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  1. We're running different concepts guys. It's not strictly personnel.
  2. Wait, y'all don't want to cut Chuba anymore? I thought we didn't like him because the Coach's wife wanted him and he had bad hands and can't run effectively. The huddle crazy and I love it.
  3. I was never onboard with him. Just sounds like we wanted an advanced game manager who could sometimes make off platform throws. that doesn’t scream no 1 pick to me when you have some freaks available. I’m off until I see him string some games together because as it stands we’re going to have to bring in another QB next year.
  4. Looks like we’re going to have to overpay for a vet QB smdh
  5. No point in singling out miles. Team isn’t good.
  6. He just hasn’t been good. Looks like a kid playing with the adults. it’s cute, but he needs to grow up fast.
  7. Crazy seeing CMC dominate the league and then DJ Moore having his coming out party. The team is ran like poo. We're literally wasting generational talents. Part of the reason I don't want to trade Burns is because I know what's going to happen when we do. Sorry, it's just so frustrating. I'm a die hard fan and it's been a long 5 years since we were just relevant.
  8. He's been bad from.day one. I can't think of one good thing he's don't
  9. The huddle told me DJ Moore isn't a no 1 receiver.
  10. I’m so tired of these discussions. The no 1 overall pick is supposed to elevate their team. They’re not supposed to be dependent on their team being perfect to offset their flaws.
  11. Glad to see folks seeing the light on Mr in on every deal.
  12. Pay the man what he’s worth and let’s keep it moving. I don’t understand the desire some fans have with continuing to try and play real gm every year when all it’s done is take this time from a QB and WR away from being a contender to being 0-3 after trading all our talent away.
  13. No surprise the guy who was rumored to want Tomlin out in Pit is no good at evaluating HCs.
  14. Dudes convinced themselves the physical tools don't matter. Ran this whole campaign about Stroud being too stupid to play QB. Oh well. Deal with it.
  15. Fitterer would have traded burns then gave up those three picks for Bryce and we’d still be right here
  16. This team is already a mess. I hope this is t a Fields scenario all over again.
  17. The forum goes as the team goes. If we're playing well it's positive. When we're not it's negative. I've never understood the desire by some folks to tone police everything. It's a message board after all. If everyone were just wait and see we really wouldn't be talking about anything at all.
  18. If Luvu, chinn, brown, and burns all have great seasons then we can pick and choose who we’d like to trade. sadly, I I’m afraid to give Fitt more draft picks before he might just throw them away.
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