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  1. If he wants a trade send him to Houston. That'll make him change his mind
  2. I watch every game very closely and I can't remember any good play by him. Only thing that comes to mind are stone hands
  3. Some of rhules fake punts were questionable. Especially running our 90 lb punter up the middle of 4th and 15
  4. Gives us a better shot at pitts
  5. Take Kyle Pitts or build D. We're going to get a great player at 8
  6. He bought an 11-5 playoff team and they're now a 5-11 dump squad
  7. Dan orlovsky forgets he was terrible in the NFL. He acts like he is a hall of famer
  8. The league set the precedent with Robert kraft getting a slap on the wrist. They can't do anything with Watson here. If anything it helps us get him for less
  9. With a no trade clause on top of it...
  10. Can we move on. He's not getting traded and if he was, it wouldn't be with us
  11. I'll withhold my judgement until I see his pie chart
  12. Maybe everyone whining about beating WFT will be wrong. Us being at 8 gives us more reason to go after Watson. If I'm Houston, cut bait. Start with a clean slate and don't pay a guy 40 mil a year who doesn't want to be there
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