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  1. We only have two QBs on the roster for camp, so while I'm not saying we are drafting one but we are definitely gonna sign one as a UDFA at the very least. That said, I would consider one in the 6th or 7th, definitely.
  2. Traded back with Rams, maybe they were indeed after Newton.
  3. If he declares, I would probably keep an eye on JJ McCarthy in this situation. There would be a good shot at him being there at 33 and if Harbaugh was the Carolina coach, I find it hard believe he wouldn't think long and hard about it
  4. I'm thinking his primary WR, Rome Odunze, if he still there. He was a low 1st/high 2nd a couple weeks ago, but might be moving up based on his play from the last couple weeks.
  5. Let me just say that 99% percent of the time, I'm strongly against one and dones. . . but this is that 1%. I would be totally down with pulling the plug right now. I just don't see how another offseason will make Reich look better. Everyone knows we are a dumpster fire, go ahead and fire Fitterer and Reich. Hire the GM before the end of the season so he can see what we got and need in person, then let him pick the next coach. Some of the top coaching prospects, like Ben Jonson, may duck us, but fug it, Tepper can overpay to compensate.
  6. Gotta say that if Carolina and Burns remains far apart in contract negotiations come the trade deadline, then the front office may need to strongly consider fielding trade offers rather let him go for free or tagging. We need to recoup some capital bad.
  7. The defense is going to keep us in games for the most part, but as long as the offense can't move the fuging ball, they will tire out and this will be the result every game. 17 points off turnovers.
  8. He also specifically mentioned the XFL, so he must have some eyes on certain players and waiting for their season to be over.
  9. 7 open roster spots, that's than usually still open at this point. Probably sign a vet EDGE and a corner, then fill rest after the XFL season and Rookie Minicamp.
  10. Exactly as I said, Baltimore got him lol
  11. He'll probably get drafted in the 7th for this very reason, but if he doesn't, Andrew Vorhees would be a great sign and stash guy. Day 2 talent that tore his ACL during the Combine so his rookie will be a shelf year.
  12. I predict Carolina is gonna sign Camerun Peoples if he doesn't get drafted.
  13. Welp, that's it for us baring a trade back in. Who are some guys you guys think we could target as a UDFA? Looks like we are gonna have a lot. Still 19 projected roster spot to fill to get to 90 for training camp. Probably sign one or two vets, so probably 15 or so UDFAs.
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