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  1. Can really say it was one problem. We also started to use the right running backs and not the wrong one(Williams). Our whole system is set up to run the ball and grind time. We'll if your defense is getting gashed and your RB is not gaining ground well... I'm not going to sit here and say we were a good team all year because the first half was all kinds of messed up still we improved in key areas when we needed to and that's what playoff teams do.
  2. Yea and it had nothing to do with Cam becoming healthy. Nothing at all... Say what you want but this is the first year Cam has had a WR Corp worth a damn. Pretty much every other team in our division has had better WRs. If I was a betting man I would bet Cam has one of his best passing years because he has guys who can play.
  3. This is really silly. Maybe the court should also restrict there name to two choices as well. The Washington bullet bans or Washington liberals.
  4. Let's just hope that translates to good numyers and good health.
  5. I don't agree that Mike Smith was a bad coach and this team will improve all that much. Mike was a above .500 coach most of his time there crippled by as bad GM. Quinn also is a big question because he had only been a DC for a short amount of time and it makes you wonder how well he will be with less talent.
  6. I think it would work for us. But having two full backs on the roster does not seem logical.
  7. If Byrd has a good preseason and I say IF no way we let him hit the wire and keep a WR that is only going to get worse.
  8. He was not fast enough for corner but not big and strong enough for FS.
  9. This is going to be a place where pre-season will be extremely important.
  10. Most teams are going to try to counter the Funchess effect with a Safety and that's where his sneaky speed will come in. KB,Funchess, and Olson is a very dangerous package added in we could you Fozzy as a extra WR.
  11. I think our offense might take a step forward and our defense a step back. A lot will depend on what Shaq and Fun chess bring.
  12. Better WR'S will help the line. Last year team's just stacked the box because we had no one to go over the top. That led to more blitzes and less under routes. Now we have Ginn,Philly, and Funchess, that's going to change teams approach in a big way.
  13. Philly is going to be good because Dave and Rivera are creating a culture that rewards hard work. We are going to see less and less of the Hills and Cotchery's and more of players like Philly and Byrd. Guys that are young and can play a role. This is how NYG seemed to always have a WR or Pass rusher no matter how many injuries they had.
  14. I think it would be more ballsy move to keep a worse WR. It's going to be a tough decision but as of now it looks like hill and Cotch are on the outside looking in.
  15. Luck "We almost could, and that's good enough for me".
  16. It's called functional muscles. Most athletes truly do train that way. It's not what makes you catch passes and block though. That's muscle memory and reflexes.
  17. No Cotch will be the odd man out. Both him and Bersin are the same player. Yet Bersin is younger. I've said it before and I will agian Bersin has one of the better relationship with Cam and Cotchery has the least.
  18. I understand, but he was a very explosive player for us. If he hits the wire he will be gone. Todman may be one of those tough cuts but you don't cut a guy just to keep a rookie either. At this point the only safe RB is Stewart. I feel DG will give us the best 3 regardless.
  19. Fizzy is not going to get cut unless he just bombs. Dude brings way to much to just cut.
  20. I have a feeling Luck is going to slump this year. They will still make the playoffs because there div is so weak though. Its almost a automatic playoff bid.
  21. I'm not a big fan simply because it would take away from the forum. There will be tons of threads with read my blog in it.
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