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  1. Yup. Rhule does things just to irritate you. lol
  2. Everything you mention makes me believe even more, that something is going on here. Does not having many UDFAs actual mean we have turned the corner on our talent level? The days of lower round, and UDFAs making the team may be coming to an end? Giddy up mofos.
  3. I can't think of an Offense that runs their QB anywhere near what the Ravens do. But there are a whole bunch of guys who are really mobile. With Defenses nowadays, you have to be able to throw the ball, being mobile is just a perk. Teams want Mobile QBs. QBs that can buy time, run the RPO once in a while, or leave the pocket to pick up a first down occasionally. The running QB era may be coming to an end. I know that was where this conversation started before it got sidetracked.
  4. That's just fans being fans. Some fans are more excitable, some are more even keeled, and some are negative. You just gotta learn to live with the diversity. Otherwise it'll drive you bonkers.
  5. Well, TBF, as he is currently our #1QB. By default, that makes him "Our Guy". lol
  6. Again, why does rooting for a long shot player delussional? I mean, why does it bother you what other fans do? Are you too good to root for the underdog? I hate when fans tell other fans how to fan. And you are no where near the only one around here to do this.
  7. Care to explain why someone rooting for an underdog player amuses you?
  8. IMO, with all they put in with him, and how much they wanted him. There are only two reasons he is gone. 1. He didn't get it. 2. He doesn't have it. Everyone has a limit on their competence. Maybe he hit his in College? Not the first kid to look good in College, and not so well in the NFL. All that said. We may never know the reason he was cut.
  9. The irony is strong in this one.
  10. As we practice with both our first two opponents. I'm not sure how much we will even see Sam the first two games.
  11. Even if Darnold does goes off, some will still complain. It's the Huddle afterall.
  12. What it actually does, is make it darn near impossible for kids to get those balls after a TD.
  13. To be fair. The only honest to goodness Tackles only, are Moton, and maybe Scott. Everyone else is a Tackle/Guard. So in actuality, we only have 1-2 Tackles.
  14. Once the Panthers actually hit the field. This place will show its true colors. Right now, folks don't have that razor like focus on their negativity. It's hit or miss, it's all over the place. There is no actual football at which to direct their ire. Next Sat. is when the real bullets start to fly. Duck and cover mofos. Duck and cover. jaj
  15. There are two types of Trolls. The ones who think everything they say is "Gold Jerry, Gold". And the ones who think they are smarter than everyone else. Either way, it's just a cry for attention. Find the Huddlerz you want to converse with. And pretty much just ignore the rest. After all, it's supposed to be entertaining. So have fun.
  16. So you're fine with him being a serial abuser? Seems about right for you.
  17. 50 poo between you. Someone has to step it up if you want to be King Troll.
  18. Were they all first time Coaches? . That would be a no.
  19. In the last 25 years, we have had more success than the boys. But Mericas team. lol
  20. IMO, there will be a number of ex Panther fans who may not give a poo. My saving grace is that Tepper is not going to allow this type of player on his team.
  21. The Panther fan in me says, the price is too high. The man in me says, it's a flat no. Sadly, the NFL has a history of 2nd, and sometimes 3rd chances. This will probably turn into one more such deal.
  22. Dang dude, not everything has to be so cut and dried, or so literal. You got off on some wild tangent. And I have no idea how to continue this discussion. I realize football is entertainment. As such, stars get better treatment. HOWEVER, IT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. I cannot change that. I can only rail against it. Edit to add; I did not say it was bad. I said it was wrong. Come on man, stick to my words.
  23. Pretty much the prevailing sentiment around here.
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