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  1. Eh. If the Vikings can field a decent defense they’re Super Bowl contenders. I think Carolina is a playoff team in this sorry division but they’re not championship level at anything.
  2. Just curious. Does it usually take this long to get a staff together?
  3. The race baiters will use wilks as a dog whistle for at least the next couple years. Once the team starts winning they’ll be right there in stands cheering like everyone else
  4. They need to pick up the pace and get to work on the draft and FA
  5. Yea I’m sure he’s a good coach but that vid didn’t show it imo and people really liked it for some reason
  6. Honestly I wasn’t a big fan of the video posted a while back with Staley and another lions coach trash talking in practice. Like literally nobody is being coached in that video
  7. I like how he ended the presser basically putting the locker room in check.
  8. A scumbag phony coaching a narcissist phony, should be interesting
  9. Which is why I don’t watch any collegiate sports. The best shooter in college basketball history avgs 4 minutes a night in the league
  10. I’d love for it to work out but all the positives he showed at ole miss didn’t seem to translate. He looked slow, inaccurate, and avg arm strength at best. Maybe a season of NFL weight training and coaching can get something out of him
  11. And Reich put up a winning record in that dumpster fire
  12. That ship has sailed. Now they’ll pay the player an astronomical amount based solely on his potential production that he’ll never reach
  13. Can’t compete with no state income tax. Sorry NC
  14. That Georgia game cemented Stroud as QB1 this draft. It’ll take a lot to move up and get him
  15. If wilks is the man of integrity everyone says he is he’d only be a part of the lawsuit if he felt cheated. Wilks knows he lost the job in Tampa, and to act otherwise tells me tepper made the right hire. Enough excuse makers and finger pointers in charge.
  16. And in 3-4 years if Reich retires hopefully he has built a staff that can can be promoted from within the organization. Reich was the right hire.
  17. Unfortunately that is where the country is right now. Everything is us vs them. It’s annoying, and childish. That being said I think the locker room should take most the blame for wilks not getting the job. Let’s forget that all they had to do was beat a lifeless Bucs team but when a perennial losing locker room starts making demands it puts tepper in a situation where he almost can’t hire wilks or nothing will change around here.
  18. Getting rid of that contract is one of fitts best moves. Guaranteed cmc restructures during the offseason
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