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  1. There were rumors circulating approaching the draft that they were in the Sewell sweepstakes despite their urgent need for WRs. Little is not exactly Sewell. As active as the Dolphins were in moving around in the first round, watch them trade Little to the Foreskins and you-know-who for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  2. Is there any truth the rumor that the actual deal was Miami's 7th rounder for Greg Little and the negatives Fitt has on Chris Grier?
  3. I have one person on my ignore list, and that is because struggling through their posts trying to determine if there is something worthwhile (whether I agree with it or not) is not worth the effort. The pearls of wisdom are so rare the whole exercise is a waste of time. One day, that person will post something like an accurate prediction of the winning lottery numbers and only then will I kick myself.
  4. Jameis Winston will be our backup. After all, how can the Saints resist picking up the Golden Calf to play behind or alongside Taysom Hill? No doubt, Payton is thinking of the possibilities here. Line them both up in a split backfield, decide who will take the snap based on a hot read, and watch them go. It's perfect, right up until one of them decides to throw the football.
  5. It was clearly done because the Jags realize they are holding him back. A humanitarian move really, allowing him to sign with another team before things are too locked down. It really couldn't be anything else..........
  6. If it plays out that way, it would reduce our list of needs considerably. We would go from needing to fill up to 4 OL slots to maybe 2. I just hope it plays out that way, and somebody else cements themself into one of the other slots.
  7. It was, especially when they needed WRs and Smith was still on the board. Maybe they didn't like Smith, but OL wasn't regarded as their second need, either. By most accounts, what OL help they needed was on the RIGHT side, so they did the obvious thing and drafted a LT.
  8. Somehow, we managed to get out of the mode that WR was our first, second, and third need heading in the offseason. Being able to graduate from that to seeing the position as one of our strengths is refreshing. I still have nightmares about a 50-yard pass being launched to a wide-open Ginn who had run past the coverage, the ball hits him right in the hands.....and then the official picks it up off the ground after signaling incomplete.
  9. Yeah, Olsen was extremely important because at WR we had.......well, and then we had.......and then there was.....
  10. I agree with that 100%. I was reading this thinking "patience, Grasshopper." I don't have any idea if he will make it or not, but he's been in the NFL all of about three or four weeks, and it is da Bears.
  11. That's more or less where I am. I am pretty confident in the DL, too. I'm originally from Missouri, so the OL needs to "show me" before I will accept the idea they have improved enough.
  12. I've accepted the fact I won't have that context or level of insight. Then again, I am 1,800 miles away and in a market with no NFL team and exposed to one I have a soft spot for, one I don't care about, and one I loathe (Arizona, Denver, and Dallas in that order).
  13. There was also not a lot of player movement since free agency did not exist. Training camps were composed of last year's roster, draft choices, undrafted rookies (there were 12 rounds to the draft back then), and whoever was released by somebody else. Free agents were people released by their former team, not marquee players whose contract ran out. Not a lot of churn from year to year. Unless the starters from last year were bad enough or old enough to be in jeopardy of being replaced by rookies or cast-offs, or the draft choices were able to bump a starter, coaches pretty much knew their starting lineups before camp ever started barring injury or great surprise. You're right, the process was spending a couple of weeks getting everybody in shape, then some jockeying to remain on the roster while the starters gradually prepared for the season, and then one last, short gasp for those competing for the last roster spots to secure them. I'm not pining for those days, just saying that was how teams approached getting ready. Now, we have a similar process, except the preparation follows the last gasp and mostly happens in September, after the games count.
  14. Preseason games are basically meaningless in terms of how starters are going to perform. It wasn’t always that way, but it has been that way for along time now. Almost every team approaches the preseason with one goal: to get their starters a little game time without getting them hurt. The second half of that is not optional. It is not about the starters. Preseason has become an audition for the second-string backups who are not entrenched and those below them. Nothing more. That is why September games are almost painful to watch in terms of the quality of play on the field. In the dark ages, preseason games were about gradually getting the starters ready, but the risk of that is getting them hurt in the process. That’s just the way it is, and while I’d rather see a better product early, I understand it. As for those complaining about Darnold and using this to bolster their belief he is trash, nobody cares. We are going to know sometime in the 2021 season whether he is bad, decent, or good (I don’t expect great) based on actual results and trends that actually count. I have no idea where he is going to fall on that spectrum, I hope for the best and hope I ultimately feel foolish for dismissing great. I share the concerns about the OL, largely because I have been conditioned to have those concerns based on most of the last decade. I’d like to see some focus on that sometime in my lifetime. But, I would have almost certainly picked Slater at 8 or tried to trade down a few notches to pick him and pocket something else of value, if that was possible. That shows my bias toward that unit and its importance. I’m still lamenting being one pick away from Sewell. Darnold’s snap to release time last year was about a quarter of a second more than Teddy’s, so either that is going to have to change (and it might) or our OL is going to have to hold more of its own. Still, it is year two of a near-complete overhaul. If somehow this group is an incremental improvement over last year’s OL, that is progress. But, I hold a grudge against he Lions for not picking the WR they needed at #7.
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