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  1. He still will be giving a random point and just throw in that Cam was selfish and that's not how you build a team! If you could take his show style and remove his lame takes, it would be okay. I see shows with guys with better takes, but it is not produced or presented as well as his.
  2. Nope, they are based out of Cleveland and he just had the gig because he was their QB1. Once he left, arrivederci to that endorsement. He was mad cause he wanted to do a "moving out" commercial and they were like nah, we're good. He talked about it at his introductory press conference here say they "missed an opportunity".
  3. Very excited about all the insider, behind the scenes stuff that team is doing. It is like 2015 with the access. And the ESPN+ mini series on Bryce looks like it's gonna be a good watch. I still wish the Panthers.com media team would label players during mini camp and training camp in their photos. They will do a photo dump of 60 photos and you have to look up the numbers to see who you are looking at.
  4. I feel that. I'm starting to get there. I'd say the craft scene has gotten way out of hand! One issue is the snobs who claim they aren't snobs.
  5. Thank you Cpt. Obvious! I am not saying that Moore is Diggs. What I am saying is people don't need to write off Fields because he finally has NFL players at skill positions as opposed to absolutely nothing. When Josh Allen had no talent around him, he was throwing across his body to his FB for interceptions on 3rd and 12. Amazing what a new OC and some talent at the skills positions did for him.
  6. As long as he surpasses CMC in availability, that will overshadow the differences in other ability that he doesn't. Sanders is really good at pass blocking, catching out of the backfield, and reading blocks. Unlike CMC, he was the starting RB on a NFC Championship team. The one thing that CMC really has over him is that he can line up in the slot and beat CBs which isn't needed with a good WR group.
  7. Well that's what everyone thought about Josh Allen and then he got some weapons.
  8. Meh, can't give out best line awards with one Mike Remmers as your RT. He inherited Kalil, and yes brought in Oher, Norwell. I don't understand how you can not be a fan of Matsko as he really coached up some awful players in his time here. Matsko really brought out the best in Norwell and Turner who have fizzled ever since leaving, never reaching the level of play exhibited here. Matsko never really had much depth to work with and that's on Hurney as well. Let's not forget that at one point, they were giving him DTs to convert. And people want to dismiss for whatever reason, but the best OL we've ever had was 03 OL by far. The 08 OL was also a better line than with Wharton, young Kalil, Gross, and a healthy Otah.
  9. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! The proof is in the pudding man, which is why no less than ten other fans in this thread have said he was a bad teammate. I get you're a SS super fan, but nobody is perfect and these are things that will always be discussed in regards to his career in Carolina. Like I said in my first post, it is good he is now willing to work with young, up and coming WRs for the Panthers.
  10. Yeah, I remember Gettleman being so big on the trenches but his evaluation and and moves suggested otherwise.
  11. Yeah, that's why I said stay focused earlier. I never said anything to the tune of his on the field play. SS was a bad teammate and stifled the maturation of every WR we drafted. He almost disabled one teammate in a film study for asking to see a play again and then sucker punched another teammate at practice. Then he tried to be a punk and not work with Cam which resulted in his dismissal. Other posters are bringing these points up, but you keep quoting me. Since you think beating up teammates for trying to study film and sucker punching teammates for playing well against you in practice then I have three words. Grow up Son!
  12. Man, I know the BIlls have talent at WR, but this kind of speed doesn't grow on trees. Didn't even make it past year one.
  13. Yeah, he'll be fine as long as they don't ask him to do any real heavy lifting. Rhule aside, when he was asked to do so here he came up lame, a lot. A player of that caliber has to be on the field.
  14. I hate when these stupid colloquial statements take off when kids start saying it and then adults parrot it like they are still in junior high! "He got that dog in him, he ain't got that dog in him". Miller is the best pick, he made a huge splash to start the season and got better throughout the year. In the tournament, he was hurt first of all, and there was a referendum every five seconds on whether he should be playing or not on all media platforms. The kid was dealing with a lot. If the big French kid wasn't in this draft San Antonio would have zero problems with drafting this kid and building around him. He is same height as PJ, but is longer and a better shooter. And to the people being so lame and used to sucking hind teat that they are talking about trading Lamelo, how have you all even made this far in life? Charlotte used to be a place players wanted to be and they have heavily incentivized players staying for their first contract. Quit waiting for the sky to fall.
  15. I'd rather go with what we have then bring in Clowney. He has been underwhelming with a paltry 43 sacks in 9 years and is injured a lot. And now he is turning into a locker room issue with grumblings from other players every year resulting in him either not being brought back or having to wait until deep in offseason for a shot. I'd be pissed if I was working my ace off and my team brought in a never was in year 10 to cast me to side.
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