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  1. Burns isn't being double-teamed much and certainly isn't making a $30M impact but saying he's done absolutely nothing is hyperbole. He's been doing what he's always done.
  2. Peyton threw a lot of picks but absolutely passed the eye test, throwing for 3700 yds and 26 TDs in that late-90s run-first period that hadn't died out quite yet. The rookie season is very young but Bryce is nowhere in that ballpark yet.
  3. Young is absolutley a big part of Carolina's offensive issues at the moment, but that doesn't mean he can't and/or won't get better. It's not a coincidence that the team looked more competent, or at least less incompetent, as soon as he was out. Again though, he's only one problem among many and there is plenty of runway for him to improve.
  4. Both guards are hurt and they went from a power-type offense to a zone-stretch, plus Sanders isn't that explosive. I think the guard play is the biggest factor though.
  5. No one is moving any goalposts. Wholesale overhaul of a team with new schemes, a rookie QB, and new skill position players is a near-guaranteed recipe for some struggle. Last year became irrelevant as soon as they went a different direction with Wilks and even moreso once they went all-in on a rookie QB, trading away the best receiver in the process.
  6. That was always a nonsensical take since the concern was on the failures of execution and the awful 'eye-test'. That doesn't lie.
  7. Well Luvu went out and things fell apart but Burns was (sort of) playing all game, though taken out on early/running downs for at least the second half, so I guess it helps shed light on who the more impactful player is.
  8. That hit was entirely unnecessary. I hate dumb celebrations too but that's not what was happening there IMO.
  9. Seen that flag thrown many, many times. Unfortunate to not throw it here on that contact as much as I sympathize with the defenders.
  10. My god, the Seattle slop lives even after Wilson is gone.
  11. This is pathetic but God damn do I hate Seattle and that 12th man bullcrap.
  12. The official is visibly trying not to laugh at this point.
  13. I get it, but the pick is done - it's a sunk cost. The argument about FO ineptitude may be valid but is a different one. For now the capital is gone, Bryce is on the team, and if sitting him for a bit improves him as a player then that's the best long-term course of action.
  14. I saw him getting body-slammed on Seattle's rushing TD, and he ran Geno out of bounds at one point. Otherwise though yeah, pretty invisible.
  15. Eh, the pick is spent at this point and if he needs a bit of seasoning then that's just the reality. Pretty clear that Bryce's play is a weakness right now, though that doesn't mean it will be forever.
  16. A fitting question from someone named PleaseCutStewart.
  17. Would be a great time for a purported $30MM a year player to appear and make a splash play in this close game.
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