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  1. It's been 5 seasons. He's exactly the player that he gets credit for on this forum, a very good, sometimes great, but inconsistent pass rusher who consistently overruns, is not strong against the run, and doesn't make splash/game-impacting plays. He is not in that elite tier he wants to be paid like, but his rushing ability is also well above JAG status. $30MM average is silly, $23-25MM is ideal if still feeling like a lot, the $27MM reported number was more than fair.
  2. The most legendary incompletion in the histroy of the Carolina Panthers.
  3. The Rams made an offer that Carolina couldn't refuse, and yet they somehow did. It was all downhill from there.
  4. He had a brief sophomore slump (I don't really blame anyone for getting sick of Rhule's bullcrap) but was never terrible - that's nonsense. Fair to say that people questioned taking him at 10 but that was aproduct of how he was utilized, as he always showed flashes. No question though that this year put him in much better position to shine.
  5. When there is something to look to, sure. At the moment though it's all deja vu.
  6. He was also an active participant in the misinformation campaign around the attempted Kansas abortion ban back in 2022. One thing to have an opinion/support a position, another to spout the inaccurate bullshit that group was putting out there in an attempt to overturn the choice.
  7. Agreed. I get that KC has been winning a lot and Mahomes/Kelce overload has been real this year but it's not like we haven't been getting facefulls of Shanahan/SF hype for years now as well. The real misfortune was Detroit shooting themselves in the foot and handing the NFCCG to SF.
  8. Always enjoyed watching Foster. Had some other great runs that year as well, like the ones vs the Colts in this video.
  9. All teams should absolutely take a flyer on a late-round QB if they think the value is there. Those picks are dart throws anyway and what better score than to find a quality QB, even if just as a backup, that late in the draft.
  10. Yup, being a game manager doesn't mean can't ever make plays, it means they struggle to overcome stellar defenses and can't elevate the team around them to meet defensive challenges. Mahomes does it year in and year out. Please. I'm sure they'll address it between them, and you could tell after the game that Reid wasn't pleased, but it's not like Kelce went Kevin Greene (RIP) on him. There is absolutely zero chance that he gets sent off the Super Bowl field for anything short of physical assault. Reid has been coaching Kelce for 10 years now - they're basically family at this point.
  11. Defintiely more talented on offense but on defense I think SF's names are perhaps bigger, but the Chiefs were just as good, if not even better, all season. Mahomes ultimately has the ability to overcome star defenses in many cases, while Purdy perhaps does not. Shanhan also shot the team in the foot yet again and gave away a winnable game. Overall comes down to Mahomes, with a weapon like Kelce, being able to elevate the overall offense and overcome the defensive challenge with the chips down vs SF's gassed defense.
  12. Yup, how 'bout him and that Niners D.
  13. Tons of fireworks going off here in KC. Love it.
  14. Oh absolutely. I'm just talking about the rule and how they say they apply it.
  15. Going to the ground is going to the ground. Dude wasn't staying on his feet after that catch. By the letter of the rule, it's not a catch.
  16. Yes, it should have been by the letter of the rule and application all year.
  17. SF's defense is playing stellar football right now. Great defensive struggle overall, with SF winning the card so far.
  18. That was Kelce complaining about coming out. Had nothing to do with Wilks.
  19. Was just saying this exact thing to my son
  20. Inject the good defense straight into my veins. Love it.
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