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  1. Not sure that Burns was on the ground ALL night, but yeh It would be nice to have a dominant LT after almost a decade of trying to replace Gross. Would have to see the financials.
  2. Makes you think maybe letting Bradberry go wasn’t such a bad move. Of course nobody knew then that Shaq would be playing at this level.
  3. This will make Brady utilize others more and players now know they have to step up their game.
  4. Reminds me of when Benjamin got hurt. Everyone claimed our season was over then Cam did what Cam did.
  5. Has definitely proven me wrong. Dude looks nothing like Jets Darnold and is making me think we might’ve got a bargain.
  6. Let’s talk about why you shouldn’t pay rb’s boatloads of money…
  7. Don’t believe for a second that the NFL cares about injuries. Their #1 priority is making as much money as they can, hence the TNF. Pisses me off a little that Tepper felt the need to “pinch pennies” and put his players at a higher risk.
  8. Just what we need, the media saying positive things about us. Going 2-15…
  9. Would’ve been nice to have him on the field but I’m thinking we won’t miss him much.
  10. Rhule has made it a point to upgrade the D since he’s been here, look at the draft and signings. Makes sense that they are ahead of the offense, which I assume will be getting multiple picks in next years draft.
  11. It all starts at the top with the owner. Tepper didn’t buy this team because he had a couple billion sitting around, he bought it because he loves the sport and he wants to win. Everything you see from play on the field to contracts and signings is because of Tepper. Sit back and think for a second what we would be seeing if JR was still around.
  12. Can a team be any luckier than the Panthers have been so far this season? Hopefully we take full advantage, rack up some wins before we hit the gauntlet.
  13. Thought our ST would be better but obviously they aren’t after two weeks. If we could improve this area of the team we would be very hard to beat.
  14. Raise your hand if you were one of the bone heads who declared Snow would suck at the NFL level.
  15. Look at what Snow did while at Baylor; first season they gave up over 30 points a game, third season they were giving up around 16 a game. Dude knows defense.
  16. Sounds pretty fair. Dude has played pretty well in two games, let’s see how he does against better competition and over a long stretch of games.
  17. In what world does Taylor give you that much confidence? And I’m pretty sure most of the civilized world picked the Aints even knowing they would be short players and staff. What will they be saying after we stomp their tails?
  18. Unfortunately for Aints fans Winston will be the same in week 17 that he was in week 2.
  19. Getting some 2015 vibes; ”But they haven’t beaten anyone yet”.
  20. It ain’t rocket science; when you have corners who can press you’re going to hit the qb.
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