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  1. Team rank means nothing on Madden. The Panthers have good players at the right spots to be a deadly team. If the Panthers just find a QB that doesn't throw the ball to the other team so much see how that changes
  2. Pride was on his way to being cut last yr before he got hurt. Guess he didn't look any better this off season
  3. Here in Wake Co. They build a off ramp for a neighborhood that was stoped for like 2yrs (Wendell) but after some time the neighborhood is being built now and I'm sure they are happy they went and built the off ramp anyways.
  4. Off topic a lil but: If Corral would have went to Bama (he turned them down) his tape would have been off the charts with all the NFL talent they had. Probably a 1st rounder also.
  5. BS, it's still not fair.. now the team with the ball 2nd can just go for all 4th downs and play way looser then the team that gets the ball 1st. How is that fair? TD wins was the best way, it still made playing defense important.
  6. He has a new team he is trying to keep the hype for, so coming on tv talking about ur other pro team doing bad mite not be the best in ur 1st yr in MLS. imo
  7. Just like with everyone else that was just a threat to try and force people to do something they didn't want to do and just hoping for the best. Just remember this is very, very, rare breakthrough cases right? I'm not anti-vaxx but until we as Americans sit down and have a real Convo on what's going on not just everytime someone says something you don't like ban or shut them up this will keep going. The truth is this vax came out quicker then any in history and they really don't know if it will work as intended. That's ok though, just say that and people will make informed decisions, don't say what you think may happen as a fact then keep changing it over and over. People will stop trusting you. We need to stop blaming each other (your not vaxx your the devil, but last year I was a hero as a frontline worker now I'm bad?) We need to give this medicine the clinical trial time that is needed like all other meds to get the best. Vaxx people can give other vaxx people covid and can still spread it, we are making things worst by sticking our heads in the sand and acting like that's not true, it gives people false hope. Just be honest with people and more people may take the medicine (not a vaxx it's not stopping it) that if you do get it make you feel better or not die.
  8. He had his best yr with Rhule last yr, they didnt know how to use him before. I was wondering why sign with a ex coach that didn't get the best out of you
  9. Some ppl are only happy when things go bad. Guess it hurts to much to have hope
  10. That's not even half of what a starting QB gets now
  11. So what they are saying is Robby and Chuba was more open with less coverage.. dang Was just a bad ball also
  12. One can only hope Brady looks decent. Never got why 1 guy goes down change 2 OL spots.. Keep Moton at RT
  13. Get him for a 2023 6th, if we lose him after this season we probably get a 2022 3rd comp pick... Sounds like a win-win...
  14. Every cowboy fan I know is a ass hole.. Just saying
  15. I like Snow when he talks football, Brady I turn off...lol I like Rhule also seems like he know what he is talking about. Has a different energy about him...
  16. Look at Temple tape they love to have a DE that can rush and drop. Seems more of a 4-3 odd with the DE (Burns) standing so you won't know if he dropping or coming
  17. So do we still want Fields over Horn? Asking for a friend...
  18. He is a play in space kinda guy. He seems to be more a T then G. Has good feet and can move but his power is lacking right this min to be a full time G.
  19. Side note: anyone see the Saints HC post game? Priceless he was so down he couldn't even keep his head up after that curb stomping, keep looking down and just looked defeated...lol
  20. We didn't run that 3-3-5 so I have not clue what he is talking about. All I know is the D brought the old crab legs back out ... LoL
  21. Him playing deep in a cover 3 look is not what I would like to see. SS just seems right.
  22. People still hope for a ball after TDs then they see that was more of a Cam thing .
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