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  1. Great idea to put a giant toddler in the same QB room as your rookie. That should end up just freaking peachy.
  2. Browns haven’t won an opener in over 20 years. Rhule will try really hard to end the streak.
  3. Hornets hiring former coach who was fired once before… Tepper take notice
  4. Would like to see him at DC. He could literally tell the defense what is being ran.
  5. Let the Hawks have him, let someone else have G. Roll with Sammy and Matt and let whatever happens happen.
  6. We’re known as the new and best NFL clown show, can’t give up the title by winning games.
  7. It helps when you have a really good coach like we do in Wilks.
  8. He hasn’t played a snap for Texas and we’re talking about tanking for him. This tells you all you need to know about our QB room.
  9. That o-line is 100% better RB could be good if CMC can stay healthy WR can be good if Robby shows up and we get decent QB play I’ve seen better TE line-ups on high school teams D-line, LB are huge concerns secondary could be special ST are much improved
  10. So let’s see; Watson will for sure be suspended week one and Baker more than likely won’t play another snap for them… Betting we will still be underdogs
  11. Can we get a tape measure and check Ickey’s arms? They might not meet Rhule’s high expectations.
  12. Let’s just hope Matt remembers it’s the NFL where defenders will hit someone his size and send him back to the Stone Age.
  13. Too bad we’re going to sign Baker and Matt won’t see the field.
  14. Robbie should take notes.
  15. Not saying much but he’s better than Bayless.
  16. If we do well this season it won’t be because of Rhule it’ll be because we actually have a competent staff around him. Dude is clueless when it comes to football at the NFL level.
  17. So basically what this says is he and his former staff had no clue of how to adjust to what the other team was doing.
  18. I would tell Sam to stick to qb but he sucks at that too.
  19. Not going to take much to improve our KR game. We have sucked there for a while.
  20. Still doesn’t make sense to me why we need another vet qb. Neither Jimmy or Sam will win you more than eight games so why not let Sam and Matt battle it out.
  21. We’ll be looking for a Luke replacement as long as we were looking for a Gross replacement.
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