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  1. It would be per par for this clown regime.
  2. You've already lost the argument. Move on before you make yourself look even more foolish.
  3. Record before Montgomery got there with Ruffin: 42-34 with 4 bowl appearances Record with Montgomery: 9-26 with 0 bowl appearances Nice try
  4. LMFAO Cowboys have some dumb AF players. WTH was Gregory even doing there?!
  5. IDK, but how they've been playing Deebo all year is how we should have been playing CMC. Shanahan is a genius man. Wish we could get somebody that could finally use CMC right.
  6. Well yeah, that too. Suffice to say, as of now we have a bottom 5 owner
  7. I knew we were in trouble when Tepper and Rhule started throwing out words like "rebuild" and "process". There is no "rebuild" in the not for long league, ESPECIALLY a fuggin 5 year one. All it takes is ONE great draft, or ONE great hire, or ONE great QB for a quick turnaround. We see it all the damn time, yet our owner is trying to sell the narrative that it will take 5 years like we are an NBA team or something.
  8. Good for the Bengals. Their fans deserve this time after all those miserable mediocre years they had to go through with Marvin Lewis.
  9. Wow what a game (well besides the refs of course).
  10. For real. Like read the fuggin room, let some calls slide. It's the playoffs, you don't have to call every single godamn penalty to a T. Only call egregious penalties and let everything else slide.
  11. Agreed. I feel this scenario just gives us more flexibility. It lets us recoup some draft picks, let's us get a HUGE upgrade for the interior line, and also let's us evaluate the youngins in a lame duck year. Win win win.
  12. Boger's crew is so fuggin bad. Refs always gotta be more than the game
  13. Stick him at LT. Trade down and draft Linderbaum. Start Deonte Brown. Just like that our line looks competent.
  14. And wow, it feels like the Bengals should be up by 20 with all those short fields and Raiders inability to score, yet here the Raiders are only down a TD. Raiders gotta feel good about that
  15. How TF is his crew even in the playoffs? Dude's crew is legit one of the worst ever year
  16. All you need in this day and age is an above average offense and a opportunistic defense. Can't wait until the Panthers finally (if ever) get with the times. New ownership and coaching staff, and yet we're still stuck in the 90s. Some things never change.
  17. Remember in the past when we had a disappointing season we would say things like "well, at least we aren't the _______________"? Well, we are now THAT team. Absolutely depressing.
  18. No fuggin way. The same dude that ran ECU into the ground?
  19. Which is stupid. That gives Rhule A LOT of time to waste even more draft picks and money. I just don't fuggin get it anymore. Tepper sucks so fuggin much. Just get rid of this fuggin clown already
  20. How is this surprising? Dude was 0-11 against ranked teams in college. This is who he is, why is why I wanted nothing to do with him from the start. Wanted Eric Bieniemy then and still want him now, but of course we are going to head into next season with the worst coach in the league. Tepper is a fuggin joke. Boy how different this franchise would look had we gotten Navarro as our owner instead.
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