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  1. I just don’t understand why we couldn’t sign Borregales. Without giving up a draft pick. This team struggles to identify kickers no matter who the coach is.
  2. Hate to be that guy but we were idiots for not draft/signing Jose Borregales. Even worse, he went to Tampa Bay.
  3. You’re very right about this. I’m still obviously traumatized with the events that took place last year. Either way those are the only players I think we will be able to afford. Don’t think we’ll be in the market for high priced free agents. Maybe kick the tires on Shaquill Griffin (Fitts connection) and Jayon Brown.
  4. Kevin Zeitler, Trai Turner, Andrew Norwell, Riley Reiff, John Brown, Jurrell Casey, Lamarcus Joyner (at FS not NCB), Malcolm Butler, AJ Bouye, Carlos Dunlap, Gerald Everett. Basically players who have been cut (with the exception of Everett) who won’t cost us comp picks and probably won’t warrant big contracts. I’m sure I’m still leaving a few out.
  5. F it. Sign both of them if they are cheap. We need all the help. I trust Rhule & co to get the most out of players.
  6. I’d like to give Norwell another go around. I don’t expect all these soon to be released players to get outrageous contracts either. Too many players to be paid with too little money.
  7. Who is this dude? This is hilarious. It is what it is. Bridgewater is just not a good QB. 15TDs in a career year is dreadful. Not to mention he had almost as many INTs. Teddy doesn’t have a clutch gene in his body and he doesn’t own up to anything. Never seen such a below average player blame everyone but himself. He’s delusional. He was never good to begin with. Saints made him into fools gold and unfortunately we bit. Taysum Hill even looks serviceable in that offense. Just move along now.
  8. Ideally I would like to splurge on Moton, Trent Williams and Jayon Brown. A vet CB would be nice too. Then move up in the draft for our future QB.
  9. Didn’t you know that if you don’t hit on 100% of your info, you’re a fraud? Little was a scouting error that many pros do more often than not. But apparently we have many here that just never got the chance to showcase their scouting chops.
  10. Unfortunately it’s probably in our best interest to keep him for this year. Draft Creed Humphrey and Deonte Brown. Pray to the salary cap gods we can somehow fit Trent Williams into our budget for a couple of years.
  11. Love this. Don’t think we’ll be in a position to draft him though. Also love Shaun Wade as a NCB/FS especially if he keeps falling.
  12. CB Fuller DE Dodd Dont thing anyone expected Dodd to fall into the 2nd. I would think he's taken within the first 10 picks. Hopefully there's a run on DT's and we have a chance.
  13. Still a lot of free agents out there that can help us. Chances are they will still be available after the draft. Hopefully Getts can bring a few pieces in. What's the date that free agents can sign but won't count against the cap/contract not guaranteed?
  14. This is looking like a great draft to build up our DL.
  15. Wasn't Cary Williams trash in Philly? As far as Cole, I'd bring him in. We need all the pass rush we can get. Nice stop gap while Ealy keeps developing.
  16. I'd be lying if I said I was comfortable with Oher penciled in as the starter at LT. But, the way things are looking that might be the case. Keep in mind King Dunlap didn't have the best track record either. Many were clamoring to have us sign him this offseason. He turned it around in SD, what's to say Oher couldn't do the same with Carolina?
  17. He's better than anything we had. That's not saying much. Wouldn't mind him on the cheap, though. We need some bodies. Still bitter we didn't draft Wagner. Seems to be doing well in Baltimore.
  18. He also said that the NFL is hard and why would you want a ticking timebomb when asked about character issues. DGB might fit that description.
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