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  1. Let's be honest, if he does come back to the NFL he is going to have much better options then have to offer. That said we have pieces, but we have the 2 hardest positions to fill/fix; QB & oline.
  2. Get rid of Sam and get rid of Rhule, both are in over their heads. Stringing this out for another year is absolutely ignorant. Cut our losses now, not next year!
  3. I personally thought we were fing up shipping 2 gloves off. Not sure if it was Rhule or Tepper, but my guess is that it was Tepper that basically made that call and it has set this organization back a couple years. Pretty much just a total s*** show from the owner all the way to the coaching staff just my personal opinion. Go ahead and blast away.
  4. I would guess Cam will play today. That might not be a good thing though, because that would mean PJ stunk it up
  5. D-Jack has been burning them b!+chest all game. Finally he gets the ball.
  6. I agree with Sam not playing, that said I feel like the 1st string oline should play a quarter this week. That being said I think it's a good decision not to play either. There is going to be bumps in the road, just please no injuries and by the end of the first month we need to be clicking.
  7. Of all the message boards that I am on, I have never blocked anyone. Although, there has been a few who I would have really enjoyed giving or at least trying to give an aditude adjustment. But I don't fault anyone for having enough and block someone.
  8. I believe 100% Julio knew horse teeth was on air. They have a delay. You really think that they didn't have the go ahead from Julio? No way!
  9. Just reading the op. Laughing... I would counter Sam Donald as our 1st around draft pick and we got Horn in the 1st, while only having 1 1st round pick. Let's see what Rhule and Brady can do in a couple of years before we judge. Gase seems to have not been the best coach. Hell, Lawrence is going to need a couple of years before being judged. Off with the clickbait.
  10. Good lord, 6 starters. Wouldn't that be a record?
  11. I did the ABC's in my head and was thinking B++ to A- based off your grades. I was going to ask what your overall grade was and fortunately I panned down enough to catch this post. I have been busy today and far from being done being busy. I read this board pretty much everyday but rarely post. Verge, I just wanted to say thank you for what you bring to this board, it's much appreciated.
  12. Over/under on the number of rails Micheal irving has done?
  13. So we pick up Sam's 5th year option? I'm excited for the next couple of years.
  14. With the 69th pick da houston texans select dushaunta wad-n-ya Jenna Jameson. I hope y'all enjoy that ass!!!....
  15. Holy poo that pick nearly crashed the site. We needed cb. I hope he turns out to be the best pick 8 down.
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