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  1. 5mil? Good God there's still plenty of money left... Who's next?
  2. I applaud the effort to illustrate the obvious issue we face. You certainly messed up with the ratings. Probably been better off just ranking as "QB who signed (or will sign) next contract with drafting team as the starter." Most likely (based on past performance) our pick this year will NOT turn out to be a "franchise QB". That is just the fact.
  3. If I owned a team - damn right I would be there. I would (will?) be the second coming of Jerry Jones. #noappologies. lol
  4. And an odd number. Need the deciding vote factor.
  5. Sent this to my son and said "Man I just don't know. but this is where I am at 10:54 on 3/21. Will likely flip flop by 11:00." (Picked Bryce and Stroud)
  6. Cam to Atlanta would be painful. I don't want to play Cam. I don't want him to beat us - nor do I want our D to embarrass him. However - If the Colts were to draft AR at 4 and they bring in his hero to be the bridge and mentor - that would be amazing... although that would mean playing him once in BOA. That could be fun - hopefully he does well but we win.
  7. I tend to think they probably told Thielen who they were planning to draft if the draft was today.. of course with a lot of caveats. That would have to weight heavily into his decision.
  8. I would love to see the results of the QBs over the last few years and see how they have performed on the field. All I know is I am tip-top on the fence about the top two - like most people - and if an anecdotal test separates the two by a margin - then that weighs heavy.
  9. I'm very reluctant to trade for a receiver. Essentially just makes the trade up to 1 that much more expensive. Unless it is a gamble/steal such as trading a 6th for Elijah Moore. Sign a FA and work the draft.
  10. Yes thanks for the link to the article. This ending on it does push me back to the Young side of the fence for the moment..
  11. Have never watched anything from him extended until yesterday but then my first impression was some dude straight from 1983 with his black wife-beater and thick gold chain asking a canned question and then not really listening to the response because he is ready to interject his 8th grade snide remark. Several times he got those in and the panel begin to banter on that and you could see it just annoyed the hell out of Rodgers as he was interrupted mid-sentence and was waiting for the tools to shut up so he could finish with his own ego driven moment. This played out several times including the very end when Pat was wanting to joke about Aaron's ring and Aaron didn't take the bait.
  12. Ah didn't realize that. Was thinking Lions and Campbell but guess that was his second season.
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