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  1. Good lord, 6 starters. Wouldn't that be a record?
  2. I did the ABC's in my head and was thinking B++ to A- based off your grades. I was going to ask what your overall grade was and fortunately I panned down enough to catch this post. I have been busy today and far from being done being busy. I read this board pretty much everyday but rarely post. Verge, I just wanted to say thank you for what you bring to this board, it's much appreciated.
  3. Over/under on the number of rails Micheal irving has done?
  4. So we pick up Sam's 5th year option? I'm excited for the next couple of years.
  5. Damn Mac Jones has some hotties in his circle.
  6. With the 69th pick da houston texans select dushaunta wad-n-ya Jenna Jameson. I hope y'all enjoy that ass!!!....
  7. Holy poo that pick nearly crashed the site. We needed cb. I hope he turns out to be the best pick 8 down.
  8. Commercial leading into a trade down? I hope
  9. Trade down now. I say yes. fug you dumbriot!
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