Prime Cam and maybe Lamar Jackson (the running one, not the one in the AFC championship last year) are the only recent QBs that could have gone above .500 with last year's roster. And if all you needed was a good QB then Drew Brees would have won 6 or 7 Lombardis. He was that guy.
  2. The Panthers aren't building a Bryce Young roster. Alabama didn't recruit personnel to fit a Bryce Young scheme. Canales' approach is to build an NFL roster (which they didn't have last season) and then cater his scheme and playcalling to what the players do best. The team is not pigeon holing itself into an offense that doesn't fit any other QB. Their goal this off-season was to provide NFL average or better talent to the offense - period. Very little to do with matching personnel for Bryce Young's skillset or lack thereof.
  3. Thought he was from Arkansas. Must have been the uniform colors. He had a pretty good Senior Bowl.
  4. If the oline and dline are strengths, then this team will surprise some folk. If they're both weak, like last year, they're in trouble. Love the FAs brought in to ramp up both lines. Hate the draft didn't really address either. Just my opinion, but olinemen with upside is better than linebackers with upside. We've seen that the wheels fall off when that unit is bad. That new engine and transmission don't mean jack if you're always sitting on 4 flat tires. But, tires aren't nearly as sexy.
  5. I think they snatched up an UDFA from Arkansas or something. Not much to be excited about, but worst case he should be able to get the ball to the QB without false starting or falling on his face.
  6. Yeah, win/losses in preseason is never an indicator of regular season success. Never has been. It does give you an idea of which of the new guys are competitors though. Forget the playcall, just beat the man in front of you. Honestly, preseason is mostly for the fans. But it does give a new HC a taste of game time management. So, Canales should get more benefit from those games than players do. Joint practices are always the better measuring stick. Controlled environment and scenarios to gauge players against guys they don't know. We thought it wasn't so bad because the Jets were a preseason playoff/Super Bowl pick with a top defense. Unfortunately, I think they showed every other team that a delayed blitz or stunt was all that was needed to murder the QB.
  7. Really was. I think this is when Frank knew the wheels were falling off. Didn't they cancel the last day or something? The oline was gonna get Bryce killed.
  8. I feel the same. I don't hate the guys they picked up, but the draft really fell perfectly to the Panthers. Could have taken Ladd and Kool Aid in the 2nd, Payton in the 3rd, Ja'Tavion in the 4th, SVP and Trotter in the 5th, and Malik Washington in the 6th That would have been a very exciting draft in my opinion.
  9. How many times has this team's front office skipped the consensus player for "their guy"? It's an embarrassing amount of times.
  10. You all do realize that if Bryce Young flops, the Panthers are bottom dwellers for the next 3+ seasons, right? This team will be in QB purgatory for the foreseeable future. They'll have to get lucky to get out. And the mascot is literally a black cat. Like who wants that?! I know ya'll keep saying you hope he figures it out, but... Those "buts" are so much louder than the "hope he figures it outs." Like you really want this dude to fall on his face and flame out. Is that what we really want? So you can say you were right the whole time? Just so you know, it's really hard to come to this site and constantly read how bad this team and is gonna be - from its friggin fans! Fans are supposed to support a team. Not crap on its most important player at a very crucial point in his career. Being a fan means you don't have to be so damn "realistic". Cowboys fans think they're gonna win the Super Bowl every year, and they ain't even sniffed a Super Bowl appearance since the 90's. Some miserable mofos. Just miserable. I guess some people really do just want to watch the world burn.
  11. If he would have been there at the Panthers' 5th rounder, then maybe. But taking Spencer when the second best TE was still available in the 4th wouldn't have been wise. I agree though. I think Spencer will be a good QB in the NFL. The Saints got a steal. He'll be a starter for them or great draft capital at some point.
  12. Having a competent backup QB is a blessing and a curse. If your #1 gets injured, then you have a guy that can keep the train on track. But... every time the starter makes a mistake, fans will be calling for the backup. But... a good young backup can demand real draft capital when it's time to renew a contract. So, there's that. If he's better than the #1, then you have more options and leverage. Unfortunately the Panthers aren't in a position to go that route yet. Once the team is brought up to NFL average, then moves like that become a real possibility. Regardless if you're sold on Bryce Young or not, this team has/had too many holes to fill to make luxury draft picks like a good young backup QB. One day. One day.
  13. Love how this conversation has developed. This is an actual football conversation. I think Canales has watched enough tape to formulate a plan for what he wants THIS offense to be. That's the advantage of bringing in young offensive minds. They're progressive and flexible. The draft and free agency was based on Canales' vision for THIS offense. I don't think a lot of what his past offenses looked like will necessarily dictate what this one looks like.
  14. Yep. Because the team will be stuck in mediocrity with an average QB - nevermind that would be 5 more wins in his sophomore season. Can't make this stuff up.
  15. I don't know why they won't just admit they don't like Bryce Young. Just admit it. No one will care, but just be honest instead of trying to convince everyone else to feel the way they do. Jeez.
  16. I interpreted your original reply as the team could have success if the new players and coaches were really good, AND they created an offense that didn't count on the QB being a primary contributor. Because you think Bryce won't be able to hold up his end. I think you confirm that above. My only point is that I don't see how anyone can say definitively what Bryce Young will be in the league yet, based on his supporting cast from last season. And it seems those that have already decided that Bryce Young is a bust, likely just didn't like him as the pick in the first place. A little context for me... lots of folk here didn't like Cam while he was a Panther either. It had very little to do with him as a talent. And just for the record, I really am not invested in Bryce Young. I didn't want the team to move up for a QB at all in 2023. I thought 2024 would be the year to go for a QB. But when they did, I ordered the QBs as Anthony Richardson, then CJ, then Bryce. The disfunction from the front office, to the playcalling, to the scheme, to the oline and the receivers was just not a good situation. Horrible actually. Asking a rookie to perform with all that adversity is just not realistic to me, at any position let alone QB. So to me, the verdict is still out. I don't know if he can be the guy because the situation he was in last year was set up to fail from the start. In preseason, as soon as I saw the oline couldn't figure out how to even slow down the Jets' pass rush (particularly stunts) and the receivers were locked up like Fort Knox, I knew we were in for a long season.
  17. Agree. My thing is a lot of posters don't give Bryce any credit. No matter what. And they wait to point out his failures- only. Never acknowledge his positives, only the negatives. That doesn't seem like a person being realistic. That seems like a biased approach. Almost like you actually do want him to fail. I don't understand that approach if you're a Panthers fan. Maybe to prove they were right during the draft? Seems weird to me.
  18. Didn't say it wasn't. Could be. I don't claim to know based on how bad the entire offense was last year. It seems pretty clear that you're convinced that any success would be in spite of Bryce. Any success would be based on the so called improvements - which most really aren't proven commodities. So back to my original point: do you just not like him?
  19. Which part did I misinterpret? As of right now, relying on Bryce could cost people their jobs so its understandable if the coaches and other players are the catalyst for any success.
  20. Hardy and dem was some killers for hire! They used to beat the dog ish out of Brees! I loved it. Imagine if he was still on the team in 2015 team.
  21. And there you go. Just put your name in the "I just don't like Bryce Young" hat. Nothing wrong with that. You can like or dislike whoever you want.
  22. So strato has spoken. Who else is willing to just admit they never liked the guy and nothing he does will ever convince you that he is? If he wins the friggin super bowl, it would be because of the coach and players they put around him.
  23. So you're saying this is the year Jaycee plays all 17?! I'll take it!!!
  24. So much confirmation bias with you guys. Not even an attempt to be objective. Not even trying. Like the guy said earlier. If you don't like the QB, just say so. Then don't get on the bandwagon if he turns into the guy. No take backs. Line in the sand.
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