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  1. Best case scenario TBH. Hopefully the coaching staff and CMC learned a lesson here and he’s not playing 99% of snaps every week
  2. I'm 100% serious the panthers should trade for mike davis. it's tough because it's the falcons but they're ass and i'd be willing to slightly overpay
  3. with a high rate of reinjury. a football player with brittle feet is similar to a boxer with brittle hands. It can and has derailed careers
  4. 2 non contact potentially season ending injuries. fug Thursday night football. Darnold went off tho
  5. They sure as poo want Bouye back next week
  6. Why does Arnold always get crushed ? Darnold going off
  7. I mean goddamn. Panthers should boycott Thursday night games. Careers are being altered
  8. Panthers LB depth is way better than we thought
  9. Even so. You can’t bench chubba. Not enough depth at the position with CMC out
  10. Unfortunately that’s no longer an option
  11. This is the longest drive of all time btw
  12. This is depressing. Just forfeit before somebody dies
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