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  1. After a while, people in these situations always end up just wanting it to go away.
  2. MIchael Irvin!!! Wow, you must have really saw something different at LSU than I did. Or was it because of 88? Irvin was a dominate force, the "Playmaker" from day one and this kid didn't flash at all yet. Lol is right.
  3. I disagree on the pre game speeches. That Who Dat Nation garbage was/is a direct fleecing of the Who Dey chant from the Bengals. Saints fans were just to desperate and destitute at the time to not jump on that carrot. Secondly his other pregame "We are New Awwwlins, then the 300 chant was also of lamest proportions again as people just associated it with the movie and Leonidas and got on board. Every time he did any of that bullshiggity, I changed the channel until it was over. And secondly, Rodney Harrison was big mad! Hahahahahahahaha, got ousted quickly out of the paint. There was one game he did in the rain and cold last year. You could tell on his face there was much animosity!
  4. That is because you can look back now and say they haven't done anything. Having that leadership carry over and paying those contracts out instead of overpaying for Teddy and trading away a bunch of picks definitely made more sense. It did then and now. One last year of Cam and G-Reg would've been fine compared to the debacle we witnessed. And it would've cost way less in draft capital plus contract money. You can't argue that.
  5. Haahahahahahahahha! So the 80million, four draft pics, we have wasted/used in the meantime for 10 overall wins is something you don't see as a mistake?
  6. I feel you, but imagine Diggs, Adams, and Philly and Cotchery and Ginn. Dude said better WR play wouldn't have made a difference.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! One hundred percent. I was like sheeeit, he looks better than Ian right now!
  8. Boom! Me and a my friend were talking yesterday about how embarrassing that article really was. Just flat out exposed for bad roster management!
  9. I believe our owner shares that same sentiment that the coach should be the main attraction. I feel that is the main reason we jettisoned Cam, G-Reg, other veterans, and went on this current QB rollercoaster. A coach can be the main voice, but he has to earn respect and have a presence. Rhule looks like he has neither with anyone but some of his former college players. Even in New England, they eventually learned like everyone else that players are the main draw and determine locker room culture. Oh I remember when we had one of the best locker room cultures in the league led by Cam, G-Reg, Luke, TD, and JNo.
  10. Having WRs who can quickly win their match up always makes a difference. If we have a receiver who catches the wide open pass from Cam across the middle and takes it for a long gain or to the house that would've made a huge difference. SS absolutely made Talib lose his mind. Philly Brown couldn't even out run him to the pylon. In conclusion, it better WR play would and does make a huge difference as evidenced by player salary.
  11. The take you are responding to is the kind of take that kills me. He has had to deal with concussions and wrestling catches in double coverage while playing with Rodgers. Till this day, I have not seen Cam get a receiver killed the way some of these "greats" have. Not one guy has got his blocked knocked off being a Newton receiver even with the decline in his arm strength. On another note, our WR coach was jumping up and down for Devante Adams and the next year Stefon Diggs. We wouldn't have had to trade up for either, we just could've taken them where we drafted. Hindsight is 20/20, but wow at those weapons instead of KB and Funchess! This would've changed the entire trajectory of Cam's career and our winning fortunes. Cam won the MVP and went to the Ship with Philly Brown and Tedd Ginn. So this narrative of he was better off with Rodgers is bogus.
  12. Ray was better than Luke and had more longevity as well. You all know that and want to play "what about" like some lames. There is no excuse to bring up off the field nonsense like Ray being the only famous person in an altercation and wanting to blame murders on him. You don't know anything about that man's life except what you saw on the field so keep the discussion there.
  13. McKoy and Dunn love it at Carolina. Their excitement and team first/trust the coach mentality never wavered. Styles had a really good quote about how at least the freshmen this year never wavered on that even though they had little playing time. Harris is in the portal as his academics kept him off the court and I bet he didn't get his grades on track during the glitz of the tourney run. So Harris is gone, and the insiders say Walton is gone as he and Garcia have ties from AAU ball. Supposedly Walton has been down since Garcia took leave from the team. Plus the obvious of Walton doesn't fit in at all anymore(can't create own shot, no defensive ability) and would sit for two years. These other players fit the system too well. If they get Shannon Jr. from Texas Tech and everyone comes back, they are going to have a monster!
  14. Yeah, college coaches in all facets are very aggressive with players. I liken that to being at a Tennessee basketball coaching camp once. Pat Summit went up to a kid for making a mental mistake and stopped the practice to shout "Don't think I won't pull your scholarship. Get your ass in gear and quit f*cking it up!" Those type of motivational bursts are will not work with some players and you can get tuned out quickly. People analyze in a vacuum. Yeah Harbaugh got the 9ers to a championship game, but the roster had been built over the course of 8-10 years of high first round picks from the early Alex Smith days and a couple years of mediocrity before Alex. He showed up to excellent veteran leadership and a stable of horses.
  15. Our past underlings are up there showing that they should have or could have been in charge here. Our assistant GM goes up there and actually gets his QB weapons and an o-line. They have surrounded themselves with way better talent evaluators. Our former D-Coordinator actually brought in a set of guys to focus on their QB's evaluation, progress, and growth. Surprise, he made the biggest leap in QB play from one year to the next of almost anyone in history. The only issues I see are they are getting to comfortable with running Allen and McDermott doing his old prevent at inopportune times. Other than that they are light years ahead of where we are at and all of these people including Dorsey and now Brady were all once on our staff!
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