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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to cancel the auto-renewel on my nfl Sunday ticket
  2. Not saying SC is a power but what beamer did was impressive. Rhule...not so much
  3. Didn't south carolina beat FL and Auburn this season?
  4. This is why rhule went with versatility in free agency over the ability to excel. See guys the process is working... Jay Z would be proud
  5. Luke kuechly knew he didn't want to waste his time associated with the clown rhule so that's why he walked away this year
  6. Not anymore. Put them in your socks and you can walk right in. No more pat downs or checks
  7. How do you not know you can't call 2 TOs in a row and why do you need to call 2 TOs In a row
  8. How do you pay zeke all that $ and give him 4 carries
  9. If we are anything like last year on D we won't need a PR
  10. Wish he would push it down field more but the ball does seem to have a lot more zip on it compared to teddy 2 gloves
  11. Give him 1 more year. The play calling meltdown in Minnesota last year was the worst I've ever seen
  12. I hope but realistically its not winning only 5 games for 3rd year in a row
  13. Hope he can pass the physical after getting his foot stepped on yesterday
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