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  1. Him playing deep in a cover 3 look is not what I would like to see. SS just seems right.
  2. People still hope for a ball after TDs then they see that was more of a Cam thing .
  3. We have a LT they just want to play him at RT
  4. The Panthers drafted what looks to be 2 future starters if things go well in Brown and Brady. Get pass this season and draft more OL then it won't look so bad. This year's FAs can be the depth of the future.
  5. Do people wake up in the mornings looking for something or someone to hate on? He was a good player for us that never got the respect he was do from some fans.
  6. BTW great idea right? Get everyone ready for football then 1st bye of the year a no NFL weekend. The o-line will have a quick hook if things go wrong. They seen Brady can play 4 spots decent. And Daley has been ok in spot duty
  7. At this moment there are 5TEs, 7WR we can loose some of those. Would not have more then 3TEs or 6WRs
  8. 11 one hurt his hip stretching but will make the team next yr. 10 active
  9. Nflpa wants everyone to go back to that. Makes sense, vaxx players can spread COVID also.
  10. 1. Pie- I like your post 2. Beer- we think alike I would have a beer with you 3. Flames- you just roasted who ever you are talking about 4. The D- that was boarder line gay, super gay, alluding to be gay 5 poo- you poo, what you talking about is poo IMO
  11. 1 played Fri, the other two are Week to week
  12. So- So a little jumpy but it his 1st real PT. Really don't like the 3/4 side arm kinda throw
  13. Teddy probably would have got a 2nd yr if he didn't throw the coaches under the bus for him missing a wide open WR for the game winner. He also showed his true colors blaming everyone else on his way out the door. Not someone I would want leading my team.
  14. It's a good match, Denver has thin air so balls travel farther with less effort. Teddy never had the strangest arm but in Denver it won't matter as much.
  15. Any word on Kenny Robinson? He went down holding his knee. He was having a strong Preseason.
  16. Penei Sewell struggling at RT right now for the Lion's so look on the bright side. Rookies take time at T in the NFL and looking better then a top 10 can't miss pick counts for something I would think. I liked Brown the 1st gm and think he held up ok this game just give him a yr and I think he competes for the RG spot.
  17. Like it's a city with no state it should be a team with no name. WFT should live on...
  18. How? Did you play Madden 21 on next gen? The game play as far as player movements was better and on M22 CMC can even break long runs nobody LBs walk him down on toss plays. Not worth the cash cost right now. Still no player of the game guess the little stuff don't matter. Pass D broken will not play another online game till fixed. Just throw bombs the CB will stop or cover flat guy for no reason.
  19. NO. 1st game as Panthers said it was a rematch of the SB. With the intro with my players on the field tho. PS5 took a step back last yr was better and gave me hope, it is gone now. Players are alot smaller and gameplay is slower with the player movements. To much BS arcade stuff to, like player boost on plays and stuff. Its PS5($75) and it just fells PS3 players even look worst how do you down grade on that? Oh but Mahomes hair looks good..lol what a joke. Last year was a PS4 upgrade I think the used that code just upgraded it. This is the 1st yr as a stand alone PS5. And you can tell..
  20. As long as the QB don't have all day to throw I'm fine.
  21. Polynesian was the sht till they added beets
  22. I was watching Miller closely, was waiting on him to make a play I really want him to make the team but Haynes showed why he just my get that spot.
  23. Just seen the replay and the flag was for what he was saying after the play. He stood up then started talking trash over the guy right as the ref was running up. The D runs all the way to the EndZone after every turnover and that s fine, so have fun don't talk trash to a guy on the ground because you make a big play
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