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  1. Ironically enough, I don't have the "diamond in the rough" hope but think he has a damn good shot at making the team because we are thin as all hell at edge this season.
  2. Now THAT is what I felt was off about the whole thing. Like Tepper was offscreen with a gun pointed at them telling them to say something nice randomly for no reason. Tepper: "Now mention how awesome we are for the folks at home" Dan: "Is that relevant?" Tepper:
  3. That's not clear at all, that's just your opinion. Rewatching it, to me, it looks like Tepper is running down their list of guys they are targeting that might be available when they pick. That's it. "This guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, or this guy". Then he gives props to Morgan for getting a second rounder back next season. Then he just asks who Morgan likes next on their board, then he asked Tepper's opinion on trading late round picks to move up in the third, then said he wanted to get more picks back. None of that showed Dan clearly searching for approval. It just showed a GM talking to his owner about their board and the situation. To me, it really seems like just searching for reasons to bitch about Tepper. The fact he was even shown is the sin of the video. How dare they remind us he is the Team's owner? And poo, for all I know he was dictating everything behind the scenes and was majorly steering the whole draft, I don't know, but I did not glean that from that two minute snippet you mentioned at all.
  4. Ultimately, I agree with you, they need to let the football people do football stuff and shut the fug up. However what I saw in the video was just that, it didn't scream they were running the show or highly involved like last year where they went to all the pro days and were constantly involved during the draft. It was one or two spoken lines and all were contained in the draft room where all owners are on draft day. At this point I just think the fanbase has collective PTSD whenever Tepper's face is shown, so the instant reaction is: Even when he's just kind of sitting there. Which is fair because he's a gigantic asshole and has run our favorite team into the ground ever since he bought it.
  5. You of all people should, she's the one that wanted CJ
  6. The Panthers Blueprint: Puts out a 43 minute episode about FA and Draft with the Teppers getting 1 minute 30 of collective Screen Time The Huddle: fuging Teppers always getting involved front and center.
  7. That would actually be hilarious. Piss off the most local of the fanbase to move to the college basketball Mecca and sow further disinterest.
  8. That is it 100%. Teddy would throw 25 passes, 23 of which were for under 10 yards then chuck two bombs, completing them both. Bryce threw intermediately far more often, and missed damn near every one of his deep throws. Looking at the actual game by game pass charts you'll see much more intermediate targets from Bryce compared to Teddy. While they average out to similar stats, they played a different style of QB. This is not me saying Bryce was better, just that he is a different kind of QB than Teddy.
  9. I completely agree. Guys like David Carr and Darnold have all the potential in the world but really could have benefited from sitting for a few years.
  10. Dude throws Piss Missles but my god he makes bone headed decisions so often it's infuriating. I'll never forget the first preseason game where he was about to be wrapped up in a sack and he panicked and tried to throw the ball but it ended up going backwards and fumbling. That's when I first thought "Maybe it wasn't all the Jets fault..."
  11. I can appreciate the effort in order to get through long boring meetings. Hope he bounces back and end up being our guy for the long haul. Would love to stop throwing so many resources after a QB year after year.
  12. It's not a good comparison though. Teddy was ultra-hyper conservative and very rarely ever threw the ball past 10 yards ever. When he did it was accurate, but he rarely ever did it. Bryce threw more intermediate passes (10-20 yards) in like 5 games than Teddy did all season for us. Arm Strength is similar but that's about it.
  13. God that was hilarious. There was no way they were going to be punished in any significant way. Would have been hilarious, but wasn't ever going to happen.
  14. We're just an offense, defense, special teams, culture, and owner away from being a competitive team, it's that easy guys.
  15. Sanders sucks and Chuba is on the last year of his contract and has shown to be a mid-tier starting RB at best, best as a RB2. Brooks was their #1 rated RB and they got him in the middle of the 2nd. I liked Benson better personally but It makes sense.
  16. The irony with Fields is that his athleticism is what kept the bears in so many games, he would revert to backyard football and scramble and run and make big plays to keep them competitive, but at the end of the game when the bears absolutely had to throw the ball for a win, his limitations as a passer would be exploited. He has some of the worst end of half/end of game stats of any QB in the league because he isn't a good passer.
  17. He would have been in the exact same situation with us, with even worse coaching. His Athleticism is off the charts, his QB skillset is not great. Dude can't read a field for crap. As bad as Bryce was last year, he still threw for more yards than Fields ever has in a season, and has thrown for as many 300 yard games (1) in one year as fields has in 3... which took until year 3 to do btw. As bad as you think Bryce is as a QB, Fields is even worse.
  18. The fanbase needs to pump the breaks on Sanders. Not only is he a 4th rounder, but a TE at that. The best TEs in the league RARELY show out as rookies, it's one of the hardest positions in football to play. He will need some time to develop, but I like him as a prospect and he was good value in the 4th. Expect more things from him next season and beyond, but I think he will be firmly behind at least Tremble this season, and potentially Thomas (If we keep him) as he is a better blocker.
  19. They are different Bad. As bad as Bryce was, he didn't have a ton of boneheaded "What the fug were you thinking?" throws last year. He was limited physically, but generally didn't throw a ton of abysmally dumb balls. Darnold would throw multiple turnover worthy plays every single game, like he had no idea what he was doing out there. Neither were great, but the former gives me SOME hope that he can get better with a better supporting cast.
  20. So you're saying that CMC isn't OOU? Found Rhule's burner guys.
  21. That's neither on Ickey nor Bryce, that's a coverage sack. There were plenty of examples where he drifted into pressure or didn't move in the right direction, but on this play we sent two men out deep and Max Protected with both TEs and the RB staying back to block. Both receivers were completely covered down the field with zero checkdown options and the pass rush got home. Bryce took a deep drop back due to the PA and to let the receivers get deeper. That was the play design This sack isn't "Clearly on the QB". There were plenty of examples where Bryce drifts in the pocket or bailed toward pressure last season (open up a random clip from the Jags game for examples), but this is not one of them. Blame Frank and his dumbass playcalling/design for sending two slow receivers who don't get open well on deep routes with no other options on this one.
  22. I haven't been able to find that, granted I haven't done a ton of digging, but what I found was his college pressure to sack (P2S) rate was actually on the "green" end of things, 14th best of all the below QBs in college with the 5th best pressure grade:
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