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  1. What's sad is we have taken 6 DL over the past 4 drafts, 2 being first rounders(burns and Brown), and it's still an issue.
  2. Everyone bitching about that play saying robbie should have caught it or baker made the wrong read - That Safety made one HELL of a play covering over half the field in the time it took the ball to get to the receiver. I don't really blame anyone for that other than the Safety. Sometimes good plays are just beat by Great plays.
  3. Dear Santa, Please let Matt Rhule be the complete opposite of what he is perceived to be as he puts together a winning team this year. Hugs and kisses, Amen
  4. Honestly, how many "live" reps did he actually get at TC? It had to be around 20, the fewest of all the QBs.
  5. Dude took like 20 "live" reps total in camp and it showed.
  6. OP was a bit harsh, there is a chance he can develop, but he wasn't going through progressions and making throws last night so Vrabel pulled him.
  7. My biggest issue with Willis was his indecisiveness to pull the trigger when guys were college open, let alone NFL open. He had to see them open to throw at them. Tons of missed opportunities left on the field with him. Good guy, great athlete, never wanted him.
  8. I am one of the most down on this franchise posters on this board right now. Nah, We will beat the Cardinals. We are still exacting our revenge after they masacred our boy Jake back in the playoffs of 09. At the very WORST, we will be 1-16, with that one win coming against the Cardinals. It is known.
  9. I hope he turns it around but a lot of that seems like some hot air. Reminds me of the "They wanted it more" argument Cuban got in it with Skip Bayless. At this level, everyone wants to win, it's the preparation and execution that matter more.
  10. Hurney Backups weren't even JAGs man, half of them were out of the league before their rookie contracts were up. And it's a little disingenuous to call guys like Norwell, Turner, Short, Lotulelei, Oher, Harper, Tillman, Coleman, and Cotchery JAGs. All were good to great that season and major contributors to the team that season.
  11. Hurney drafted the stars, I won't argue that, but it was not his team that he built. Hurney Teams were always top heavy with a STEEP drop off from the starters to the backups. Gettleman's teams, while stacked with Hurney's super stars in Cam, Luke, Olsen, and TD also had better, more competent depth and a less severe decline from first string to second string. Teams with no depth rarely succeed, hence why Hurney Teams only had 3 winning seasons in 15 years as GM. 3/5 > 3/15
  12. It was mainly injuries that did it. Everyone on the line got hurt at one point or another that year, we were on third string tackles, centers, and fourth string guards most of the season, and let's not forget 2016 is the year that Cam hurt his shoulder and never returned to form. We were back in the playoffs the next season once we were able to field a line that had actual NFL level talent on it, but then all of our WRs got hurt/weren't very good (Gettleman gets some blame for this) and that cost us the playoff game against the saints. 18 was When Hurney had control again and that's when the wheels started falling completely off and Cam's shoulder got reaggravated and. Like it or not, Gettleman has probably been the team's best GM even if it's not saying much.
  13. I saw Roquan requested a trade and wondered to myself what it would take to grab him. He's a second team all-pro on a one year deal and looking to cash in. If we had a 3rd I'd couple that with Robbie for him. Don't know if I'd part with a 1st or even 2nd since he is only a one year rental potentially. I don't think it's in the cards to get him.
  14. I think our ceiling is an 11 win team. I also think our floor is a 3 win team. Based on recent past performances, current trends, and the strength of schedule, I'd put us closer to 3 than 11 though.
  15. There was an article about him on the main site last week: https://www.panthers.com/news/c-j-saunders-keeps-earning-notice-making-plays Good read. Apparently he was Mr. Athlete in his hometown and played multiple sports in HS and all of them very well. His biggest issue was he got injured his senior year at OSU so he never really got a shot, but he's crazy athletic, just not the fastest.
  16. That makes complete sense. Didn't even think of that thanks to the horrible vertical cropping.
  17. He had to blow by somebody to do that, who was it?
  18. Is it just me or does Baker seem to elevate the 2's when he plays with them? Like even if he's getting second team reps he's still making the plays.
  19. Do I need to pick up CJ Saunders as a sleeper in my fantasy leagues? He's getting all the 1st team reps as the slot guy that aren't going to TMJ and Higgins.
  20. I think you're confusing that one with the guy that talked crap to Matt Corral and Brian Burns stepped in.
  21. Smitty should get in eventually. There's a Logjam at Receiver though, wouldn't surprise me if it takes him a bit. Peppers will get in 1st ballot. Top 5 in sacks all time. Luke should get in eventually, if not first ballot. Megatron got in 1st ballot and Luke was just as dominant at his position for about the same amount of time. Olsen and Cam won't get in. Olsen is in the hall of very good. He was constantly overshadowed by other great TEs of his generation (Gronk, Gates, Kelce, etc.), even though he himself was really good. Cam won't get in. Wheels fell off too early. We ran that sports car like an SUV and ruined any shot at long term success with all the injuries.
  22. Also, draft Tucker at all costs. I'm not even joking, dude is one of my favorite fantasy players due to his consistent Flex value output as a kicker.
  23. Didn't realize the injuries Dallas was dealing with. That changes a ton for me personally then: Waddle Williams Lamb Probably the best bang for your buck
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