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  1. He actually played average at center which obviously isn’t good enough. It was when he played guard that everybody remembers him being a traffic cone. If he’s gotta spot start at center while boz heals up I think they can survive.
  2. Yea, doesn’t seem productive at all.
  3. This is how successful franchises handle QBs
  4. It almost happened last year and did happen the year before so it’s not hard to wrap your head around.
  5. Cool now go sign Malcolm brown for DT depth
  6. I guess we’re gonna do this every couple weeks. The NFC sucks overall. A .500 or worse team will most likely get a wildcard spot. No reason that can’t be Carolina even with injuries.
  7. Just IR TMJ and let him get healthy(if that’s possible) and run with shi and Higgins. It’s been a long time since this franchise had so much depth at WR.
  8. Elf is serviceable at C but if he goes down and they’re plugging tacklenburg and a rookie in Mays into the lineup that’s no bueno. Hopefully Boz comes back healthy and it’s not an issue but high ankle sprains are unpredictable.
  9. Because his ego is wrapped up in the Sam Darnold move.
  10. If rhule had any spine he’d promptly swap baker back in with the 1’s and keep him there
  11. Yea half the team is hurt and now everybody fighting after every play. These joint practices don’t seem very productive to me
  12. I've heard writers and talking heads on espn say it but i haven't heard actual former players take on Rhules QB battle. A decision needs to made asap.
  13. Honestly I’d rather bring back vernon butler than this guy
  14. Fair it could be campen doing it but he hasn’t been here the last two years and it was a problem then too.
  15. I’m a little disappointed a coach as highly regarded as Campen hasn’t told Rhule to stop juggling the OL this late in the preseason.
  16. Jordan has graded well as a run blocker in the past. Maybe he has an edge there but it’s weird that BC(one of the best players on the team according to rhule) can’t beat him out
  17. The gigachad is peak masculinity. All bow to his manliness
  18. What colors your Bugatti gigachad?
  19. Hooray rhule made a big boy decision
  20. Everybody saying the QB competition is over. Incoming huddle meltdown when darnold starts with the 1s tomorrow
  21. During the next fight can someone take a swing at rhule in all the confusion?
  22. So what I’m hearing is the panthers are getting waxed by a better coached team
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