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  1. Sucks for Clempson nation. lol All I'm saying is. You do the crime, you do the time, miss the games. Unfortunately we all know that is a pipe dream for lots of players.
  2. Do who? People with a moral center. Or Watson fans? I believe in second chances. But, there is a clear line between hitting a football player (s), and abusing women. Both are wrong, yet one is worse.
  3. It's not about moving on. It's about doing the right thing the first time. Some folks don't want the type of person Watson seems to be. Doesn't make it right just because some team is willing to pay them.
  4. Sure everybody has their own lines. But most lawful people with an ounce of compassion, pretty much have the same line. And right now, Watson fans seem quite content to blur the line.
  5. He may just be a camp body, as we have had a few injuries. Or he could be an actual attempt to improve the roster. Or both. Seattle used to do this a lot. Churning the bottom of the roster improves depth, and let's other players know to keep pounding.
  6. And that's fine. Your opinion matters. So do the perceptions of those 20+ women.
  7. I have to wonder, of the 11 souls that voted yes. How many of those are married?
  8. Feel better? So I made a mistake. I owned up. You are the one getting all worked up. Sorry you are having a bad time.
  9. Your comfort absolutely plays into this. Are you comfortable with a serial abuser running your Offense. If so, then you are probably in the minority. And he does not have to be charged with anything. Here is still responsible for his own actions. And those actions were reprehensible to 20+ women.
  10. I already addressed this with @CBDellinger. Next time try not being so snarky. I almost didn't respond.
  11. I'm not sure I would go with that Defense. He is still responsible for his own actions. Actions that have a lot of people looking at him differently.
  12. Football tonight. I'll save it for later. lol
  13. Nothing as of yet. I thought there had been a Grand Jury Indictment. But as of now, no charges have been filed.
  14. Past players did not have the "Me Too, or Cancel Culture" to deal with. Things are different nowadays.
  15. If you are a team that can live with the PR, and backlash that would come with signing Watson. Now would seem to be the time. But the Texans are holding firm. So that may not work either.l By the time this is all said and done. The team that wants Watson, will still have that stigma surrounding him. Even if you could afford him.
  16. Right now, a lot of folks would take him in a heart beat. If he didn't cost so much, and he didn't have legal issues. But he does, and he does. IF he some how miraculously comes out of this unscathed? Then the Watson sweepstakes will be back on. But IF he takes the fall, he will be toxic for quite some time.
  17. The TRIAL is not over. He has been charged. This is a big deal.
  18. Nice defense. I bet you voted yes? Yup, you did.
  19. Sure Watson is good. But we are still rebuilding. The cost to bring him in, irregardless of his personal issues, is too great for us at this time.
  20. Pretty much how I see it. We don't need to anything about Sam, until the end of the year. If even then.
  21. Does the rest of the real world kowtow to your every whim? Don't like the topic? There is a solution, or 2 that'll fix that.
  22. So, your only objection is the compensation? Sounds about right.
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