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  1. Unpopular opinion: I don't think we need either of them. I don't need to see women or men out there "cheering" for the team. Seems dated to me. Instead expand Purrcussion/
  2. Led down a rabbit hole from the picture of Reggie White that Gantt posted on Twitter - I ran across the 2000 draft class (the year Reggie played for us). Oh my that was a really epically bad one. The only shiny light was Hoooooover as a UDFA
  3. Most of his answers were short and he didn't seem all that interested in answering them. But he lit up and was really interested in the slot question. This surprised me. While he does well in the slot - I know I cringe when I see that "what looks to be fragile, lanky body" get hit inside.
  4. Being slow is useful for getting open in front of the defense.
  5. I feel they most likely edited out any QB discussions at 8 (or moving up).
  6. It was much better when Jourdan was also writing for us and we had a Hornets writer. Now with no Hornets writer ... I don't know that I will renew in July. May send that money to the Observer instead that covers all my home teams - not just the Panthers.
  7. If you look at it like we traded Teddy, a 2nd, a 4th, and $7M for Darnold and $6M in cap - a 23 year old former #3 pick that many say have a potentially very high ceiling - it does not seem like a bad trade.
  8. True - I would be amiss if I didn't say we have won tickets to the Tim McGraw concert, College football games twice, and been on the field for the flag twice. Bought our tickets in 2010. But they are nosebleeds and generally there are different people around us every week and whenever I ask, generally speaking seats around me were bought cheaper than what I paid.
  9. Yep and paid mine gladly - ready to spend the day in the stadium. Bonus having to pay for 1 less preseason game every other year. (But with that said - in reality - PSL ownership has no real value.. you can generally get better seats cheaper the week before a game and you aren't required to pay for preseason games. They really need to add a real benefit to being PSL owners...)
  10. I hate to even open this can of worms on this website - but try CrossFit. That is how you fight boredom. Something different everyday. I did the "bro workout" for years and got myself all out of whack because I only worked the things I liked and was good at. This got me a 280 bench but I couldn't even deadlift that. That is obviously backwards. Anyway I started to get injured because my body was not proportional. Doc made me stop. So I ran marathons for 2 years. Talk about boring. Then I found CrossFit and have not looked back. Been consistent with it for 4 years now and it has tra
  11. Oh trust me - it is way easier to get the dad bod. It's just a matter of making 60 minutes 4-5 days a week a habit and eat better on substantially more days than you don't. That sounds easier than it is I know. But once it's a habit it is not so bad. If you're military then you certainly have the self discipline to do it.
  12. I realize that - and that is my point - it really is not that hard NOT to have a dad bod. You don't have to be a world-class athlete to do so. As for TRT - no.. my natural T is not low enough where a respectable doctor would prescribe it. I did ask. But even if he would I don't know that I would take it as once you start you have to take it for life. My max bench is 280 - but that was 5-6 years ago. Most recently I did 240 for 1.
  13. So you are saying the soon to be professional athlete that outweighs me by 60lbs, is 8" taller, and 27 years younger who's fulltime job is his body and athletics can out lift me and is faster than a fulltime IT person who workouts out on the side and tries to eat well? Ok, you got me.
  14. If at 18-19, with all the resources in the world including trainers and equipment - nothing but time... football is literally his full time job right now... the prospect of being a top pick in the NFL draft and becoming the face of a billion dollar franchise for the next 10 - 15 years isn't enough to motivate you to eat a little better and workout a little more..... that is what worries me. What happens once he is paid? Being a talented quarterback is hard and takes a lot of work and gifts. I am 49 and much more "fit" than he is. No I cannot play football. But the point is, being
  15. He has a wallet to make George proud.
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