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  1. That conjures us the saying, "Three Stooges, no waiting."
  2. The frustration with Gano was due to a couple of things. I think people turned on him when he nailed the upright after the first drive of the second half in that dreaded game against Denver. Of course, the fact that one of the end rushers was very offsides and it was not called didn't help, but I don't know if he actually saw that. The second was his contract. Shaq, meet Graham. Graham, Shaq.
  3. I hate it when teams pull off the throttle when they get inside the 35 late in a close game. Sure, they may be in FG range, but 50+ yarders are not something I would want to put my hopes on. Even when a FG will be the difference, the goal should be to break the 20. When you break the 20, the goal should be to have the kicker lining up for a PAT, if there is time. Don't be stupid, but don't quit, either. A lot can go wrong with a kick.
  4. As to the original question, am I concerned about the position, the answer is yes. Part of that is still shell shock from watching out LB corps not perform well the last two seasons (Whitehead was a void last year and our flirtation with the 3-4 the prior year and a DL that could not protect the LBs). Am I shaking my head as much as I did late last year? No. Whitehead became addition by subtraction. Shaq looked better as the year progressed, as did the rest of the defense. I think he also was dragged down some by playing next to Whitehead. I think this could well be the weak spo
  5. I'm somewhere between category 1 and 2. I am optimistic, but I am also patient with this process. We spent years with a front office believing we were only one or two players away. We would go out and sign one or two players (or more), but not get over the hump. Meanwhile, we got farther away as time went on and the roster eroded, due to bad evaluations on draft day. We also had a bad habit of awarding contracts based on past performance and not expected future results. Breaking that cycle, purging the roster of overpaid, under-performing, and aging pieces who were past their pri
  6. We had a GM convinced he was good at finding diamonds in the rough when he couldn't tell the difference between the Hope diamond and a lump of coal, picking players for a coach that ordered his depth chart by seniority, so even if the lumps of coal had been diamonds, they would not have played, anyway.
  7. A lot of teams script the first 15 or so plays for a reason. Call it a reconnaissance mission. See what works, how the defense is reacting, what your own offense needs to adjust to, and what may be exploited later. Since we didn't care how the defense reacted, had no intention of adjusting, and no interest in finding out what they are doing that could be exploited later (because that might mean doing something different), there was no point. Our approach on offense was not radically different from what the Broncos did two years earlier, and we saw how that worked. You know, when John F
  8. Teams have two weeks to prepare for the Superb Owl. What exactly did our coaching staff do with that time? We know what they didn’t do. Our strategy (or stragedy)? Von Miller, no problem. Demarcus Ware, no worries. No need for gadget plays or misdirection, we have Cam. No need to have somebody help the OL, especially against Miller. Do they not know who we are? To your point, the Broncos had the #1 defense by yards allowed and yards per play. They were fourth in points allowed. As good as our defense was, statistically they were slightly better in most categories. That’s no
  9. What are you talking about??? We once had Mike Shu........never mind.
  10. I was fully expecting somebody to knock the snot out of him. If it was somebody on the opposing team, I am pretty sure nobody on the Bucs would have done anything to stop it. If it had been somebody on the Bucs, I don't think anybody else on the Bucs would have seen anything. Heck, if it had been one of the officials nobody would have cared. The guy was an embarrassment on every level.
  11. I think the concern was that a seldom-used helmet would not conform to the shape of the players' heads as much as one they wore almost constantly. There is some rationale to that, I just don't know enough to know how much.
  12. He really doesn't need to, and it shows a level of maturity that he recognizes that. Almost everybody, from the players to the Jets' receptionist have pretty much said it all. All that remains is for the receptionist to add that despite the fact he had his own parking spot, he regularly parked on the line and took up two!
  13. Oh my, I forgot about Kiffin. There is a reason McDaniels has not gotten another NFL HC job. The Broncos should have fired him about 30 days after they hired him, and before he had even taken the field (gameday or practice) as an NFL HC. We are assembling a real "Hall of Shame" here.
  14. No discussion of horrible NFL HC's can be complete without Greg Schiano. Guy didn't even know the friggin rules. He was one-and-done, at least. Or Mr. Dunkin Donuts 2015, Jim Tomsula. In fairness, he was hired because the 49ers couldn't get anyone else to take the job. And he looked like it. But it wasn't his fault he was hired, and he may not have even asked for the job! Add Mike Patricia to that list, too. And Pat Shurmur. They made Rivera and Fox look like Lombardi and Tom Landry.
  15. I have AdBlock Plus installed on my browser, and it allowed me to block it (right clicked on the picture and selected Block Element). I've done that with a couple of those pictures over time.
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