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  1. I’m re-evaluating .. ball must travel a ( 1, One ) yard to be an interception.. No it wasn’t a fumble. It was Darnald handing the ball to Nu Aweleans the ball . He will attend a mandatory therapy where he learns it Ok , not to give the other team the ball. This is all a derivative of playing for the Jets too long .. This won’t happen again
  2. Only 5 games out of first after week 1 .. I pick the Panther " EVERY" Week. So unless the Panthers go like 13-4 . I'm not going to look good
  3. GOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING PANTHER FANS PANTHER BURGERS AFTER THE GAME WITH St Pauli Girl Beer . 'You never forget your first girl.. St Pauli Girl Beer '
  4. NFL WARS , WEEK 2 Panthers vs saints " Mount Up Men,, Ride To The Sound Of The Cannon Fire .... There's A Battle To Be Fought " PANTHERS 31 saints 15
  5. I am not trying to imply our O line is any good. IT's NOT . But let's put this to the eye test. You watched the Panthers O line and you watched the Jets O line. The Jets are at 50%. The Panthers at 20% We ate the Jets O line up. So how good is this metric at rating how good an O line is ?? I'd take the Panthers over the Jets O line
  6. He’s been reading our message board .. he didn’t watch the games
  7. Time for Joe Brady to "earn" his paycheck. We have to keep nu awleans on their heels .. ( something we rarely do ) . We have enough offensive weapons, but if the play calling has got to keep their defense wondering. Defense , BE STRONG
  8. Love the new Panthers media https://www.instagram.com/p/CTwznm1Aey8/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. I disagree. It’s not about whining for whining sake. We saw lots of improvements. But red zone still looked bad. Play call in the second half was bad. The Jets ARE NOT GOOD . So yes, I didn’t see improvements from our offense corridnator . Yes our players are better, but not his coaching. Improvements are clock management. We didn’t have to call timeouts because we couldn’t get the play called.
  10. I disagree,, it’s not just one game. This goes back to last year,, and because Darnald is hopefully better than Teddy, we weren’t inept on offense.
  11. I came here thinking I might be the only one thinking this … Two halves . Red Zone didn’t look good. The Jets aren’t good
  13. Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers W Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons W Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills W Minnesota Vikings W @ Cincinnati Bengals San Francisco W @ Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans W Seattle Seahawks W @ Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Chargers W @ Washington Football Team New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers W Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans W Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs W Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots W Green Bay Packers W @ New Orleans Saints Denver Broncos @ New York Giants W Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams W Baltimore Ravens W @ Las Vegas Raiders
  14. All I mean was over the last 10 years they haven't been very good ( till Tom got there last year. ) We just don't hate on them as much as we do NO or ATL . The whole NFL hates the cowboys. All that being said, We hope the Bucs lose tonight because they are in our division Just my opinion. 2011 4-12 2012 7-9 2013 4-12 2014 2-14 2015 6-10 2016 9-7 2017 5-11 2018 5-11 2019 7-9 2020 11-5
  15. As a fan.. we can't lose, but it's really hard to root for the cowboys. I mean,, We dislike the cowboys more than a divisional rival. ( because the bucs suck so often lol )
  16. This is one of the years,, we really don't know what to expect from either team.. Oh, we think we have more talent, better coaching etc, but let's see it on the field Sunday.
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