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  1. Tepper is actually playing 4D chess. Hes keeping Rhule because he wants that sweet sweet 1OA in '23 when the better QB prospects are graduating. *taps forehead*
  2. So we can do even worse next year and draft one of the QBs coming out.
  3. Anyone that watches us play can see it as well. Completely unprepared week in and week out.
  4. I will also eat crow on this, I underestimated his impact on the defense. Guy is worth the money.
  5. Dude stop. You arent entitled to a discussion topic, no one cares if you made one first. Good lord the immaturity.
  6. Well I suppose it's back to watching Redzone for me. Im not gonna stress myself out with this shitshow. Maybe one day our franchise won't be run by egomaniacs.
  7. Would it be so hard to understand if they couldnt? Maybe they are old school and are teaching techniques that are out of date? Something weird is going on if they refuse to make any changes after that abominable performance.
  8. Its kind of irrelevant to our issues this year. We drafted iOL that arent being played for whatever reason. And it also happens to be our biggest area of concern. Its okay to admit he didn't do a good enough job at addressing the OL issues.
  9. These grades are so bad it honestly makes no sense to me. Rhule is not a dumb guy, there's no way him and his coaching staff does not see the awfulness that we do. Real question is why is he choosing to play these players when they are not the best players for these positions.
  10. If Fitterer and Rhule honestly thought these guys were good enough we have a serious problem.
  11. Ive legit never seen someone graded at 22 LOL
  12. Darnold is not good. We need to move on next year.
  13. Sam is not having a good game. Still has a ton of issues throwing intermediate and deep. Not sure he can overcome that.
  14. Sams turning back into a pumpkin. We are boned.
  15. Hey this is dope as hell! I love giving the Canes some recognition!
  16. I definitely think we should try to extend Reddick if at all possible. Dude fits in extremely well here.
  17. How dumb is Gase, seriously? What kind of big brain schemes is this guy running? Who could imagine that if you help your QB learn and give him options then it helps him be a better player.
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