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  1. It’s freaking amazing that this lady gave birth to a kid the size of a squash and we have idiots arguing about the pros and cons of social media.
  2. I think it’s fair to say our defense is closer to being respectable than our pathetic offense.
  3. If Rhule needs to hire a “rockstar” then McAdoo is the guy… add some pounds and longer hair and he looks like Meatloaf…
  4. This search by Rhule is going to be difficult, he knows he needs an upgrade at OC but doesn’t want someone capable of taking his job.
  5. When all this is over we’re going to end up with someone desperate to get an OC gig and won’t care that he’ll be working for a dead man walking.
  6. I think Tepper wants all potential candidates to rub his brass balls.
  7. People are taking the “rockstar” comment out of context. Glazer has used that word multiple times when discussing coaching hires.
  8. They were interested in Sam before seeing him implode in Carolina. No way Shanahan is ok with having Darnold on his roster.
  9. How pissed is everyone going to be when Jones fires McCarthy and we end up with him and Mcadoo
  10. I think it’s obvious he doesn’t give two F’s about the fanbase or he would’ve held a presser already.
  11. Maybe Tepper is letting Rhule bury himself and will fire him after we start 0-5.
  12. Correct. Dude is 10-9 in the playoffs with Favre and Rodgers as his starting qb’s.
  13. Panther fans wouldn’t know what to do with a guy who hasn’t had a losing season in over a decade. But no worries because Rhule is getting his third year, I heard there’s pills on the market to help people deal with this.
  14. That this guy isn’t the right man for the job
  15. We should bring Gettleman back so he can sign a bunch of “mercenaries” to one year deals.
  16. I would say the o-line is just as important as the qb position. Very few elite qb’s would be elite if they played behind the o-line Rhule and Co assembled.
  17. You don’t have to have a great o-line but it has to be significantly better than our current roster. And you have to have a competent coach, GM and talent evaluators.. How many of those three do we have?
  18. It’s hard to assume he would be healthy because he rarely is, but yeh, I think he could put up similar numbers.
  19. I need to find a job where my boss pays me for showing up 25% of the time.
  20. Rhule evidently doesn’t even know much about the one position he has NFL experience in.
  21. First thing we don’t even know if Watson is going to play another game in the NFL. Second thing, if Tepper was serious about wanting Watson he would’ve fired Rhule and went after Flores.
  22. You should do more on WFNZ. Love hearing your back and forth with Mac and Bone.
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