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  1. Then why would you try to downplay his running skills and escapability? Was it for the sole purpose of this thread? I like to win debates too, but c'mon Shelly.
  2. If you don't know what you're talking about just say so. Otherwise, being a Panthers' fan I don't see how you can even utter such nonsense. Seriously, keep coming back at these chumps sounding like ten year old super fans. Because that would have to be the age one is now to not remember Cam Newton enough to make mentally defective posts like the one above. Got to let them know that flies on the Facebook posts but not on the Panthers' board. Even if the rest of these football analysts on here allow it.
  3. I think Rivera due to being the two time coach of the year. He just needed a better GMs. We went several years without getting anything but one maybe two players out of seven rounds. How are you supposed to build a consistent winner with inconsistent drafts and free agency periods? Brandon Beane should've been our GM after Gettleman.
  4. Hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha! Narrator: Where have we seen this shirt before? Guy with shirt on checking out holding the exact same shirt he has on: "Ah I'm gonna get it anyways".
  5. Yeah, I normally don't but everybody acting like he cost us the game and his attitude is terrible. I just know why I would be mad.
  6. Yeah he had the option, but Dennis Schroeder could have signed with the Lakers last season for $80 mil, bet on himself and got $4mil. I would have gotten paid too and been riding high. But maybe now he is starting to see the same old inconsistent Darnold. Hence him flipping out last weekend and the lackluster effort mentally yesterday. I mean his attitude seemed better when we were winning.
  7. If I got away from the Jets, Darnold, and the rest of that dumpster fire, I'd be a little dejected for my new team to sign up for the same terrible QB play. He did seemingly have a better attitude last year, but unlike super fans I don't try and guess everything from a player's emotions the three or four times the camera lands on them a game. Think about this though. Imagine those years in New York. He's getting catches, touches, and yards, but he knows they aren't winning. Then you get a new fresh start for a year. Then that QB shows up and starts doing the same thing. On top of that, your team is tied to him for the duration of your deal. I'd be out right pouting cause most careers aren't long.
  8. I almost started a thread on this, but with everyone's emotions running high I know it would get hijacked. I believe they are clearly dumbing down this offense to try and keep it simple for Darnold. The route combinations and reads are elementary with an available checkdown in the middle of the field. Dude is still struggling, but no one says certain QBs have trouble processing information or reading defenses and the offense has to be dumbed down. It has been made apparent since Day 1 that Darnold is being spoon fed. Every week, the announcers start the telecast off with "Rhule told Darnold just worry about playing football". He is being handled with kid gloves and still can't get the job done. This offense did not look this stagnant last year and I am not a Bridgewater fan.
  9. Yes indeed-e! Apparently he has no weapons except a hurt CMC. Poor guy can't catch a break. All the things he was promised when he came here. And I forgot, he is essentially a rookie.
  10. There really is no correlation, but it makes me angry that Fournette is on the field every week punishing defenders.
  11. Yep, no rebuttal. Nothing to combat the actual facts of what I said. Thought so.
  12. Way to take it out of context guy. That is all you got from the post? We all know Ian Thomas is no world beater, but he was open and was missed on throws Sunday. I'm sure you can see what I meant by the post, but good effort. I see you got some pie.
  13. Not my fault you can't remember the game or don't know what you are looking for on the screen. Don't quote me if you can't remember what happened in the game fella.
  14. 1. Exactly, as the website was recently changed and people who have been on here for years still have low rankings according to new system. 2. He combs the internet for the middle fingers Gifs way too hard. 3. I can't believe how many are dying on this Adam Gase/ he is essentially a rookie sword. It looks like he is essentially a rookie with some of the reads made this season. 4. This dumping on our skill position players is nonsense. All of a sudden Robby, DJ, Chuba, and Ian just aren't that good. That blew my mind to see threads and posts saying this. We literally went to the show with Tedd Ginn Jr as our number one WR and Philly Brown as the two. They'll say G-Reg was actually #1, but he played TE and we know that. This is one of the best skill position groups ever fielded for Carolina. Dude, Chuba had an outstanding game for a rookie with being a viable option out of the backfield and 100 plus yards behind this "terrible" o-line. DJ and Robby have been open i.e. the Dallas game first half where DJ was missed on the double move and Sunday where Robby was underthrown. Thomas and Marshall were both open on interception plays Sunday. I just don't get why Darnold is off limits. Shite is boggling the mind.
  15. So first quarter last week against Dallas DJ Moore wasn't streaking wide open and was missed by Darnold? Also, Robbie Anderson wasn't wide open on the post Sunday against Philly and was under thrown? He didn't miss Thomas on third down Sunday twice? Players are being schemed open. Also why I said every play you scheme isn't going to work! But when someone breaks open you have to hit it.
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