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  1. Cook blew his ACL out his rookie year, since then he’s missed 9 games in 3 years. McCaffrey missed 13 last year with multiple injuries, but none were season ending.. Not sure how this makes one guy injury prone and the other not.
  2. Well I have this username for a reason.... I remember watching that game at Concord Mills in the restaurant beside Jillians (now Dave and Busters) since Jillians was completely packed. People from the mall were piling into watch the game after we were getting loud after every play. When smitty took the TD to the house, all these random strangers watching were hugging, high fiving, just going apeshit. One of the reasons I love sports, brings everybody together. The Jenkins blocked XP I also remember watching at Fox and Hound downtown. Tons of people pissed and groaning after mccar
  3. I can't believe I'm seeing people name Beuerlein, Jake, Rucker, and Minter as "Just A Guy". Pro Bowlers/10 year starters are not part of this. People who named Al Wallace, Tyler Brayton, Nick Goings, Fozzy Whitaker, Philly Brown, Kyle Love, those are good answers. I'd add (at the stage of his career he was in) Jerricho Cotchery. I'll go to grave arguing that was a catch in the Super bowl.
  4. I really hope Mac Jones is the starter by that point, much rather have Burns and company teeing off on a slow footed rookie in the pocket then having to deal with Cam's escapability in what likely will be a low scoring defensive game. Bigger concern is Darnold against a healthy Patriots D - we know how that's gone so far.
  5. "QBs that went to California are busts in the NFL. That's why Aaron Rodgers fell in the draft.." Probably MHS in 2005
  6. How did that work for the Texans? How did it work for the Browns all those years they had Joe Thomas?
  7. If we pass up fields to trade for lock....just no. Can’t even imagine.
  8. I edited a few names in your post to recreate a discussion that was had around here 10 years ago. Only thing you’re missing is the word character concerns for Cam and cerebral for Clausen and you’d have F150 fan Bingo.
  9. Don't forget posting pictures of your calves to "prove that you're not fat" to other team's fans on a message board.
  10. I love the delusional guy that compared him to Kurt Warner (!!). I'd feel sorry for how delusional they are, but am still bitter about how they benefitted from the crooked refs in SB 50. It's going to great knowing that they will have to try to win 4 shootouts next year against Mahomes and Herbert with pop gun Teddy throwing three yard passes.
  11. Man look at the receivers taken ahead of him 8. David Terrell 9. Koren Robinson 15. Rod Gardner (remember when we brought him to be a #2 receiver??) 16. Santana Moss 25. Freddie Mitchell 30. Reggie Wayne 33. Quincy Morgan 36. Chad Johnson/Ochocinco 41. Robert Ferguson 52. Chris Chambers Wayne and Ocho were great, Moss had a good career and Chambers wasn't bad, but the rest...yikes
  12. Mac Jones, just wait until you see a picture of his calves
  13. He tried to convert him to safety
  14. Passing on Randy Moss due to character concerns and drafting Jason Peter instead who couldn’t stay off drugs while he was in the league
  15. So had we won Super Bowl 50, we would be retiring Philly Brown, Jericho Cotchery, Mike Remmers, Michael Oher, etc. But can’t retire Smith, Peppers, etc because they didn’t win? Makes so much sense.
  16. Clearly a different player at 38 years old - hence why he retired in the offseason
  17. I'm not saying that Brady is a game manager, but I am saying that the team was good enough to win with slightly above average QB play. If Brady elected to stay in NE, I think they could have won a title with Philip Rivers.
  18. A lot of people recognized that Tampa had a supremely talented team that was being destroyed by all the short fields that Jameis Winston's turnovers created. It wasn't like Brady elevated a bunch of scrubs to become relevant. They just needed somebody that didn't fug everything up.
  19. That’s a ridiculous take...3 straight division titles, 4 playoff appearances in 5 years including a Super Bowl. How did we do in between broken Jake Delhomme and Cam without a good QB?
  20. Teddy needs a really weak injury like a stiff back in training camp to go on IR. Will Grier comes in to start and kills our defenses will to play and we win no games. We watch Brady and Tampa win another super bowl, he retires, all their stars who took a paycut to play there either retire or get paid somewhere else. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones continue to turn into dust and have terrible contracts crippling the falcons for the future. Taysom Hill plays well enough as a 1 year wonder with an amazing supporting cast to force the saints to keep him at his ridiculous salary before his team falls apa
  21. Welcome to the conversation. You might want to start off by reading my initial post where I asked why someone in the know said the falcons were drafting Justin fields at 4 in this scenario where Jones goes off the board at 3. I asked this because they just restructured Ryan in a way that seemingly ties him to be the starter for the next 2 years. The guy that answered (who wasn’t who i was hoping would answer the question) suggested that it’s because Arthur Blank “has balls”. I have no doubt this guy thinks having truck nuts hanging from his trailer hitch from his F-150 is clever in 2021
  22. The same owner that kept Dan Quinn around 2 years too long?
  23. Why do they think the Falcons take Fields? I thought with Ryan’s restructure they would be more or less committed for 2 years.
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