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  1. He actually played pretty well after Rhule left. I hope he does well in Frisco.
  2. Yeh, you’re right. Tepper should bring back Rhule and his college friends. People who actually know football are very impressed with our staff.
  3. I’m not sure we’ll dominate for five years. The NFL is set up so that everyone is .500 and it’s hard to be consistently good, that’s why very few teams are.
  4. His line last year was dog poo. He had to ad-lib a lot and he’s pretty freaking good at it.
  5. Can we all admit that picking up CJ has been a disappointment and he needs to move on?
  6. Nice to see a corner who isn’t afraid to hit someone in the run game. Will probably end up being a pretty good nickel which ain’t bad for a 5th.
  7. Remember we have cap space available to sign a couple decent FA’s.
  8. We have a staff now that can actually coach players and get them to attain their potential. Let these guys learn the game before calling them bad picks.
  9. Teams aren’t taking QB’s #1 and expecting them to sit for three years. And Fitterer didn’t get Hurst, Chark and Thielen so Dalton would have someone to throw to. It’s called GM bs for a reason
  10. Is he admitting he never took a test while at OSU?
  11. I’m still not sold on Young. There are legit headhunters on every NFL team, their only thought is taking your QB out of the game. How will his body hold up to the constant pounding?
  12. If Levis is taken first tomorrow y’all in Charlotte should riot…
  13. Quite a few people are upset that we gave up DJ and moved up to 1 but don’t know who we want. I’m thinking maybe they’re actually ok with two guys and are trying to get the Texans to move up so they can get back some of what they gave up.
  14. Are we actually releasing him? Didn’t he just get extended last year?
  15. Honestly if we don’t win the South this year there should be serious questions about Franks’ coaching. We are drafting a rookie QB who everyone thinks should flourish under the direction of this staff, we’re making the D better by finally moving Chinn where he belongs and we just added a pretty good TE who should open up the field for any WR targets we add.
  16. I think most of the hate was because we had Boz sitting on the bench who everyone except Rhule knew was a better option.
  17. Not only can he help in the WR room but he can also ease the nerves of whoever we have leading the offense in September…. I’m all in.
  18. Of course there’s a risk he could start, injuries happen all the time. Ask Matt Corral.
  19. All I can say is if this goes sideways Fitty won’t be in a Charlotte much longer. He better know 110% THAT guy is in this draft
  20. People here declaring they don’t want Payton would love him when he started notching W’s.
  21. A lot of people are assuming Stroud will be in the NFL next season but the kid hasn’t even declared yet and only has until Monday to do it… For some reason I can’t copy and paste here.
  22. Maybe she won’t actually be an “evaluator” but will look at things like how do they dress, do they drive a nice car… you know, important stuff.
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