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  1. word is he had to make this apology or he would not get his participation trophy.
  2. After just reading the op, of course. Ignorant to think otherwise. All this Teddy, for sure isn't going to be our qb next year, OK...
  3. I believe Hurts will be their qb next year and there after. I guess, we will see....
  4. I know slim chance, but if the qbs are gone and he there when we pick, it would be a dream coming true. My personal opinion, qb situation aside, I would take Sewell over everyone not named Trevor. Eta. ^beat me to it.
  5. Having Remmers lining up on the other side of the ball loses championships.
  6. At Bellycheat? Yeah, I would be.
  7. Oh and f you TB fans and poo suckers. Never seen so many guys who enjoy looking at another boy's ass, I mean chin.
  8. I still could not find what the hell you guys were talking about with someone running out on to the field. Wasn't shown on my feed...?
  9. Only doing what he does best
  10. Nope they already did their part
  11. Wow of course not no pi in the end zone.
  12. Of course not. And f dook*
  13. I would quit, as well, if I knew it was a lost cause
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