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  1. Sounds like a prison sentence.
  2. Him loafing his way downfield and letting Darnold get crushed vs Atlanta through his complete lack of awareness is burned into my brain.
  3. Sorry, but giving up 30 or more is a defensive failure. Offensive woes don't help, for sure, but it doesn't matter if games were 'blowouts' or not.
  4. New England rolled Carolina, Atlanta put up 29, Minnesota 34, and Washington marched up and down all day. They were not great.
  5. With respect to fostering on-field results, which is all I'm speaking to, Richardson was what he was. There was 20+ years of data showing that his vision couldn't even net consecutive winning seasons. Getting new ownership was an opportunity to change that, for the better or worse. Tepper's on-field outcome has sucked worse, but at least perhaps still has a chance to grow and evolve. Since owners rarely change, that's a sliver more hope than with Jerry. The short of it is that, of only the two, I guess Tepper. Kind of like asking if someone would prefer to lose a finger or a toe at this point though. And you?
  6. I have no firsthand knowledge and therefore no opinion in this area, but please feel free to share yours.
  7. I'm not the one asking stupid questions when it's abundantly clear what was meant by the first comment. And pointing out that, to date, Tepper objectively sucks at fostering on-field success does not equate to preferring Richardson.
  8. It's not hindsight though. Ignoring them not squibbing, Hill and Kelce are the go-tos and KC could use the middle of the field. Rush 3, jam those 2, and play inside-leverage zones from there. Buffalo's decisions after the TD were just head-scratching.
  9. Can you, and contrast that to what Richardson did/didn't do before him?
  10. I was shocked they didn't jam/man up Kelce and Hill on at least that last pass play and leave the rest in zone. Like where the hell else did they think the ball was going to go?
  11. I think that's understating the playmaking ability of guys like Hill but yes, no question that an elite QB makes a world of difference. This game doesn't happen without both of those guys. Reid may have unlocked Mahomes but I don't know how you say that given all of the plays that Mahomes has singlehandedly create over the years. If anything he's an example of what elite talent in an undeveloped package can accomplish with proper coaching, much like Allen in Buffalo.
  12. Everything that Matt Rhule is not.
  13. Exactly. There is no solid, universally-recognjzable (we just can't see it...) on-field-based evidence to give hope based on what Rhule has displayed the past 2 seasons. After 2020 there was at least the benefit of the doubt, but the clown doubled and tripled down on BS to ultimately produce a season that was worse than before. Anything is possible, for sure. At this point though many folks are just tired of the BS and see through the nonsense. Rhule is, to date, a hack and Tepper doesn't seem much better. Hope for the best, expect the real.
  14. Can't blame him in the slightest.
  15. Anyone here that didn't want Stafford... lol.
  16. Neither of them do, but unfortunately one of them will.
  17. Even took him like 6 tries to tuck his mouthpiece into his facemask.
  18. From a couple of days ago... I laughed
  19. Thought he showed plenty of ability and promise, like a more dynamic Jeff King; quality blocker, reliable hands, just finds ways to get open. Hopefully whoever runs the show next can maximize his blocking and receiving talents
  20. If the objective truly is winning then keeping Rhule for money reasons is looking like a major 'penny wise, pound foolish' approach if the money is indeed a bug factor. Plus, it's no one's fault but Tepper's for giving that contract in the first place. If the money is indeed a large factor he should swallow the bitter pill, cut the sunk cost, and move on.
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