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  1. How dumb is Gase, seriously? What kind of big brain schemes is this guy running? Who could imagine that if you help your QB learn and give him options then it helps him be a better player.
  2. This is a really good question. There had to be Cs in the draft available that were better than Paradis.
  3. This is a fantastic deal for the Canes. Really team friendly and also bets a little on Svech developing more. Seeing as he is only 21, hell be 29 at the end of this, prime for another deal.
  4. The contract is for a 4 year extension to the franchise tag. So its 5 years total.
  5. The saints pay all of their good players. if they can do it so can we.
  6. Shaq has never really passed my eye test. I never thought he was that good on his own, more of a product of the pieces around him. Besides, we drafted him to cover TEs and he cant really do it.
  7. If Fitterer and Rhule can't get Moton locked down I think that is a huge strike against them. OL is known to be super important, and I for one am tired of coaches that treat it as an afterthought.
  8. Derek Brown is going to prove why he was a great pick this season. Having a NT that can move the QB of his spot is a huge asset.
  9. You do if your run defense is absolute utter gutter trash, which ours was. I dont think he has to be a 10 sack guy to be a good pick.
  10. I dont see how one bad year is supposed to have broken this guy forever. TD: 30 Int: 15 Yards: 4200 62% Completion He ends up top 12
  11. Yeah more OL! Lets go! Holy crap I love our draft!
  12. I love how we finally have a good GM and its blowing people's minds.
  13. Ryan is a good dude and was a good football player. Josh McCown also recommended him to Jake Delhomme
  14. When Robbie pretty much comes out and agrees that Darnold got no support or development on the Jets, I find it very hard to take arguments about his potential seriously if you don't think he's capable of fixing his mistakes.
  15. Here are some tweets that summarize Robby Andersons thoughts on the Darnold Jets Saga. Based on all of the evidence we have to support his lack of development with the Jets and given his age, I dont see how people can just declare him a bust already after only three years. I'm excited to see what the guy can do with competent supporting staff.
  16. That sucks. Maybe we draft Sewell or Slater now at least?
  17. Tony Stark is also one of the smartest humans on the planet. Its not JUST his suit.
  18. Panthers are stuck with a QB theyve been trashing all offseason. Such a panthers thing to have happen.
  19. If we truly want to get rid of Bridgewater we may have to do what the Texans did with Osweiler and pay someone to take him.
  20. I think we need another LW to play with Aho and Turbo. Svech and Staal are tearing it up, and Nino and Trocheck and Necas are doing well. We may want to look into acquiring someone to play on 1LW, mainly because while I like Brock he has clearly cooled off and I'd like to see Aho and Turbo get going.
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