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  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that we are taking a QB at 6.
  2. Honestly, I know it's a "Down Year" for QB but I really would not be surprised to see a few of these guys pop off. Based on the limited tape I have seen, I like all of Pickett, Corral, Strong, and Howell and think they could succeed if they end up in the right situation... Meaning If none of them get drafted by us.
  3. A few things though: a) I doubt he would actually waive his no trade clause for us b) We can't afford his contract c) If we somehow got him and afforded his contract, we wouldn't be able to field a competitive team with him d) He's an accused rapist who has not settled his legal disputes Nothing about trading for Watson makes sense.
  4. Imagine if in baseball the visiting team hits a HR in the top of extras and the home team doesn't get a chance to bat. That's essentially NFL OT rules.
  5. Moore would definitely start. Gilmore as well. CMC if he were healthy. That's about all I've got.
  6. Watson would not fix the poo-ton of issues that Matt Rhule has created for this team. Paying 3 first round picks for him would only hurt us more. We aren't a QB away from being good. We're a QB, OL, and entire coaching staff away.
  7. Well first of all, We have won only 3 division games the past two years, not 4, and none of those wins came against Brady or Brees, so I'd learn to count before you call someone else inbred. 1 win against Jameis and the Saint's second team thanks to covid this year 2 wins against the Falcons who we have split the series with the past two seasons and they are still overall better than us the past two years (11 wins to our 10). 0 Wins against Brees or Brady. Secondly, There are better examples than the Bengals, won't argue that, because we are going into year 3 and year 3 is when the Bengals finally made the post season (Cowboys, Eagles, Bills, Rams, Browns, Titans are all better more recent examples). But again, the Bengals were in better shape entering year 3 than we currently are.
  8. They doubled their win total from year 1 to year 2 (with a tie as well) and lost their rookie franchise QB who showed tons of promise after he was injured in week 10. That's progress and the argument to stick with Taylor made sense because the progress was evident. Our progress is apparently there 1000%, we just can't see it.
  9. Oh my god pleaaaaaaaaaaaase Davis. Please lure Harbaugh to LV. Please. Please? Pretty Please?
  10. I don't agree with you in the slightest but I respect that you actually believe this and seem willing to die on this hill.
  11. I have a week off next week (Taking a week off before I start my new job), I'll start throwing the thread together.
  12. You are one patient dude. Considering the average NFL career is 3 years, you are potentially wasting numerous players entire careers by holding onto a coach after 2 consecutive years of losing.
  13. I have done the deep dive, I can start a thread and show the evidence if need be. Since the year 2000, if a coach misses the playoffs in the first two years and does not improve their record from year one to year two, they do not become a successful coach. Two years is plenty of time to assess if a coach has what it takes to make it in the league as a HC.
  14. Historically speaking, if a coach isn't showing progress in year two as a head coach in terms of wins and loses it is best to cut bait and start over. If wins increase from year 1 to year 2, but the team still misses the playoffs then by all means, dude deserves a year 3. But if a coach actually loses MORE from year 1 to year 2, they generally suck and it's not going to get better in year 3.
  15. 4 straight losing seasons, 3 consecutive seasons with 5 wins, 1 draft pick in the top 100 and limited cap space to address GLARING holes at OT, OGx2, C, FS, MLB, DT, and most importantly QB, a Coach that has been outcoached damn near every game of his career in the NFL, and a RB with the largest contract at his position in NFL history that can't stay healthy... And we are pointing... Up?
  16. Nowhere in my post did I say we would actually be good. I forgot none of what you said. All I said was it was the best move Rhule could have made. We still hard suck bad.
  17. I have no idea what this picture is depicting because there are no years and the only person on this list that McAdoo coached was Beckham.
  18. Listen, I despise Matt Rhule as our coach and want him gone yesterday. But I don't think this hiring is the nail in the coffin that everyone thinks it is. Looking at this move objectively, McAdoo was probably our best available option. He has had success as an OC in NY before he took over head coaching duties where he then became a dumpster fire, but that's all everyone remembers. Compared to the other two guys we brought in to interview twice: Jay Gruden - Average success at best as an OC Scotty Montgomery - Dumpster fire coach that tanked ECU and has done absolutely nothing of note as a professional. McAdoo was good OC, just a terrible HC. There are plenty of Coordinators like that throughout the NFL (Wade Philips, Rex Ryan, Romeo Crennel, Steve Spagnuolo, etc.) and people lose sight of that when it comes to head coaching failures. We have some of the least desirable job openings in the NFL this season thanks to Matt Rhule's lame duck status and potential mid season firing looming. The league's best and brightest weren't really an option this offseason. I was not expecting a move this competent from Matt Rhule if I'm being completely honest. Rhule said he wanted an OC with past success who was also a HC. Based on Rhule's track record I fully expected a 180 and hiring of scottie Montgomery, but McAdoo actually checks the boxes of an OC that Rhule spoke about. Do I ultimately think this will save his job? No. We suck due mainly to the horrible roster management that Rhule has seen to over the past two seasons. If we go into the 2022 season with Darnold we are going to be the consensus choice to get the #1 overall pick in the draft next year. But looking at the situation devoid of emotion, it was probably the best move Rhule could have made.
  19. 2010 had the smallest glimmer of hope thanks to Matt Moore and the slight possibility that maybe Jimmy Clausen would become a franchise QB for years to come.
  20. Honestly me too. Of all the candidates we were interviewing he is probably the most qualified/fit the description of an OC that Rhule wanted.
  21. All Memes aside, McAdoo as an OC really was quite good. He extended Eli's career and took the giants offense from 28th to 13th then to 6th. NY loved him until he turned heel as a HC.
  22. Reflecting on that one more, he's not worth a 3rd in the offseason, he may, however be worth a 3rd mid season before the deadline for a contender looking to replace an injured starter. Really just supply and demand at this point. Realistically, he's a 4th/5th round value in a trade at this moment, but if a team gets desperate enough, it could become a 3rd.
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