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  1. I am glad to see on here this morning that everyone is not upset that we are not tanking. I am sick of hearing that. Just win
  2. That was a hell of a defensive game
  3. The Tepper's don't know crap about football. If they would have left it alone,we would have won division.
  4. Very true. They don't like that rough stuff.
  5. I have to wait and see. We need players. I am not going to pretend that I know what to do. Like some people in charge,that think they are the experts. I do know what I like. Physical football,that teams hate to play and can get a 4th and 1.
  6. That's funny! But sad that he could hardly f..k it up more.
  7. If you do take the job, buy something with wheels to live in.
  8. Totally agree! And don't ask why we are mad on here. Now, my blood pressure is up.
  9. We are pissed. I don't like firing coaches every year and we finished the season with NOT BEING ABLE TO SCORE A POINT. And we are going to make Chicago a good team. I hope everyone is pissed and play with a big chip on our shoulder.
  10. Who do you blame for being the worst team in football and Chicago getting the first pick?
  11. I would like to be optimistic and don't want to be the drag. I just want football people in charge again. It's just killing me that a guy with 20 billion and his wife have taken over. But, your right. I will try and get back on board at some point and be ready for next season. I really just want good football.
  12. I dream of three wins
  13. Negative Nelly says "We are going to see more drinks fly"
  14. We are going to s..k as long as Mr. And Mrs T are around and it's even going to be hard for me to be happy when we win any games. The little flick of the wrist, with the water,showed me all I needed to know. And coach Wilks saying he really didn't like him. I have come to the conclusion that we were bought by the wrong person and he will have to move them. No one is going to support them.
  15. If Nicole has a good feeling about it, then I want worry
  16. Owners throwing drinks and you have to stream a playoff game. A little upset but I'll get over it
  17. I don't think this is a good idea. What if he throws beer? It might start something.
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