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  1. Honestly, I'd rather overpay a DE than a RB. It is not financially beneficial to break the bank on RBs in today's NFL. You pay DEs big money because their production is hard to replace. You can easily replace 80-90% of an All-pro RB's production with rookies and vet journeyman, and pay 1/10th the cost to do so. Sanders' deal is probably the most money I'd be comfortable handing a RB these days.
  2. Remember when Charles Johnson got paid and reset the DE Market? He did pretty well, good enough to almost live up to the contract. I think that Burns is better at this point in his career than Johnson was, and I don't think he'll get a contract that resets the market. He's a pro-bowl Pass Rusher. Those guys get paid regardless of who the team is. If we don't give him a contract, someone else will. He's more valuable to us because we have 0 other proven pass rushers on our team. The cap is also going up each year. I don't blink at these contracts anymore. We actually have a GM/FO that is capable of working the money into future void years, something Hurney and Gettleman were completely incapable of. Pay him a top 5 DE contract this season. Watch that become a top 10 DE contract next offseason. Then watch it become a top 15 contract the next year. By then he still won't even be 30, he'll be 28 and up for a potential extension. We may end up overpaying him, but pass rusher is one of the three positions you overpay for, OT and QB being the other two.
  3. Here's mine: Little Caesar's is the best chain pizza restaurant simply based on the cost/quality. I can get a hot and ready Large pepperoni pizza for $7.40, tax included, on the fly, and it is a perfectly fine pizza. Does it taste better than other chain pizzas? Not necessarily. Are Dominos or Papa Johns twice as good as Little Caesar's? Absolutely not. Domino's Large pepperoni is over $14, Papa John's is over $15. They might be slightly better, but I can get two average tasting Pizzas for the price of one slightly above average pizza from anywhere else making Little Caesar's the Pizza of the people.
  4. I finally read this thread for the first time. There certainly are some spicy takes in here.
  5. Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws baby.
  6. Any snaps that Corral gets this pre-season will be more than he had last pre-season. I hope Corral succeeds one day, but his road to NFL Starter got 10x harder the moment he was drafted under Matt Rhule, and then another 10x harder the moment he got hurt.
  7. Complicated legacy. He did some great things but I don't think he was a great guy based on the long list of women he either assaulted or tried to murder
  8. Ah, so the PFF guys are dumb. That explains it. I just don't see Mingo jumping two players on the depth chart between the vets of Chark, Thielen, and TMJ when all are healthy. I also don't anticipate him jumping over Shenault as the next man up if anyone of the above 3 gets injured.
  9. Me personally, I don't think Mingo sees the field much at all this season. IF (And this is honestly a longshot based on their history) Chark and TMJ are healthy, I see them taking over the 1 and 2 WRs with Thielen as our slot option and main red zone target. We'll have some plays schemed up for Shenault throughout the game to utilize his run after catch abilities, and then there's also Hurst and Sanders getting targets as well. That leaves Mingo, the rookie, on the outskirts with not much to do unless someone gets hurt. Next year if we move on from Chark or TMJ Falls flat, I can see Mingo sliding into the #2 receiver. But if our receivers stay healthy, I don't anticipate him doing much this year.
  10. Looks like Reich is familiar with Jennings, he was on Indy's roster for a bit in 2021. Jennings was on the Texans for a beat and Jackson was doing his thing in the XFL. Stevenson was drafted by Buffalo in 2021 in the 6th round. Scott was drafted by GB in 2020 in the 7th round. Wilson is the first player from Quincy University to get signed to an NFL Roster. He tore his achilies last fall but might have been a late round pick if that hadn't happened. Youngest of the guys we signed. Everyone but Wilson is aged 25/26
  11. This comment is Tommy Maddox erasure and I won't have it.
  12. The NHL Just aired the closing of a 9-1 blowout over the first three goals of an elimination game in the playoffs. Baseball isn't much better. NFL Is just so stupidly ridiculously greedy.
  13. Haven't seen anything and it's been slow news ever since the draft.
  14. I'll expand on this further. @Day1PanthersFan, you're being obtuse if you think Dalton is genuinely believed to be the starter of the team. No one anywhere says that's going to happen. He was brought in to help mentor whatever QB we chose, as well as a proven spot starter in the event said rookie gets hurt or needs some time to get up to the speed of the game in the NFL. He in currently penciled in as the starting QB for semantics reasons. It will not stay that way. Anyone with critical thinking skills realizes and knows this which is why you're being dragged so hard by everyone in this thread.
  15. This was really entertaining and I loved it but you're all also sleeping on the Chargers' Anime Part 2 release video:
  16. For me I think Atlanta is our bigger rival due to the geography and how close we are to each other, but I hate the Saints more, if that makes sense? Either way I'll never get tired of chanting "85 SOUTH" whenever we beat ATL at home.
  17. He's our offensive line's Andy Dalton
  18. From what I remember hearing the past few seasons, Erving is a vocal leader and strong locker room presence that the guys all love. He's not a starter, but he's a solid backup with experience literally everywhere on the line, and great for jumbo packages. I have no issue with this whatsoever.
  19. I'm not writing him in as a starter yet but the fact we have a young guy to develop on the line where Campen is the coach I am 100% behind. Pick one of these dudes every year. Churn the depth. Start the best. Profit.
  20. As completely unhinged as this is, Rippadonn has a fantastic podcasting voice.
  21. I really don't think his situations the past two seasons have done him any favors but he's still probably an average starter at best in the league. Like a tier below Derek Carr at best.
  22. Too much show boating on that first one. Go run laps.
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