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  1. You know sh*t is bad when we are WANTING Slye back. Like WTF are we doing?! So many options, and you choose a kicker WORSE than Slye and had even more yips than Slye? Imagine the chaos on here when Zane misses a clutch kick (which make no doubt in your mind, he WILL miss). I just don't get this move when Borregales and Verity are out there and have so much more potential than a known choker that has already lost two teams a ton of games. Might as well kept Slye if this is what our backup plan was. Starting to really question this staff.
  2. That's how you build a dominate team for years to come right there. Chargers trending up.
  3. He destroyed Young in college too. Slater is a beast.
  4. I can't believe more people aren't talking about that "fug you" dance from Shaq lol That sh*t was funny as hell
  5. Actually a really good point. Very similar game and outcome tbh Our offense actually looked better today
  6. Vikings just lost. Anytime a NFC team loses to a AFC team is good news for us, although I don't think the Vikings are sniffing the playoffs.
  7. Defense is going to be REALLY fuggin good!
  8. Better to win and make adjustments than lose and make adjustments!
  9. A win is a win. Who knows how many wins we get this season, better celebrate when you can
  10. Car won, ATL lost............................................BAD!!! lol PIE FOR EVERYBODY!!
  11. Being landed on by a 300+ man with your head hitting the turf is not fun. Wilson gonna be hurting tomorrow
  12. Hey, at least he catches the punts cleanly lol Thats all i got
  13. He doesn't even need him to make crazy FGs, just make the gimmes (like the last one) and we're good to go.
  14. We went from old, slow, and no pressure to young, fast, and pressure from everywhere in a span of 2 years. Fuggin impressive
  15. Yep. Come out with that same intensity in the 2nd half. Will tell us a lot
  16. CMC is fuggin insane!!!!!!!!!!! I'm impressed with Darnold. He's staying in there and making some TOUGH throws. Passing the eye test so far
  17. Our pass rush is INSANE right now! It's like night and day from last year
  18. Coverage sack?!?!?!?! When the last time we heard that lol Haynes also continuing his good play
  19. Can we get a fuggin decent kicker that can hit XPs PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that too much to ask?
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