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  1. So basically the panthers have become one of the worst run franchises. So much so all they can hire are castoffs from other poorly run franchises. They won’t be competitive for awhile.
  2. I honestly feel like no players other than oline and Dline can be properly evaluated under rhule. It seems like every player was under utilized or used incorrectly
  3. Damn 49ers LBs have the worst luck injury wise
  4. Love watching Dallas get spanked
  5. Mitchell is why you don’t draft RBs high. 6th round pick 4th in nfl in yac
  6. It sounds like a home game for SF
  7. Pretty loud pop for the niners in Dallas
  8. Eagles just had fletcher cox standing up
  9. That’s true for all these modern players. There’s a reason all these skill position records are falling. It’s illegal to play defense
  10. Refs already bailed out Brady
  11. Buffalo taking out 30 years of frustration
  12. I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t like dabolls play calling over the last month. Allen helps
  13. Every player who’s touched the ball running tonight has over 5 ypc. They’re averaging 7.5 as a team
  14. It seems like teams don’t respect Allens legs as much. Or the Bills are better at hiding it. Daboll play calling tonight is
  15. It does feel good to watch NE get clowned
  16. Omg Allen just broke kids ankles
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