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  1. Pretty much anybody that was very good was going to get run into the ground.
  2. Brought to you by the Department of Excess Redundancy Department.
  3. If he does that, he'll be fired......with real ammunition.
  4. The depth chart is sobering. We are remarkably thin in spots. And then there is Chinn at FS again. Oh well, it is a TC depth chart. We'll see how it changes and how players move themselves up and down.
  5. You appear to be new here. Just wait, it won't even be in the top five by the end of the day!
  6. Mills probably walked by Danny Boy's office late one night when he was transferring money from the Foreskins account to his personal Cayman Islands account, through several other accounts. Fearing Mills knew too much, he had to go. That would qualify as a philosophical difference.
  7. Let us old guys alone. We can remember full well who we played. There were the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Texans, Baltimore Colts, Houston Oilers, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Cardinals (or were they still in Chicago), and Cleveland Rams. Now get off my lawn.
  8. I saw that report out of the Dallas camp on Grier, too. Grier stunk here, but in fairness to him, he was drafted because he had potential to develop behind Cam. Bad timing, as the guy who wanted him was gone after his first year, because of the way that year went there was next to zero development (seats were too hot), and the staff that came in behind him had no interest. Who knows, maybe he becomes a solid #2 over time. But it wasn't going to happen here once Turner left. The possibility that he could develop into a serviceable backup places him ahead of Walker. Walker's only chance is to latch onto a team willing to run the wishbone.
  9. We do have some cases on this board. I was not a fan of trading for Mayfield, but at what we gave the Browns to get him and the amount of his contract we are paying, it is hard to argue. Bad movie, but a classic line none the less.
  10. Why is it I have this sinking feeling he will be on here screaming when Mayfield spikes the ball after a first down to stop the clock on some drive late in a half? "ThaT wAS A hORribLE tHRoW!!!"
  11. Turnover ratio has stood the test of time far back as I can remember. Every now and then a team will win a big game where they blew the turnover ratio, but overall, that is the exception. One can argue that the Hail Mary interception at the end of a half does not impact anything other than the stat, but the rest usually hurt one way or another. I hate to bring this up, but if the turnover numbers from a certain Superb Owl we would like to forget were changed from 2-4 to even 2-2, the outcome would have likely been different.
  12. My bet is what is in the barrels is really Log Cabin. Darnold for two barrels of high fructose corn syrup, and we pay his salary plus the shipping on the syrup.
  13. Like most numbers, the devil is in the details that are often not captured without digging deeper. As you said, if a team is tied or down by 1 or 2 and the defense forces a turnover or the special teams sets up the offense on the opponent 30, the offense either runs (literally) 3 plays or runs the clock down to :04 and the kicker seals the deal, that is a GWD. It probably shouldn't be, because all the offense did was not turn the ball over, but it is. If the same thing happens and the offense gets the ball on the opponents 45 and needs simply a first down and to not turn the ball over, that is a GWD equal to Joe Montana starting on his own 8 with 3:20 left in SB 23, down by 3, and completing a TD pass with :34 left to win the game. GWD is a good starting point, but blindly taking the numbers as gospel does not exactly tell the whole story. They are not all created equal.
  14. We'll see, but it doesn't look good. I've been watching professional football since 1969, and I can't think of a coaching staff that looked as lost as ours did last year. I can think of two or three that WERE just as lost, but they were not paralyzed. Instead they usually tried to fix the problem, albeit generally stupidly (Schiano comes to mind, McDaniel in Denver). The coaches that I have seen lose teams were not with those same organizations the following year. Rhule resurrecting himself might just be a first in all those years. I can even think of a couple that probably never had the respect of the teams to begin with, like Barry Switzer in Dallas.
  15. I've had to caution people about trying to compare anything the Cleveland Browns do with the QB position using any sort of logic or coherent rationale. Had Tom Brady been drafted by the Cleveland Browns, he'd probably be celebrating 20 years as an insurance agent by now. The Browns are not alone, but they are in the class that defies reason.
  16. I've read speculation that he does not want to be seen as a fool for signing Rhule to a huge contract and then have to send him packing almost immediately. The problem is whether he sends him packing after this year (assuming the status quo results are maintained) or he hangs onto him for another season or two has no impact on whether he looks like a fool around the league. And, as many have said, with the Urban Meyer debacle still as a point of comparison, the amount of a fool he could look like is limited. But who knows with Tepper? He has shown a reluctance to pull the trigger on others who had clearly run their course (Rivera) or never had a course to run (Hurney). The old saying adapted for the NFL years ago is "patience is a virtue, just don't wait too long." I doubt that it is Chicago Bears syndrome. Historically any coach that had time left on his contract was safe. The McCaskeys never saw any point in paying more than one coach at a time.
  17. Me either. It is not like JPP or equivalent is going to be the guy that, at the end of the year we say "wow, he sure pushed us over the top!" This team has to prove it can crawl before it walks, let alone runs. I'm not in favor of guys who are far enough down their career that they might get us to crawl or even walk, but then won't be around for a shot at running. It would be different if we were a borderline playoff team last year and acquired some guys who had us realistically believing 11-12 wins was in the cards, and another vet could elevate that a game or two more. That is not where we are at.
  18. This place won't like it, but 7-10 most likely gets us into year 4 of Rhule. The extra two wins can come simply by having NFL-experienced coaches, with Rhule being a non-factor. I look at it this way: Aside from him being completely lost last year, he is making upwards of $9M a year to be an NFL coach. Hoodie makes $12.5M. Carroll makes $11M last year. McVay is somewhere between $15M and $18M, I read. Rhule makes more than Andy Reid ($8M). He is about on a par with John Harbaugh. Other than in pay, he has shown no other reason to be included on that list. It is not Rhule's fault some combination of Tepper and Hurney backed up the Brinks' truck, but when you agree to a job that pays you at the top of the tree in your career, the expectation is to be one of the top of the tree. Simply being an object to be worked around or a motivational speaker who contributes next to nothing in the actual coaching process is not enough.
  19. Not exactly. Well, some are but to them we cite the old saying that the number one cause of disappointment is unrealistic expectations. For the rest of us, the problem is the fact that he was clueless about why they were losing in year two, and looked completely lost as to what to do about it. His only response was trying to claim "the process was working" we just could not see it, when the team was less competitive than in year one just compounded the problem. I, for one, was not expecting playoffs or even .500 in year two, but I was expecting progress. What we got was regression, nearly across the board. Either the bulk of the players regressed or there is a problem common to most of them. People can work under the assumption he is going to suddenly extract his head from his backside this year if they want to, and I hope he does. But what we see thus far is that he has an incredible knack at the NFL level for the reverse-Midas touch. He still acts and sounds like a college coach, coaching late-teens college kids.
  20. Implying anything Rhule does is somehow similar to what Hoodie does, or why he does it, is probably a felony in at least 37 states.
  21. The short answer is yes, it can happen. The longer answer is that there are a lot of IFs that have to work out in our favor for it to have a chance. Among them: IF we have “even year Mayfield” in 2022 and he has recovered from his injuries, IF CMC stays healthy, even if his workload is reduced, IF the OL is played in their positions of strength and gels to become average or better, IF the DL is able to not be a mere object to be pushed aside or run past, IF the offense takes care of the ball and does not put the defense in situations that can't help but result in points, especially often enough that they inevitably result in a lot of points, IF our third year talent recovers from the overall sophomore slump of last year (and is put into positions to succeed by the coaching staff), IF the front 7 can cause some sense of urgency in opposing QBs, IF the WRs put up decent numbers as a group (partially a function of the QB), IF the TEs become something more than decoration, IF the secondary and LBs create some turnover and avoids giving up huge plays in critical situations, IF Rhule either transforms into an NFL HC or stays out of the way of the NFL coaches, IF the NFL coaches can step up their game, IF the coaches collectively do not look like deer in the headlights when things get tough, taking the team with them, IF the defense, in general, can develop an identity, IF the offense can sustain a few drives and answer an opponents’ drives by staying on the field, IF the special teams can, at a minimum, avoid being a liability. It is a list that can apply to any team, but some of those IFs are of higher concern for us given last year. I think are margin for the number of those things that have to work out in our favor is higher than most. It does not take a lot to make the playoffs anymore, especially in a division where two of our opponents are either in complete rebuild mode or melting down slowly, and the third rests on the continued good health of a 45-year-old QB. But, we have our own demons to exorcise.
  22. I agree, but in Rhule's eyes, he has to have Darnold prove why he should still have his scholoarship......oh, wait, we don't have those in the NFL?!?
  23. I agree, I don't think it is possible to top that debacle. If you were going to hire or dig up the greatest football and organizational minds in history and task them to create a debacle that simply could not be outdone, with all their genius they could not approach Urban Meyer.
  24. If the history of this team has taught us nothing else, this is the lesson that should stick out.
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