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  1. Cam already said it in that viral video from yesterday, “He’s RICH!”
  2. The blind leading the blind. Ignorance is bliss. As cliché as those two statements are they hold so much truth after reading that article. I can’t wait to see the train wreck that is the Ron-centric model fueled by input from Hurney 3.0 and other castoffs.
  3. Or maybe, just MAYBE, Josh Allen is better than Cam Newton. **Ducks head** don’t kill me!
  4. I also think that Tepper may see things much the way we (as fans) do. After that hit from Watt on Cam in PIT, we all saw the sharp decline he took. Ron, being Ron, refused to adjust and admit what we all saw, and Tepper likely realized as well, Cam’s magic was gone. So, had that hit never happened and Cam continued to play at that MVP type of level, I think Cam may still be here and we’re having different conversations this off-season.
  5. Ugh...I really hope Brian Burns isn’t on the offer to land Watson but with the void left by Watt leaving, they could use a premier edge rusher...
  6. Disagree. The player that screams bust is Trey Lance. Fields is legit and will be a top 5 QB in the NFL before he signs his second contract with us.
  7. Draft QB of the future Keep Teddy Two Yards on the bench. Profit
  8. I’m worried that we may reach for a QB in the draft rather than go after our guy(s) if we can’t find a trade partner.
  9. My sources have been telling me he’s likely going to the Rams. And by sources, I mean NFL insiders I follow on Twitter.
  10. Also, who on our staff will Joe Brady bring with him to ATL? Crazy to think our team has lost so much on offense considering CMC was out all year and Teddy Two Yards was checking down like his shoes were untied. The NFL truly is a mysterious thing...
  11. So, does this mean the Falcons now get an extra draft pick because Terry Fontenot is African-American?
  12. Yikes...wasn’t the same said of Ron Rivera until we hired him and look how that turned out...
  13. (Insert Hurney deal with it GIF here)
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