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  1. 28 yrs old 6’3 285. Good camp body
  2. Evero was in this episode for maybe 3-4 seconds
  3. Ironically a homeless man started jerking off in front of me at the kannapolis amtrack station. Very on brand for k-town lol
  4. Yea build a stadium in that shithole lol. Have to fight ur way through crackheads to get to the gate would be an adventure
  5. Tepper prob had this planned all along. Buy a team in a small market. Tank the franchise. Relocate to a bigger market. $$$$
  6. This dudes videos/takes are so dumb. I remember one vid titled “why is Bryce young so polarizing” ummm because he’s the starting QB of an NFL team maybe?
  7. What a joke. Just opens up the floodgates for tampering as a cost of doing business. Call me practical but it seems like the contract should be voided and the player signs elsewhere is the only way to actually enforce tampering.
  8. Falcons with a slap on the wrist for tampering with 3 players smh. Good job NFL, now every team in the league will tamper and chalk it up to cost of doing business.
  9. It’s not even really about Brooks, maybe he’ll be good. There were better players that fit bigger needs available. Just more roster and draft mismanagement which points to nothing changing anytime soon.
  10. That defense stopped pounding years ago
  11. Lol this team man. Could’ve had a day 1 starter in the second round
  12. Sounds like Bryce is the typical only child.
  13. I’ll tune in game 1 but if Bryce looks like poo I’m out
  14. “That was us” is the new DBO
  15. Facilities are like everything else in professional franchise sports. Just win and the amenities take care of themselves. No team ever lost a football game because their locker room wasn’t state of the art. If luxury is a motivating factor for onfield performance, there are bigger problems at play than how many ice baths are available.
  16. Meh. They could have state of the art facilities and they’d still be the worst team in the league
  17. I’m sure he’s gotten over it lol bullet dodged
  18. Oline better be ready. That Williams vs hunt battle should be a doozy
  19. Even if he sucks at tackle again this year they can always move him to guard…oh wait
  20. His size isn’t really the issue it’s the running style. He breaks some arm tackles and makes guys miss but he’s not a push the pile short yardage guy.
  21. Hospital ball against air lol
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