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  1. It was never called Carolina motor speedway
  2. I see what you’re saying. But he certainly looks coachable to me, especially as a UDFA.
  3. ^ = sad but true, truth. Our TE group is marginal at best.
  4. Everos obviously has been following Johnson closely and is the reason he’s here.
  5. And yes I’m still salty over the organizational treatment of Cam. Fug Hurney and Rivera. They were not leaders they turned in to onlookers and fans while riding Cams coat tail to the bank. Absolutely criminal.
  6. We got ourselves a humble young man with unlimited potential. Panthers FO needs to surround him with talent and protection. Don’t repeat what they did to Cam. Let’s go support him.
  7. Tepper should invite Cam to announce the #1 pick at the draft.
  8. CJ Stroud says "i'm a football player, not a test taker" when asked about his low S2 scores.
  9. We know exactly who we’re picking…Anybody we want! We have the number 1 pick.
  10. Only downside to you’re though process is replacing DJ with 2 roster spots
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