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  1. People here declaring they don’t want Payton would love him when he started notching W’s.
  2. A lot of people are assuming Stroud will be in the NFL next season but the kid hasn’t even declared yet and only has until Monday to do it… For some reason I can’t copy and paste here.
  3. Maybe she won’t actually be an “evaluator” but will look at things like how do they dress, do they drive a nice car… you know, important stuff.
  4. No way Boze leaves Charlotte. He’s good for the team and the community. Im not to worried about the line. The management finally figured out that it’s pretty important.
  5. Funny he hasn’t been “unlucky” in SF. Makes me wonder if he was giving 100% while here.
  6. I think Wilks sells his ideas on offense and gets the job. We resign Bozeman. Foreman is ok, but he has hands of stone. Sam gets re-signed as well. We give Burns a billion dollars. Shaq and Elflein are cut but we still fail to come close to replacing Luke.
  7. Will be interesting to see which if any of the hot OC guys get invites. Also Demeco from the 9ers.
  8. I don’t know what their contracts look like but I wouldn’t be mad if CJ and Taylor were gone next year, also YGM needs to beat sand as well.
  9. Tepper might not be the brightest guy when it comes to making football decisions but I’m pretty sure he realizes that Sam isn’t the guy to lead this team.
  10. Dude took over a team headed for the #1 pick and turned the season around. I’m not a fan of his conservative approach but I think he could get a really good OC and DC this team could make some noise.
  11. Winning matters to coaches coaching for their jobs and players who actually care. For a lot of fans winning the last game of your season when it means absolutely nothing except that you beat a rival really doesn’t mean much.
  12. I’m sure Tepper is like “yeh, I should’ve hung on to Rhule and enjoyed all the empty seats and ridicule that would’ve came with it. You most definitely are not a business person.
  13. If Wilkes really deserves the job then the interview process will just verify this.
  14. It’s awesome we best a bad team 10-7… shows progress.
  15. I think we should roll with Darnold, Corral and PJ next year. Grab us a DE, LB or TE at 9.
  16. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ncaa-slams-jim-harbaugh-michigan-football-multiple-violations-investigation-report
  17. First off, if I was Ron I would can myself. Second Ron isn’t coming back to Charlotte.
  18. I stopped taking football seriously years ago. I went into today expecting us to lose and that’s what I got. I didn’t get all pumped up and then pissed when we blew yet another double digit lead. Life is short, you don’t know how long you have with people who are special to you.
  19. Not sure how to vote when asked are we going up or down so I voted yes. Losing today was actually what we needed. We didn’t need to win and get roasted by the Cowboys in the first round. If we can get the right guy at HC, OC and DC(yeh I know) and find a DE,TE, CB, QB and safety we’re looking good
  20. Dude didn’t say a star at every spot, he said if HORN had played we win.
  21. The clowns here crying about us losing and missing the playoffs have no freaking clue what Wilks has had to work with this season… the BEST player on the team was traded, he’s working with an OC who wouldn’t have a job anywhere else and a DC who shouldn’t be a DC, plus a starting QB who should be a backup. Let me know who else in the League could work miracles with this team.
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