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  1. No, it's a one year deal, but Fitt said there was talks of extending him. We'll just have to see how the season plays out and how Cam plays.
  2. Draft all the offensive linemen in the next draft.
  3. I’m ok with being 8-1
  4. Straight trash. Except for Moton.
  5. This guy is ruthless but I love it. Another great hire but I can see those rumors about him being a little rough with people being true after viewing this clip.
  6. That video was amazing! And I truly am glad Fitt was the guy hired. Crazy to think that they pretty much got every player they wanted and still managed to come away with extra picks. Fitt working the boards be like:
  7. Being on the west coast, I’m good with that because it’s 10am for me. Nothing like rolling out of bed, turning on the tube, and watching the Panthers while I drink my hangover away.
  8. Live footage of Fitt cleaning up the last of Marty, Ron and Co.
  9. He better not go work with Ron and Co. in Washington.
  10. Maybe they had Mac Jones confused with Zach Wilson and were like “Oof!” Let’s try and make something out of this.
  11. Hoping Fields is there at 8 and we pull the trigger. I swear, people are sleeping on that kid and he’s gonna be a star. I was on the Herbert train last year and that worked out pretty well, so I’m trusting my gut again and rolling with Fields. Either way, this will be the most exciting and entertaining draft in a long time. I got my popcorn ready.
  12. Why did Josh McCown recommend Sam Darnold to Jake Delhomme? That’s some next level prognostication!
  13. Is it too late to hire Doug Pederson to orchestrate our 2021 tank season? Because the chances of us being in the top 5 or top 10 again are gonna be low. I feel bad for CMC, DJ Moore, Brian Burns, Chinn, etc. Way to go Deshaun! You couldn’t just use PornHub like the rest of us?!
  14. I met a guy who’s friends with David Moore at a local bar 2 years ago. He said he’s a hardworking guy looking for a team he can be a permanent fixture for. Hope that’s us.
  15. Brian Burns is SAFE! He will not be traded.
  16. Can confirm with my sources.
  17. Rosenhaus wheeling and dealing with New England. Money day for him.
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