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  1. I feel that. They definitely do have some good stuff. I am just saying that captioning pics would help in getting to know new players.
  2. Exactly! It would be third and a mile and be easily converted. It made me question the system, players, and my own eyes at what I was seeing. Also not having Luke to basically at times grab Brown and put him at the point of attack like he did for so many other DTs or call out plays was huge. He would've had Chinn even more on point. But they definitely settled in throughout the year and dealt with some JAGS getting major minutes.
  3. It makes me angry that the Panthers' media team doesn't put a caption under each picture when showing photos from workouts. I looked at a few Patriots' photos last year because I knew looking at Cam in their garb would remind me of old Madden Franchises. There would be Peyton Manning playing for KC, Vince Young for NYG, and Sean Alexander playing for the Texans. Anyways, they would have the caption telling who was who under each photo and from two practice sessions I knew their roster better than ours. I would have to go back and forth between roster list and pictures when looking at Panthers'
  4. That is all hearsay dude. Half the huddle was saying that was biblical truth and the other half said it was nonsense. Some one posted that Cam wanted a five year extension over a two year one. It was never said by any reputable news outlet that it was true at all. I believe they were angry after his posts, but it really came down to not knowing about his shoulder. But that's my opinion. Y'all take this stuff as concrete evidence and run with it like Facebook Panther fans. Wanting respect from an organization and some commitment should never be considered a tirade. Also pulling person
  5. Okay. That makes sense. It still is opinion, but I can see a coach being mad over this and taking it personal.
  6. Debunked, this was and will always be hearsay that cannot be proven. The one after he spoke up about the nonsense of them allowing him to seek trade? Not on Cam, as he was reacting to being on the way out. And if not that one which? This thread was about Rhule and Darnold and many people still don't know what to expect as he changes up on a lot of the shite he says. It started with Cam and has included a few other players. It is in the past now, but like many other fans I am just going to watch this old lady(Darnold) drive this Ferrarri(Panthers' O) and hope Rhule is more consi
  7. How was Rhule saying that he was excited to coach Cam with no intention of coaching Cam honestly on Cam?
  8. Okay, so now coach connection (Rhule brought in players from Temple, Baylor last year-Now Urban at Jacksonville), player's first years in the league(not Norwell in college-beginning of time here), and seasonal honors don't matter. Nobody's trying to spin anything. You are just arguing in a vacuum because you like Norwell more. We could've avoided all this if you had just said that when I asked why. This is a message board. It is okay if it is your basic opinion. My initial question was just to glean from your and Linville Gorge's posts if there was anything else to it. There wasn't.
  9. Ok. It was on record that Norwell was trash, which is why he went undrafted. He started doing better once he was plugged into the system we were running then and started to get his footing. He made first team All-Pro, and his name hasn't been brought up till this thread because someone asked about Trai. And btw, I was asking do you think that which is why it was in the form of a question. You need to get over that pompous attitude. I'm just trying to talk football.
  10. My blunder. He did restructure to stay on the team. Do you think that he would have gotten that reprieve if his College coach didn't get hired there?
  11. I am sincerely confused as to what both of you are talking about. I need to just post nonsense 3-4 word posts to get my count up.
  12. This is viable. I know that is how it was for Tolbert for a while, just going on a couple of good seasons. But claiming to know his weight being over 360, you are reaching dude. Norwell has been just as bad or mediocre as Trai, which is why he is just as unemployed.
  13. Which is why I said up until last year. Thanks for playing bud.
  14. Honestly I would like to hear why. Trai Turner has more accolades including last year being the first year he didn't make seasonal honors since 2015. Norwell has basically disappeared since leaving here. You question his effort, but not Norwell. Why is that? Lastly, who cares how much effort you give if you flat out aren't that good. Lastly, Trai Turner is only 27. He is a vet, but he is still young. Norwell is still young too at 29. I just don't get it.
  15. Donte Whitner said he'd be totally energized if he went back home. Looks like someone's prediction about Ginn being back in a Panther uni is looking funny in the light...
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