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  1. Excuse me. I said division 2 but meant to say FCS. I forgot the terminology changed a few years ago. NDSU is an FCS program, not an FBS program. There are 130 FBS college football programs, and NDSU is not one of them and play at a lower level. Or course there are talented players coming out of FCS programs, but by and large, FBS players are more talented, especially players from the power 5 conferences. Trey Lance has played against low level competition in college relatively speaking. This is not up for debate. He could end up being a good NFL player. I don't think they he is worthy of a first round pick. Only time will tell. Thanks for trying to nickel and dime me on the division 2 comment.
  2. No, he was. He is not currently an NFL scout. I said "if he was" because I was not familiar with Daniel Kelly prior to this message board thread. However, my point still stands - you don't become an NFL scout without having a lot of knowledge, and his take is certainly relevant. You're not going to waste your time responding but you did? Troll? Lol. Trading for Watson obviously would've been a horrible decision. You are not qualified to discuss football with me boy.
  3. If he was a former NFL scout, he certainly knows more than you and has good input to provide. I'm not sure the majority of the Hiuddle comprehends the talent difference between division 2 and division 1 football (particularly division 2 to a power 5 conference). In addition to Lance facing garbage competition in college, how did he land at a Division 2 college coming out of high school? I wouldn't touch this guy.
  4. Of course. All PSL owners are the same whether you purchased them directly from the Panthers or another individual.
  5. It's incredibly interesting to see idiots on this board know more than the 49ers management team.
  6. Obviously? I'm glad you can objectively determine what's going on inside my head. There are many reasons why I don't want to trade for Watson but primarily because the Panthers would have to give up too much in return.
  7. Why would the Panthers want to give up a tremendous amount of our assets and draft capital (too much) for someone who would pull this kind of stunt? And this would be for someone who would be the face of the franchise.
  8. Ok. I guess it's a bonafide fact then since this random article said so. Case closed.
  9. Still can't refute what I said I see. Dipshittery, nope - I guarantee I follow this closer than you.
  10. Nice rebuttal. I understand you can't refute what I said.
  11. The only idiotic takes in this thread are those that feel we should give up anything close to what the Peter King article suggested for Watson (or any combination of multiple 1st rd picks, starters from the Panthers roster, etc). The Texans will want too much in return for Watson. This is not up for debate! Unless you want the Panthers to get taken to the cleaners with a horrific deal, move on from the idea Watson will be a Panther. Enough is enough.
  12. While I agree you need to have a top QB, you still need to have the pieces around him. Our OL and LB units are well below average, and the secondary is straight up trash. Watson is also not our ONLY option. You can still draft a QB while developing the team around him or get a different QB at a fair deal (what's the rush - the GM and coach are both new). The Texans will require too much in return for Watson. You never take a bad deal for any purchase in life!
  13. I hope Tepper doesn't turn into another meddling owner. Does the new GM and Rhule really want to tie up their entire future into 1 player? It doesn't seem like a risk they would want to take.
  14. I agree with the other 2 posters here. It's ridiculous for you to claim Mccaffrey's 2 different, unrelated injuries this year had anything to do with him being "ran into the ground" the prior two seasons. The team had no reason to rush him back when you consider our record in 2020. I have to question your motive when you adamantly want to trade away our best player (and one of the best in the NFL). Why the hell would the Panthers want to trade him?
  15. I would quit following the team if we made this trade. I don't think it ultimately happens, but its shocking to me how many people on this site would be on board with a deal like this.
  16. Did you didn't address the biden celebrations, summer rioting and looting comment. Communists (antifa) and Marxists (BLM protesters) rioted and looted for months. At lot of these low IQ participants didn't adhere to social distancing nor mask requirements. Are all lefties hypocrites? I already know the answer.
  17. That is not correct. Wyoming is a division 1 school. North Dakota state is a division 2 school. Just in Josh Allen's final year at Wyoming, they played Iowa, Oregon, Boise State, San Jose state, Fresno State and Air Force. Most if not all of these teams are often ranked in the top 25 (division 1 AP and coach's poll rankings). Take a look at the teams regularly on ND's schedule, and you will see they play much worse competition. I'm not saying Trey Lance can't end up being a good NFL player, but he has played very low level competition in college. Even playing an SEC team or some like Clemson would be a tremendous step up in talent - now imagine the jump in talent from a division 2 college to the NFL.
  18. I guess pretty much every draft guru is wrong then when you consider Wilson is overwhelming mocked higher than Lance? Also, not sure if you followed it closely, but North Dakota state has been a powerhouse lately in Division 2 football. Don't pretend Lance has brought them to relevance.
  19. At least Coastal was a ranked team and a division 1 program. As others have pointed out, that game was scheduled the week off and there was no preparation time. Additionally, Wilson looked really sharp in that game even though his OL had him running for this life constantly. Regardless of BYU's competition (which is certainly better than North Dakota state's)... BYU - division 1 program North Dakota state - division 2 program
  20. Yeah, Lance is so talented he ended up at a division 2 college. Lets also not forget he didn't even play college football in 2020. Wilson is easily more talented.
  21. Huh? Brady was better than Watson this year and any other year.
  22. How do you not stretch the ball out on 4th down at the goal line?
  23. Not sure if you saw I mentioned I want the Panthers to draft a QB. Anyone is worth considering for the right price, however.
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