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  1. I would fix the O-Line and leave no stone unturned to get a UPGRADE at QB!
  2. Rhule handpicked Teddy and Darnold
  3. Teams figured us out early on and our coaching staff still doesn't know how to make adjustments in game!
  4. I was wondering the same thing where the heck is David Tepper and we deserve to hear from him!
  5. IMO im starting to think there may be a power struggle and disconnect with Rhule and Fitterer!
  6. Jay Glazer has some real good sources he said Joe Judge wasn't safe and pow he's gone and said Rhule had to find a rockstar OC or his job wasn't safe! Who knows what will happen i hope like heck we send Rhule packing ASAP but IMO were gonna keep him for a year 3!
  7. CMAC22

    Sam lol

    We have 4 years of evidence with Sam he is who he is a garbage Qb!
  8. All final roster and personnel decisions need to be given to Fitterer and Dan Morgan!
  9. We have 4 years of evidence with Sam he is who he is a trash QB and not a long term starter! All power and final decisions on roster and personnel needs to be stripped from Rhule and given to Fitty and Dan Morgan!
  10. Fans have every right to voice to displeasure towards the team, coaches, and ownership who paid there hard earned money to see a good product on the field!
  11. I think we should do BOTH we need draft Capital!
  12. the national sports media at espn and nfl network that i could remember loved Ron in Carolina and never talked about his weaknesses and flawa as a head coach!
  13. Cam Jordan will have a bottle of wine in a backpack for Rhule along with pencils, crayons, ruler etc lol! #SendRhuleBacktoSchool
  14. Hey Tepper neither were the other NFL owners happy about the contract you gave Rhule!
  15. I spend way more time watching Florida Gators football if Rhule comes back and tries to sell Tepper and us fans yet again on Darnold!
  16. David Tepper should tell and force Rhule to make major staff changes if he wants to remian the head coach and if he doesn't then send him packing!
  17. I wouldn't be surprised by that! I also wondered if we would tag and trade Haason Reddick for more capital?
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