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  1. Because the away team is in afc
  2. How do you pay zeke all that $ and give him 4 carries
  3. If we are anything like last year on D we won't need a PR
  4. Wish he would push it down field more but the ball does seem to have a lot more zip on it compared to teddy 2 gloves
  5. Give him 1 more year. The play calling meltdown in Minnesota last year was the worst I've ever seen
  6. I hope but realistically its not winning only 5 games for 3rd year in a row
  7. Hope he can pass the physical after getting his foot stepped on yesterday
  8. Can the ravens back up kicker stay in charlotte? We'll send someone to get his stuff
  9. Reminds me of rhule calling the fake punt running the 135 lb punter up the middle on 4th and 15
  10. The team has more leverage than robby. Let him earn a new deal whether it be with us or someone else
  11. Baltimore has a kicker behind tucker that's looked good. I hope we give him a look after cuts
  12. If he wants a trade send him to Houston. That'll make him change his mind
  13. I watch every game very closely and I can't remember any good play by him. Only thing that comes to mind are stone hands
  14. Some of rhules fake punts were questionable. Especially running our 90 lb punter up the middle of 4th and 15
  15. Gives us a better shot at pitts
  16. Take Kyle Pitts or build D. We're going to get a great player at 8
  17. He bought an 11-5 playoff team and they're now a 5-11 dump squad
  18. Dan orlovsky forgets he was terrible in the NFL. He acts like he is a hall of famer
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