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  1. We could use a Mike Tolbert for these short yard situations and pass blocking.
  2. Ok I see that now. The initial report I saw from the CO was season ending IR.
  3. Nope. They did the drum but no stadium wide chant. Maybe your section got a small one going.. I did see one section trying to get a wave going that didn't work. I was in my seat from noon (which used to be "Phil time" - when they always played In the Air Tonight) until Sweet Caroline.. no chant once.
  4. PSL owner since 2011 (thanks Jimmy) but first game since 2019. Observations of changes: - geez they threw up skyscrapers fast. It's a different view. This was punctuated by the flyover taking a flight pattern over the stadium that it never had. - was JJR BBQ owned by Jerry Richardson? Because while that was some of the best bbq I've eaten.. the replacement Carolina BBQ is nasty slop. - there was no Keep Pounding chant. Not once. Nada. Very strange thing to take away. I thought for a moment it was a COVID thing (not prompting you to scream and spray cooties) but they still do the GET LOUDER and Stand up and Shout that everyone ignores. This was a very bad decision to quit prompting the chant. - I don't get the end zone fancy seats. No one was in them Sunday other than a couple Jets fans. End zone seats.. especially ground level aren't good seats anyway. And taking away the experience of handing a TD ball to a kid in the stands in the end zone seems like a sad thing to me. -no more purrcussion section on the field. Maybe Covid related. This also needs to come back. Summer good changes.. but some I consider bad as well. But I'm glad to be back!
  5. It's almost like they spent a weekend in Florida.
  6. I like them in general, but agree they were much better in previous seasons and have become too "filtered" and scripted now. The absolute worse part of the video occurs around minute 5:10 with a "meeting" between the training staff going over the health of players. This is so completely scripted and filtered that it takes away the legitimacy of the entire presentation in my mind. These two would not sit in this manner and speak in terms of "yeah 'this guy' has had to many reps." They never use names and at one point the head trainer points to a name on the report and shows it to the other guy. Come 'on man! We aren't stupid!
  7. I did which is why I was confused to read he may be their starter.
  8. I'm indifferent to this move... I assume there is a need that us arm-chair GMs don't see. With that said - this arm-chair GM wishes it had been a OT. I see that Greg Little not only is going to make the Miami roster but may start... Hoping we don't end up looking stupid there.
  9. Ok went and watched he whole thing. Yeah - I agree the cough is a bit concerning. It wasn't something water fixed for him. But with that said - I expect / hope we are just being overly sensitive about something 18 months ago we literally would have thought nothing of.
  10. Not that I think we should do this or will do this - and it appears we have a great punter - and I also realize that having a kicker that can also punt in an emergency (with some sort of excellence) is what we are after... now with all those disclaimers in place.... Has any team ever run with only 1 kicker to do kick offs, FGs, and punts? Would be nice to free up a position.
  11. Well how "coveted" can it have been if we won the sweepstakes with a conditional 7th that requires him to play 2 games for us?
  12. He has to play 2+ games for us or we get the pick back. Plus we will likely have 5-6 more picks by the time the draft rolls around. I'm liking the fit at GM.
  13. Did the same thing - like some of his content but his insistence of constantly posting every time a certain ex player chews gum drags on me big time. Here and there is fine - but the amount of it is just a passive aggressive shot at the Panthers management and it gets old really really fast. I'll still jump over there on occasion to see what he thinks of a practice or a move - but it gets old fast. Also - there is a such thing as too much content. He goes on binges where there is really just TOO many posts and videos. It floods my feed and in my limited time - I don't want to weed through it all. Hopefully he takes all this as constructive criticism because that truly is what it is.
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