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  1. The RPO isn't gimmicky. It's quite mainstream.
  2. Minshews arm strength is regularly referred to as substandard for the NFL. Being slightly more aggressive than Bridgewater is not something you trade for. I don't have much concern we would ever do this though.
  3. There's no way most of the qbs are better than 32 guys in the first round.
  4. Clemson is known under Elliott as a heavy RPO scheme. Brady learned under one of the notable names associated with the concept in Joe Moorehead. He's one of the higher profile faces of the RPO now and was hired at LSU specifically for it. This seems a result of the OC and play calling then anything. If your OC is a prominent proponent of the RPO then you it might behoove you to look at QBs with a proficiency and experience with it.
  5. Look at the peanut gallery of dudes who live every hour on a message board making fun of actual football players.
  6. They famously didn't tank in how they won and gave up the 1st pick.
  7. They have a ten already. They can just keep him as a dirt cheap competent backup.
  8. They must read the huddle and threads about trading for John Wolford.
  9. It refreshing to see someone here with a cerebral vs emotional chaos contribution.
  10. In case you didn't know this, the point is not to suck. I'm not sure why you are constantly wanting your team to lose. It's a really awkward desire.
  11. I notice everyone throwing tantrums but I'm pretty happy we haven't yet thrown 3 fuging firsts to acquire one.
  12. The obsession with this qb draft class is getting preposterous.
  13. I'd put Luke at QB in the SB. Maybe he doesn't fumble the game away and it's within the realm of possibility he could equal 44% passing. . The defense was the only thing keeping that game close.
  14. Yeah, this coupled with him trying to force his way out of his new contract already doesn't give me great feelings about his character. Though again, it's just my hunch not a verdict.
  15. I tend to think he's not innocent. I don't dish out legally binding judgements though.
  16. Just skip the entire judicial process and dish out punishment is a hell of a take. You aren't making a lick of sense.
  17. Except Mike Mamula actually produced at BC. He had 12 sacks as a Junior playing OLB and 17 sacks as a senior playing DE. This guy had zero this year.
  18. That's taking it a bit far. That's what the trial(s) determine.
  19. I don't believe any of these numbers are accurate though.
  20. At that weight he better be a pass rushing machine but he's not. 6' 250lbs, maybe he should try running back with those measurables?
  21. Looks to be a phenomenal athlete with little production.
  22. Cue the internet dude's who think they Newsflash for you. He knows more about it than you or anybody else here.
  23. Certainly not an awful place to start from given where we were
  24. Regardless, just don't expect a sincere response for any issues you bring up with management. The individual is judged not the situation.
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