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  1. I mean I am ok with a 9-8 record. That means we are being heard again. And Dave Burns? (1:56) lol
  2. We are in the upper deck. We spent the first 10 years 28 rows up (5 rows from the top) on the 15 yard line. True "nose bleeds" but they were good seats. Last year we moved our seats - still upper deck but 11 rows up and near mid-field. They are great seats. It is pretty much the same view you would get from a TV at home.. can see the whole field easily without having to follow the action with your head and can keep all in peripheral. The few times I have sat in the lower bowl or in the suites - I did not enjoy it as much because of the views aren't as good in my opinion. Sound system absolutely sucks where we are though. Cannot hear it at all. It's like Charlie Brown's teacher. Have to watch the closed captioning.
  3. I can't stop looking at the shiny rectangle under his chin on the top of his shirt.. WTF is that? lol I'm old so maybe some new hip style but I just kept trying to figure out what it was. Like he pulled off a sticker from there and that was the residue.
  4. Keep Grant DeBose in Charlotte!
  5. This is a masterful ploy by the Panthers to get all the Stroud and AR fans be ecstatic when Young is announced.
  6. How about the brain of Peyton and the "fall down and not get hurt ever" of Brady? I also hope that since he is so slight that he will tend to get the ridiculous roughing calls that Brady does.
  7. Chris Reynolds - Charlotte 49er QB was there. How can this not count against the 30 visits? What sort of loophole is this?
  8. 5mil? Good God there's still plenty of money left... Who's next?
  9. I applaud the effort to illustrate the obvious issue we face. You certainly messed up with the ratings. Probably been better off just ranking as "QB who signed (or will sign) next contract with drafting team as the starter." Most likely (based on past performance) our pick this year will NOT turn out to be a "franchise QB". That is just the fact.
  10. If I owned a team - damn right I would be there. I would (will?) be the second coming of Jerry Jones. #noappologies. lol
  11. And an odd number. Need the deciding vote factor.
  12. Sent this to my son and said "Man I just don't know. but this is where I am at 10:54 on 3/21. Will likely flip flop by 11:00." (Picked Bryce and Stroud)
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