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  1. What I noticed was not his feet, but his concentration. He continued to look downfield as he was evading the pressure. So, he used his mobility to buy time for the receivers to get open. At least in the two situations shown he looked golden. I'm assuming those are just a random sampling of the norm, because staying with the pass and buying time are learned.......unless they are not.
  2. Arizona State did a major renovation on Sun Devil Stadium a few years back. If you look at various pictures, they pretty much razed and rebuilt the stadium in two or three sections until what resulted was basically a new stadium that looked similar to the old one, in the same location. The problem with just renovating is the original structure may not support it (I read somewhere that Lambeau has gone about as far as the underlying structure will support), and even if it does, expanding things like restrooms and concession areas is not easy in an existing structure. Renovating takes time and will either require the team to play at least one season outside of its home stadium and maybe outside of its home market, depending on where the nearest stadium is that can provide enough seating and good enough facilities. The Bears had to play 2002 in the University of Illinois stadium 140 miles away while Soldier Field was being rebuilt. I doubt that it is much cheaper (assuming they are not building something like the Jones Palace to the Excess). Whenever something is renovated, problems are always found that delay things and add cost. St. Louis essentially did a hybrid approach when they tore down Busch Stadium and built the new baseball park. They built the new one on a piece of land adjoining the old one (was parking garages, I think). They were able to build about 2/3rds of it without tearing down the old stadium. After the 2005 baseball season ended, they took down the old stadium and finished the new one. That reduced the risk that the new stadium would not be ready for opening day 2006 (although it was still not complete).
  3. Geez, Juan, he looks like a bridge troll in that picture.
  4. I think we should offer a fifth round pick... To Seattle if they trade for Mayfield. It would be worth it to end this chatter and perhaps to save us from ourselves.
  5. I was afraid I was missing the obvious one due to reading the last page of the book first! That's what I get for trying to be on this forum while I am on a Zoom meeting. I have to get my priorities straight and say screw the Zoom meetings at work!
  6. And the amazing thing is many here have all those talents. I could get run over by a beer truck and find somebody here who can treat my injuries, sue the beer truck operator, and pass a law limiting beer trucks to slower speeds with one visit!
  7. Damn is a good word for it. 55 is still younger than I am, which always causes me to take a breath.
  8. Congress will do the second best thing it can do: nothing. It won't be because they determine they can't really do anything, it will be because they are busying trying to find something else to make themselves look more effective than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.....trying in vain, incidentally. On the incidentally note, the worst thing the could do is something, because history tells us they would create three new problems for every one they tackle, and then eff up the one they tackle. And, of course, if they wanted to do anything they would have to fend off the lobbying from the NSA. In this case, it is the lobbying group of which Snyder is a member: Narcissist's Society of America. And we all know one of the myriad of things Congress can't do effectively is fend off lobbying. So, there is all that.
  9. I signed one recently because the agency is researching a new technology (that does not work), they are coming to the conclusion that its performance is not up to what is required, but somebody in the hundreds associated with this mess has been running back to the vendor, who prefers to lobby Congress rather than improve their technology (and I am not sure they can improve their technology). The NDA was designed to stop that blabbing. Will it? Probably not. I'm sure employees and contractors that work in the Supreme Court are all under NDA's, too. The example you gave is the texbook example. Closely guarded company "secrets" or research into new products and services are generally the target. We hear more about NDAs associated with settlements of court cases (or avoidance of them), but those between employers and employees/contractors are far more common, I would think. And in those cases, the company could actually point to harm by the disclosure, rather than "I could go to prison for something I probably should have gone to prison for, anyway."
  10. On the scale of narcissim, JR was single-A or rookie ball compared to Danny boy. From day one of his ownership, Snyder appeared to think he was the smartest guy in the room of owners, with the possible exception of Jerry Jones who he sucked up to. What he fails to realize is that the being the smartest guy in the room has very little relationship to who gets what they want or comes out on top in a group like the NFL owners. Foreskin fans will probably throw a three-day parade if he is forced out.
  11. Wow. My heart goes out to his family. He was far too young for this.
  12. So, you are optimistic that he is right? Or, as Curley said, "I'm a little negative about the positive, but I am positive about the negative."
  13. I'm prepared for another rendition of the Keystone Kops. I grew up watching the Cardinals when they were in St. Louis, so losing is not a new concept for me. I have an advantage of most of you, since the Panthers are not on our Sunday schedule much out here and I don't have enough appreciation for the NFL anymore to pay to make more games available. If they are on, I will watch them. I don't watch many non-Panthers games.
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