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  1. I'm not sure it was the loss as much as his reaction afterwards. That is what sticks with me. The receiver didn't fight hard enough (defender simply undercut it and beat him to the spot), it was a great call (clearly not, for a number of reasons), etc, etc. You can't be a hot commodity as a HC and blame everybody else for failures. Rivera got by with it, but his market after Carolina may have been limited to where he wound up. His blame sessions were not nearly as nationally aired as Bevell's. Add the fact that Bevell's continued for weeks or even months later and never changed did
  2. I don't get some of the venom, either. It's not like the guy started World War 47 here and then left or was sent packing. If you want that, hire Josh McDaniels. Somebody asked about Beville. He is the guy who called the infamous pass from the Pats 1 against their goal line defense in the Seahawks' loss in the Super Bowl. A bad play call is one thing, and it happens. His rationale was curious, as there were less than 30 seconds left, and he decided against the run because he became obsessed with ensuring they had three more cracks at getting it in and leaving Brady with no time left.
  3. Two of our "dogter" Matilda (Tilly, aka the Wild Animal). She's an American Bulldog-American Staffordshire mix.
  4. I'm the same way. No Twitter, no Facebook, nothing at all like that. I have a LinkedIn account, but all but about five of my contacts are professional in nature (people that work in my field, most of whom I have worked with at one time or another). If I hear from them, it is related to the industry or they are looking to move on in their career. Anyone I want to stay in touch with has my email address and probably my phone number. If the don't, there is probably a reason.
  5. I don't get it, either. That type of QB is going to throw interceptions. They are also going to complete some passes nobody else would try. Jameis' big problem at the end in Tampa was he got put into an offensive scheme that invites QB's to throw interceptions. Only Arians could put a guy whose style and history suggest he is prone to throwing interceptions, into a system that will more likely than not increase the opportunities for interceptions, and then be upset when he throws more interceptions. They were saying Sunday during the Saints game that Payton is really high on Jam
  6. Exactly. See Brett Favre. He threw away several playoff games with the "I can make that throw" moments. It is just the nature of the beast.
  7. They are very different styles of QB. You nailed it, Mayfield is a gunslinger.
  8. It didn't happen a lot last night, but two I remember late in the game were easy to miss. He made one throw on an out pattern which didn't go for a ton of yards, but it was a long throw and he put it right in the receiver's hands. The second was the "almost TD pass" that was (correctly) overturned on replay. That was a great throw, a great (almost) catch, and a great play by the defender to get his hand in there at the last second to prevent the receiver from securing the ball. He had a couple that he put too much mustard on when a touch pass was called for, but he will figure tha
  9. And to make matters worse, the one time Roseman was pushed aside, it was for Chip Kelly. You have to wonder if Moe, Larry, and Curley are calling the shots in Philly.
  10. From what I saw last night, Jones certainly did not hurt his draft position and Fields didn't do much to help his. I also think that Fields didn't substantially hurt himself either. Between last night and the Clemson game, he probably winds up right about exactly where he started before those games. I am assuming Jones is not our #1 target for QB. If all of our choices ahead of him are gone at #8, Sewell, Surtain, and possibly Parsons are gone, maybe we look to trade down. I looked at that with the draft value chart last night. Believe it or not, our best options might be Jackson
  11. So, should we divvy up the duties between Khan and Patrick Stewart?
  12. Funny you say that, I was thinking the exact same thing when I was comparing him to Jones.
  13. The irony of "Danny Boy" is that I do believe he wants the team to succeed. He was a big Foreskins fan when he bought the team, being a DC-area native. What he has proven in 20+ years is he has no idea how to build an organization (or allow it to function) to do that, and he will meddle at the worst possible times. Contrast that with Jones, who should know how to succeed because he did it out of the chute, but then his ego prevents him from recreating anything approaching that success. What they have in common is their respective fans do not expect to hit pay dirt while either of t
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