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  1. Keep Wilks, tear up the carpet and put mud down and play physical. People would hate to have to play us. We would have had a proud football team from Charlotte. And stop trying to reinvent the game. I also think we would be 2-0.
  2. I agree. We had a Charlotte guy and played really tough. Made all the tankers mad. If we really wanted to be like Pittsburgh,we were on the right track. We have looked different this year (softer). Very painful to watch this. I just don't see how it gets turned around. The fan base can not take more and I understand the negativity.
  3. That's great for him to say. It's painful for me. I have been a long time Vikings fan and love Panthers fan too. 0-6 . I am over it though. Still love them! But, I thought we got out coached that game and knew it the first drive. Sometimes you have to grab opportunity by the throat.
  4. It's getting close to really talking about football. I can feel it
  5. That's a good prediction. We will see.... No one has really turned it around there yet.
  6. He better hope that he doesn't suck at Nebraska
  7. Very Happy Easter! Probably, one of my favorite holidays.
  8. Glad I stayed home to watch this paint dry.
  9. Tank? Football is not for tankers
  10. I don't know about you guys,but I have a good feeling about this hire. NOT!!
  11. Yep, I want to win the freaking division!
  12. This is too close. Someone start a tanker thread.
  13. The best plan is to tank about six years in a row.
  14. Even before this, I can hardly watch a game because of penalties on every play and on stuff that had nothing to do with the play itself. I have noticed that SEC games are better to watch. They really just let the games play out. VERY pissed!
  15. These guys must have been taken by the body snatchers.
  16. Yep, don't want to be around losers.
  17. Sorry, lock the locker room doors.
  18. We can pay someone to lock the locker room doo
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