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  1. Because it's the star QB. Same old story forever. They want nobody jumping to judge their guy but will call numerous others whores at the same
  2. Come one, use your brain. That goes literally nothing to refute any claims. It's PR
  3. Yeah. Was going to say he's not been too accurate in the past so I don't put a ton of stock in his predictions now.
  4. If you have 39 and counting female massage therapists there is no doubt you are a creep.
  5. That's as relevant as finding a list of people who haven't been murdered. It means zero to those who are victims.
  6. I wouldn't say we lost him. We opened the door and took off the leash. I'll never forget everyone whining ti play Elder more then when he got some play because of injury whining about playing him
  7. I see we are back to wanting long slow developing downfield routes everyone hated a few years ago.
  8. I can't imagine anyone cares either other than equipment managers.
  9. He doesn't seem much like either Newton or Vick. A taller more athletic Russell Wilson seems closer.
  10. The 18 vouchers are about as relevant as listing 18 people not murdered by a homicide suspect.
  11. You have zero access to any of the evidence that may exist so how could you possibly know?
  12. There aren't enough massage therapist in Charlotte to satisfy his fetishes.
  13. Tunsil didn't command 4 firsts. The assets they acquired for him plus others can be linked to 4 firsts.
  14. They aren't alleging physical harm. They are alleging sexial harassment. Unless I missed where some have alleged being beaten.
  15. I don't understand trading for Minshew.
  16. Game manager means a player who truly understands the game mentality. They can have varying skill sets and abilities.
  17. They'd get death threats from internet dudes.
  18. There doesn't seem to be one single thing to suggest Lance is ahead of Fields. Not career, not competition, not arm, not pro days, not measurable nothing. The whole thing has been why the most recent pro day will be the second qb taken. I expect this cycle to continue until the draft. It all seems so crazy that nothing will surprise me. It's a perpetual hype machine. 24 hrs 7 days a week of qb speculation makes people nuts.
  19. Poor Shocker. This stuff been going over your head going on 20 years now.
  20. Holy overreaction to a flyer on a practice squad player
  21. New contracts will be elevated by the cap being inflated by the extra game. I don't believe it will be a drastic difference relatively
  22. The idea of Lance going ahead of Fields is as weird as Jones being the second qb taken. I look forward to this draft being over just to see how silly or correct these predictions are. Half of me thinks this is the media wagging the dog of a captured audience.
  23. https://unfilteredaccess.com/2020/02/11/the-rpo-revolution-and-how-it-put-andy-reid-in-the-super-bowl/ Is Felds the anti Mahomes? Is Mahomes Bridgewater? Finkle is Einhorn?
  24. Because it wasn't thinking outside the box.
  25. One thing is for sure. There's a lot of judgment made regarding the rpo without understanding what it is.
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