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  1. I agree in principal .. but in all honesty, Baker needs to start getting all the snaps with the #1's to get that repour with the number #1 receivers, line, etc. Half the snaps can make a big difference.
  2. 42 year old ME... dunking on an 8 foot basketball goal with my neighbor. Landed , and knee ( ACL ) blew,, " Back Then" it wasn't the surgery we have today. No replacement tenden. So I have what some call a trick knee. I can walk, run, but no sports like , basketball , tennis or anything where you have to plant your foot and push off.. The thigh slides off the shin bone and hurts lol. So I'm prepared to finish my life playing golf , lawn darts, beer pong etc.
  3. I think getting there "early" of "first" is a bit over rated. In my opinion it shows a good attitude. But I'm sure there is a list of HOF'ers who never got to "practice" early or "first". Some of it can be coach speak ,, " he's the first here and last to leave" etc. or the media pumping up their favorite player " he's the first QB to get here everyday" ( meaning he's not really the first player, just the first QB etc) . It's just a good attitude barometer in many cases.
  4. I need to see a new head coach from Baker.. but him do it in a way where the team still wins.. WINS , EGG ON RHULES FACE.. I NEED TO SEE THAT KIND OF MAGIC ... Stupid play calling by Rhule that everyone sees,, including David Tepper, and some how Baker pulls a rabbit out of his hat.. and broken plays score wins.. Myths grow,, Legends grow...
  5. Bakers job to lose. I don't want Matt Rhule being a deciding vote for QB , when he wanted Darnold..
  6. I've always thought Jake Delhomme's attribute was his Passion.. I see some of that in Baker. So I hope he brings that Passion, excitement to the Panthers. I know he's not going to be perfect on the field, but it's always nice to have that passion that can lead to momentum. Yes, Cam played with Passion. He just had a lot more talent to go with it.
  7. Some need to remember 2002. 1-15 Matt Rhule is our biggest concern. Baker has enough talent to equal Jakes , and Jake’s enthusiasm. We have to have a leader at the QB position. David Tepper will fire Rhule if there aren’t MUCH better results. 10 plus wins & playoffs. I truly believe this. He’s not going to accept 4 seasons in a row with basically no signs of improvement. The ole saying comes to mind. “ you can snow a snowman, but you can’t BS a BS’er “ pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining etc
  8. I probably don’t understand dead cap salary .. but isn’t it the same if he’s on the team or if he’s not ? ( Darnold )
  9. Ditch Darnold and take PJ with him .. it’s time to stop keeping proven failures.
  10. Currently.. Is he better than Sam Darnold or Matt Corral ? But if being negative helps you get through the day ,, go for it
  11. Did we get rid of Sirr Darnold ?? If not let Sirr Purr take him under is wing,,
  12. Just got off the golf course and my phone had blown up with “ excitement. He’s .500 QB on some teams that were bad and some that were good, and played with injury. A lot of how I feel will depend on Baker’s attitude. If he’s all in ,, gun Ho , Acting like an excited Jake Delhomne .. I’m excited. But if he comes in here feeling butt hurt from Cleveland not wanting him .. then play the rookie Corral . We have enough weapons that he can flourish. I could really get excited with a Jake attitude
  13. Biggest Leap Up : Christian McCaffrey .. Most expect him to be back on the IR by week 4.. I think he'll return to his former greatness and survive the season , actually playing. 1000 + yards receiving . Biggest Fall, Sam Darnold .. I know, he already sucks, but by mid season he will actually be wearing a ball hat, no pads on, probably up in the coaches booth getting them drinks. ( hat on backwards of coarse. )
  14. There use to be an 'ole sayin' that went.. " if you have two quarterbacks, you have none" ,, John Madden So if we have 4 or 5 under contract ( Darnold, PJ. Corral, Newton, maybe a Baker of Jimmy G ..) then i'm sure the double negative rules apply lol " A double negative is a non standard sentence structure ( OR QUARTER BACK ASSEMBLY , ) that uses two negative forms ( LIKE HAVING MANY BAD QUARTERBACKS , Corral excluded because we don't know he's bad ),, Double negatives are created by adding a negative ( ANOTHER BAD QUARTERBACK ) to the verb ( ABILITY TO PLAY IN THE NFL ) and to the noun ( TEAM ) or to the object of the verb. There is no saying that says.. " you can't have enough bad quarterbacks "
  15. Nor would the average fan care. I live on the coast. We don't get the Charlotte local media ( except streaming radio , example WFNZ ) So there is nothing in that announcement that effects Panther fans through out the Carolina's . We see preseason games on a local channel that pays the host channel and or the Panthers to show these. So there is no GREAT DAY FOR PANTHERS ,, Will Kunkle is basically turning in his media card to "advertise " for a station. l
  16. Then just tweet it.. How has it changed anything for the " fan " ?
  17. And this is what they call " A GREAT DAY" for the Panthers ??? What a joke. Embarrassing !!!
  18. Sir Purr will have alternate uniforms like the teams,, Silver is what I hear
  19. ?? WHY ? . I live in the Wilmington Area.. I can hear the ocean from my back porch before 6 AM in the morning ( After 6 , traffic from the roads can drown it out .. Masonboro Island ) . I love our NC beaches... but why not SC beaches ? I mean.. given the choice in SC .. Kiawah Island, Isle of Palm, Sullivan Island, Hilton Head , Edisto , Pawley's Island. These are all great beach communities.
  20. I have my doubts that 24 billionaires will out one of their own. Considering more that one of them have storied past. ( Irsay, Kraft to name a couple ). If they do,, GREAT,, but I really have my doubts.
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