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  1. All i have to say is that if bozeman ends up being garbage and corbett had that awful pff score on Saturday, there is no good way to guage free agent lineman and theyre best avoided because theyre someone elses trash. Solution is either trade capital for a pro bowl starter or draft them. Rest are depth at best.
  2. Even skip bayless was like dude shouldve caught that ball wouldve had a td. Catch the damn ball or we getting odell.
  3. He didn't get his hand on the ball. Baker got the ball in there. Robbie just needed to, ya know, catch it.
  4. Was corbett that bad because elflein is generally the worst?
  5. Or at least what the raiders did last year
  6. This is WHY he should be starting with the ones playing burns EVERY SINGLE SNAP working on his footwork as the speed gap adjustment is the biggest change. But no rhule must deem his arms shorter than chrostensen who should be working at guard. I hope we can him by october, mcadoo takes over and calls plays. And we get what the Phillies have done after canning girardi.
  7. The defense was good. The throw was better. No hands broke this up. You do the math.
  8. Robbie anderson is still garbage. Smith came up with two great grabs on that initial drive. Bakers decision making in the heat of the moment is his intangible. But again, any other supposed top receiver would have caught that deep ball. Highins and smith are both better. Robbie won't get better so i don't wanna hear preseason in this instance. Should have been traded or cut
  9. Vanilla preseason game way to jump to conclusions. Get the mat. Talk to me after September 11
  10. Lets fug up drafting a franchise left tackle by moving them to guard.
  11. Ickey got destroyed on that lucky darnold back foot touchdown
  12. we signed Foreman to get short yardage and goal line situations. We have a valid 1-2 punch. Chubba can close out 4th quarters. Rhule will no doubt mess this up.
  13. the only thing rhule can remember is what slot the fried shrimp are located at the golden corral buffet. probably why we drafted corral.
  14. Til dennis daley is still employed and playing with the ones. The fact bozeman isnt with the ones is enough to fire rhule
  15. Honestly, none of them look great. Baker can make plays happen and Corral looks terrible under pressure. However, Sam Darnold LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME AS HE DID LAST YEAR HOW THE fug IS THIS A QB COMPETITION?
  16. This is why i hate TJ Watt. This just increased my hatred for that franchise. We always play poorly against this team outside of 1996. That game exposed both Ron and our overall franchise for who we were.
  17. Here's the thing. Look at his instinct and quick decision making. Too many times have we had qbs second guess and fug around and take a sack. This is an intangible that can't be taught
  18. either really good or really bad. if it's really bad we'll know almost immediately.
  19. Its playoffs or short leash. If we are 1-5 its mcadoo time. Look at the phillies at how they've turned around since girardi got dumped.
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