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  1. This dude really said “bet you won’t waste your time digging up preseason lineups.” You’re right, I won’t. It would be a huge waste of my time. I guess that means you win? Congrats
  2. Official depth charts put out by the team are fake now? Lol. Must’ve missed that memo. Pray tell, what else is fake? Jordan getting the majority of first team reps early in camp?
  3. If no one is being given a job how did rhule arrive at the “starters” pre training camp? Was Michael Jordan not just handed LG1 on the depth chart? Certainly didn’t earn it last year
  4. The amount of people defending the plethora of flawed coaching decisions rhule makes yearly is insane to me. 5-11 5-11 5-12 and he has people on here giving him every benefit of the doubt. You know what’s far more likely? He’s a moronic college head coach not cut out for the league and the fans actually do know better
  5. Lol he’s been making horrendous start decisions his entire tenure but another one is “blind rhule hate” in reality it would be another drop in the bucket
  6. Right. Some people do lack empathy. Empathy for panther fans that had to endure the team parading a horrendous waste of a pick as some great moment for the team. Same people who loved how the team showcased Sam’s great panther logo drawing. So yes, please do excuse my lack of empathy that apparently means I put one man’s happiness above millions. Bravo for you, how morally superior you are to the rest of us
  7. Don’t forget that this was all hindsight!!! As long as you ignore all the posts from spring 2021 about how he was a day 2 prospect with health concerns that were cleared by combine doctors and Tennessee. Draft day 3 thread is filled with people like myself clamoring for Trey smith. But of course it’s all hindsight! How could we know?!?!
  8. These comments make no sense to me. You know who else would be happy to land a 6-7 figure contract they didn’t deserve? Literally 99% of the world. We have no idea if he’s a good guy or not. “Oh but he was happy to be here.” Honestly why would anyone care. You know who would’ve been happy too? Trey smith. But the coaching staff was too fuging dumb and wanted a PR stunt
  9. I fuging hate this teams ownership. Rhule and tepper need to go
  10. Great to see, but makes the djax signing even stranger. Could’ve nabbed honey badger instead
  11. I’m expecting DB to take a nice step forward. Such a beast at auburn
  12. Prior to the 2021 season I thought JM was complete trash, but he made noticeable improvements last year. No issues at all with his return for cheap
  13. Oh I agree. I think ideally we package 1 pick and PJ, Kelly, whomever and pick up a vet C. Not sure that will happen, but like you , I feel good about Mitch
  14. If we don’t package and trade our picks this year for a new C, I’d think one of these guys will end of a hornet.
  15. . This fanbase, man. Just what’s been holding this team back, not enough quality backup rbs. Hilarious
  16. Wait we get to keep the Kai jones pick now? We need to package these picks and trade for big like jarret Allen
  17. Why did this just get bumped a year later. Gave me a heart attack. Lock this poo
  18. You realize Fitt and the rest of the FO stole some power back from Rhule this offseason, right? This thread is weird af. The COACH does zero coaching and is getting sucked off now bc he’s done what? Won 5 games each year? But now he gets credit for fitt signings? Nice
  19. Glad to see everyone is still delusional and thinks this poo storm can be fixed in one offseason!!! Here’s you how fix the team: trade back in the draft, accumulate picks, suck next year, pick a real qb like young or stroud, profit. This idea that we can cut corners on the rebuild and expedite the process continues to set us back years
  20. This. Not to mention the cap limitations
  21. We should be tanking for stroud or young if we miss out on Watson. Schedule is brutal next year
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