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  1. I'm going to guess 3 to err on the side of caution
  2. Dude spins it right where his receivers need it in order to get YAC. Honestly haven't seen a QB of ours throw with that much zip since early 2016.
  3. The Darnold is leading the ENTIRE NFL in rushing touchdowns in week 3 of the NFL season. Big stuff. Very cool.
  4. Yeah, I never, and I mean NEVER bitch about the refs. This is absolute bullshit though
  5. He is so small in comparison to other DEs. It blows my mind how consistently he gets pressure.
  6. Good morning beautiful fans of GEQBUS - THE DARNOLD! TODAY is GAMEDAY! That's right folks, let me tell you, what an exciting day it is, a BEAUTIFUL day here in the Carolinas. Tonight our WONDERFUL HIGH ENERGY defense is going down to Houston to take on the LOW ENERGY offense of the Houston Texans, and get this, they're starting a rookie QB against our STRONG defense! Terrible decision, just terrible, I feel sorry for that young man, he didn't ask to be put in that situation, it's a real shame. Now the LAMESTREAM MEDIA will tell you that the Texans, they have a chance to beat us, can you believe this? They're saying that, I have sources, many sources, they are telling me that the Texans are confident that they can win this football game. FAKE NEWS! First, why would you even call a football team the Texans? What a boring football team name. They named the team after the people of the GREAT state of Texas, I love the people down there, many great people, but it's a TERRIBLE name for a football team. Now Panthers, that's a GOOD team name full of GOOD people, you can tell because of the name, it's so good, but TEXANS is a BAD NAME. And who is responsible for this SAD low energy team? I'll tell you who, do you want to know? Jack LEASTERBY! He has INFILTRATED the Texans organization and has DESTROYED the once great franchise from within. SAD. He has done such a bad job, just absolutely a terrible job at being a front office guy, the worst, he kicked my good friend JJ Watt out of town, a future Hall of Famer on the once great TEXANS, he's gone! They said BYE BYE to their best player ever! Who would do that? Certainly not the GREAT organization that is the CAROLINA PANTHERS!! Now there are many great people, nice people, good hearted AMERICANS down in Texas, but the city of HOUSTON is full of some BAD HOMBRES that are NOT sending their best to the gridiron tonight. Case in point Deshaun Watson, I call him DIRTY DESHAUN, did you know that? DIRTY DESHAUN, got into a little bit of trouble this offseason... It's true. It's true. DIRTY DESHAUN can't seem to keep his hands to himself. Very bad, very bad hombre there. He's so bad, well he's good at football, but he's a bad person you understand, he's such a bad person they won't let him play! Because of the reasons listed above, and because we have THE GOD EMPEROR QUARTERBACK of the UNITED STATES, I can GUARANTEE a victory tonight against the very SAD Houston TEXANS! The Panthers will score so many points, all of the points really in the game. The score will be so bigly that Texans will tell the refs to STOP THE COUNT! They'll say STOP THE COUNT, you're scoring too much, stop counting so high! BIG WIN for the Panthers tonight. The Darnold LOVE'S you great Carolina Panther FANS, true FANS of the BEST team in the LEAGUE! Game starts at 8:20 tonight, so STAND DOWN and STAND BY for a Panther Victory! MACA Make America Carolina Again
  7. Burns: Snow, you up? Snow: Up inside your mother's guts son.
  8. This isn't going anywhere panther related. To the general forums it goes.
  9. I was actually thinking about this the other day: What is Justin Tucker's value in terms of a draft pick? The Ravens would never trade him, but hypothetically, how high of a pick would you be willing to give up to have an automatic Kicker for the next 7+ years? To me it's at least a 4th rounder, hell, maybe even a 3rd.
  10. I have THE BEST medical team on hand, absolutely wonderful individuals, very smart, they all went to Harvard, top of their class in med school, same as my good friend Sam Darnold actually, The Best team providing me TOP OF THE LINE medicine. They even say I'm healthy as a horse can you believe that? Healthy as a horse they say, and strong as one to boot - they said that, it's also why the new medicine they gave me - they also give to horses. Lot of BUZZ on the internet about this medicine, but normal people shouldn't take it, only HEALTHY HORSES like myself and the GEQBUS SAM DARNOLD.
  11. FAKE NEWS! SHADY BRADY left the AFC East to get AWAY from The Darnold, but we will not Rest until EVERYONE finally understands that the GEQBUS is the GOAT. That is why, and this is a secret, very few people actually know this, but I have it on good authority, that Darnold himself ORCHESTRATED the trade to the Panthers in order, to once and for all, PROVE his superiority to SHADY BRADY. This MVP Race is Sam's to lose because SHADY BRADY is TOO OLD with LOW ENERGY to finish out this season. Do you really trust an MVP candidate as old as Brady to finish the season? He's losing his wits, you can see the decline started last year when he couldn't even count how many DOWNS there were when they LOST on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, such a PRIVILEGE to even play on that stage, and he can't even count to four, it's so easy, one two three four, Look I just did it myself. SAD.
  12. screw you guys, this meme is fuging hilarious
  13. A preemptive Congratulations to Sam Darnold for winning his record breaking 40th consecutive Player of the week award for his MASTERFUL performance against the LASIK LOSER Jameis Winston and SHAMEFUL Sean Peyton, who some say, there are rumors let me tell you, I've heard them, I know you have too - they aren't very good, it's been said by MANY people that he as a little problem with prescription drugs. SAD. Some say the streak of 40 consecutive Player of the Week awards doesn't count because he missed some games due to MONO, but that is FAKE NEWS. Sam won those weeks too! I have evidence, It's true, I do, I have EVIDENCE that Sam in fact WON those POTW awards due to his STELLAR play. He received MANY VOTES throughout the years to receive these prestigious awards on a weekly basis. They say the voting for the POTW isn't over yet, but I say he's already won, and you all do too. GOOFY GOODELL needs to STOP THE COUNT and give Sam his award that he has rightfully EARNED.
  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/the_darnold FAKE NEWS the GEBQUS's greatness has been known for YEARS. There are some people, believe it or not - not very intelligent people by the way - some would say they are stupid, not me, I would never, but SOME PEOPLE, who thought FAKER MAYFIELD was the best QB in that draft, but we all know who the real WINNER is. The Darnold will continue his UNPRECEDENTED two game winning streak on Thursday when we go down to Houston and take out DESEAN the DEVEANT and his LOW ENERGY team.
  15. Mom I want Ricky Proehl. We Have Ricky Proehl at home. Ricky Proehl at home:
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