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  1. Any LT with a pulse in this draft > what's on our roster.
  2. We don't NEED a new stadium. But we're probably going to get one regardless.
  3. Steve Young Ryan Tannehill Rich Gannon Trent Green Aaron Rodgers Terry Bradshaw That was off the top of my head. Do I think he's going to be great? No, not really. But it HAS happened before so there is a chance he could be.
  4. I go camping for one weekend and this happens?
  5. Reasons he might turn it around: He's still super duper young (23 almost 24). Younger than Tannehill was when he was drafted. Gase didn't start screwing up Tannehill until year 4 of his career. Gase got to Darnold year 2. Year 1 in NJ he had a lame duck HC. Darnold didn't have a QB coach with the Jets The Jets, as an organization, are bottom 3 all time in the NFL. Lack of supporting cast around him in NJ Hard working kid that WANTS to improve Has shown he can diagnose defenses pre snap and make adjustments Solid improvisational skills
  6. I say build the line. See if we can't sucker Denver into trading up one spot (if they don't trade up to 4 or 7), attempt to recoup our 2nd next year then draft a tackle. I'm not sold on Darnold but I'm willing to give him a chance. Doing so would involve providing him a great Line to play behind.
  7. GREAT video that breaks down the X's and O's. It's encouraging to hear that he is making the right reads consistently, but his mechanics are failing him from time to time. Can the be coached up and fixed? Darnold is young enough for me to believe that yes it can happen. I'm still tentative about everything and have low expectations but I think it will do Darnold a ton of good to actually have a QB coach instead of a megalomaniac trying to run the entire offense himself.
  8. Agreed, I'm still not sold it's going to work out though. My expectations are so low that I can only be pleasantly surprised, so I have that going for me which is nice.
  9. OK so I did some digging. Some actual advanced metrics for Darnold are not good: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2021/failed-completions-2020 32/36 on failed completion % (one better than Teddy) 35/36 on successful completion % (7 worse than teddy) I really don't think Darnold is the answer guys. I think we're in QB purgatory for at least one more year.
  10. PFO does, I believe, on target throws and adjusted completion percentage based on throws that were catchable but coverage was extremely tight or the WR dropped the ball.
  11. Pros: Not afraid to let it rip. Will throw the ball downfield Good pocket movement SUPER young. Younger than Mayfield, Burrow, Jackson, Allen, and Lock. Same age as Murray, Tua, and Herbert. 3 years NFL Experience where guys his age are just being drafted Strong throwing on the move. Last QB to leave Adam Gase became really, really good. Cons: LOOOOOOOOONG delivery. Kyle Allen has had better stats Has not played a full season yet May have been ruined by Adam Gase Still very raw. No QB coach in NY under Gase because Gase
  12. 6th this year and a 2nd and a 4th in 2022.... Nope, no likey
  13. Wife got her second shot on Tuesday and was out all day Wednesday. She's good now though. I'm looking forward to my second at the end of the month.
  14. Right? That's why The Golden Calf of Bristol, Rex Grossman, Chris Leak, Jason Campbell, AJ McCarron, Johnny Manziel, Jake Fromm, Chad Kelly, Drew Lock, Mitch Trubisky, Dwayne Haskins, Chad Henne, Christian Hackenburg, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and Jarret Stidham are all such studs in the NFL. And guys like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Allen, Justin Herbert, Baker Mayfield, Derek Carr, and Ben Roethlisburger all completely suck because they didn't play in the SEC, ACC, or Big 10.
  15. Yeah that was me. Had an early meeting, didn't want to deal with April fools stuff yesterday, then I got my 5G shot and was feeling tired and fell asleep. Just now saw this thread. It has now been moved. I try to be consistent. No political affiliations related to any of my mod moves.
  16. What is more likely We trade a mid rounder for Darnold or we trade the farm for the #2 pick?
  17. I have the full spectrum of Custom jerseys (blue, black, and white) with my name an '0' on them. Gotten them over the years as birthday presents and I love them. The single 0 looks awesome. 0 is a slept on number and it's not fair.
  18. I just want 0 and or 00 to be able to be worn.
  19. I completely agree. Between the hashes the kid was money, but that's not how NFL offenses are run. You need to be able to hit on the out routes to make it in the NFL, and he showed that he struggles to do that.
  20. Dude struggled once he had to throw further than 10 yards, specifically on out routes. Was not hitting receivers in stride near the sideline the more the session went on.
  21. Sewell/Slater and then Mond in round 2. I can live with that. Especially if Mond Sucks we can give him the Jimmy Clausen treatment in 2022.
  22. Very true, throw was nothing special, however he still made the right read and got it to the right guy. That's where game film comes into play to kind of review if the stats match the tape. Wilson did far more good than bad in the CC game, but it's looked at as THE game against him based on the stats he put up. In that game watching the film, he did fine. Which is why watching the games is important to give the stats context.
  23. OK, so right off the bat, I have to be "That guy" and say stats can lie, and I'm a huge stat head. These are bare bones stats that really don't paint a picture of how well a QB truly did in a game. It's like pointing to the final score of the USA v Belgium World cup match in 2014 and saying Tim Howard allowed two goals, he sucked. For these kind of comparisons you need to do adjusted completion percentages, on target throws, dropped passes by receivers, avg time to throw, etc. etc. Basic completion, attempts, yards, TDs, and INTs don't tell enough of the story of the games. You need more
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