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  1. NFL banned fire during intros. I can’t remember which team was involved but they started a pretty big fire during their pre-game.
  2. Shoulder sore from taking Covid vaccine, second dose made it worse. Can’t be a long snapper with a sore shoulder.
  3. Richard Rogers - coach Jimmy Clausen - player
  4. Translation: I’m confident that Joey will be released as soon as a suitable replacement is secured! Very confident
  5. Joe Buck wants to have Troy’s baby!
  6. He did, but he knew I would!
  7. If you smell “Hope” it must be the residual scent from a left behind Ron Rivera T-shirt. If you’re smelling what Rhule and his group are cooking it’s a nice blend of: Strategy, Clear Organizational Expectations and Accountability.
  8. Easy. There has never been a more Exciting game in BOA than the 2015 NFC Championship. The stadium was rocking: literally and figuratively.
  9. Undrafted free agent signing in 2014. Started his career as a JAG and did very well for himself.
  10. HOPE was always the “failed” strategy of our previous owner, Ron Rivera and Hurney. If they taught us nothing else, they proved that HOPE is not a successful strategy in running an NFL team. The new Regime has shown they understand beginning successful requires: competence, planning and the ability to execute the plan. the ability to recognize when the plan needs to evolve is also paramount, this includes personnel decisions, game plans and in-game adjustments. FUG HOPE - let’s try competence and being prepared for once.
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