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  1. They deserve to lose with how much help they was given at the end
  2. And the writing is on the wall tepper
  3. Yall need to look at the chats in the rhule post game lol
  4. This exactly, Who ever the person is better be experienced enough to be interim HC if or when Rhule is fired.
  5. Need to fire Rhule and stop the bleeding before the franchise bleed out. Another year equal death.
  6. Yeah interest is being diminished. poo not even making sense anymore
  7. Doesn't matter who the QB is if Rhule is still the coach.
  8. Shouldn't have never been a option play to begin with. Should have been a QB power run. How the Bills linemen was up on the line, the option would have taken too long to be decided. A quick slant could have been called also.
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