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  1. I have to assume that anyone who doesn't love this trade really was hoping we would get Drake. Otherwise it's a no brainier for the Panthers. I am very surprised anyone seeing this as a plus for Chicago. I believe Chicago did well but not nearly as well as I would have expected as far as the haul in return.
  2. If we hadn't gotten the shaft at the end of the Cleveland game...
  3. I have been completely out of the loop. I have wondered why we have not seen Hubbard. What is the story there, if you know?
  4. If this dude plays to his potential our secondary is going to be a bright spot.
  5. Ate Ribeyes for dinner. My family and myself went to Nags Head Pier to watch the fireworks. Pretty kickass day!
  6. From my understanding the cartels in Mexico are buying the precursors from China. The cartels then have their own cooks that know how to make the fentanyl from the precursors. Pretty much all of it is done exactly that way from those sources and it's then pushed across the border.
  7. They cut it with Fenty because there is so much fentanyl around, it is really cheap, the user will generally enjoy the high much more, fentanyl is super addictive, gets the customers to come back and back and back. Of course, if it doesn't kill them.
  8. I believe I would have asked the dude wearing the trt to put something else on...
  9. You can tell who is a Carolina fan and who isn't. Personally, if the Panthers are going to draft a QB, I would prefer Howell over all other qbs in this draft. A trade down, pick up Howell and the best OL player available with the picked up draft selection. Yes please.
  10. Thanks to both teams for giving us a good game and a cap off to possibly the best playoffs ever. Not even close?
  11. Laughing at the clown posting earlier in this thread about how they were given this game to burrow and the bangles. Good lord there's some absolute idiots that post on this board at times.
  12. Apple sucks. Good to eat but suck playing football
  13. Wow. NFL doing their best to give this to the Rams
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