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  1. 100%. They should've signed a vet like Tyrod Taylor or someone similar to be they day 1 starter and told Caleb to grow up sit down and watch how a professional QB plays and acts for the first 8-10 weeks of the season. It would've helped checked his ego and set him up so much better for the long term.
  2. I hope Williams is a bust and Bryce gets better this year. The get back Panther fans will put on Chicago will be legendary.
  3. Caleb Willams has all the physical talent in the world, but I think he has a good chance at being a bust just solely because of his attitude and unprofessional demeanor. He seems like such an arrogant guy who's gonna get a total reality shock when he plays against really good NFL defense where he can't just win with physical traits. He's still gonna make some wow plays because he just so gifted with his arm but his lack of ability to play within structure and win from the pocket is gonna lose the bears a lot of games this year but he's gonna have some awesome highlight throws no doubt.
  4. This might be controversial but I hope they actually do start doing that.
  5. The fact that we still haven't went back to a grass field still infuriates me. The fans, the players, and most of the people involved with the team want the field switched back to a grass playing field but for some reason the 2nd richest owner in the league who makes a good profit on the team and who is gonna pay a pretty penny to renovate the stadium and receive a good bit of the tax payer dollar to do so still thinks that the cost to keep and maintain a grass playing surface is too expensive but will roll out the grass red carpet for a Soccer team to come play here for 1 game. If it was something genuinely undoable then I'd understand but JR who was FAR from the richest owner in the league was able to do it so there is no reason for Tepper not to except for the sole reason of him being cheap. JR despite all of his faults wanted the team to feel unique to the Carolinas whereas Tepper is too focused on trying to make us feel like a generic run of the mill NFL team and has pretty much killed the culture of the team in the process.
  6. If Horn stays healthy then Evero and the defense should be able to keep us in majority of the games this year. It'll all depend on how much Bryce and the offense improves. The main goal this year for us is to be playing competitive and meaningful football after thanksgiving.
  7. I see him taking up the slot role after thielen leaves.
  8. Shedeur Sanders is just a fancier version of Teddy Bridgewater.
  9. Right now Imma have to give it an A grade just solely because this is the 1st year in a long time that we had a plan going into the draft and we actually executed said plan and not panicked and made a dumb trade or a super bad pick. The goal was to get Bryce some weapons and get some depth on defense and I say we did just that. We can argue if they were the right picks later once, we see them play but at face value we did exactly what we set out to do and that alone is a massive improvement from years past under Rhule and Fitterer.
  10. I wouldn't say it's an issue with talent because I personally think Corbett is gonna do great at center but having him has our only center on the roster after coming off 2 knee injuries in back-to-back years and being on the last year of his deal is worrisome. We are another Corbett injury away from starting Cade Mayes again. Hopefully they let Brady Christensen get some practice at center too even though I think his future is still the eventual Taylor Moton replacement on the right side.
  11. I want Troy Franklin, Van Pran, or Austin Booker at 101. Maybe target a Theo Johnson at TE in the 5th. My gut tells me they draft Austin Booker at 101 and take Brenden Rice in the 5th.
  12. This guy is a pure physical specimen who plays fast and angry. He needs to get better at the mental part of the game and improve his ability to shed blocks and read plays, but he has all the tools to be an awesome LB for us. If we could somehow get Luke to take a break from his hunting and fishing trips and have him mentor this kid that would be perfect.
  13. It's 2024 an ACL injury isn't a career ender anymore.
  14. The falcons are having a reach filled draft.
  15. One comp I haven't seen for Legette yet is a less refined route runner but faster version of Davante Adams. The physicality in which they both play with is just so similar, and I bet that's what Dan and Dave saw on tape. Both guys while being only 6'1" play like they're 6'5" and are physical all over the field. Obviously, Legette has a lot of work to do on his route running to get to that level, but Dave has had a great track record with coaching WR's so I'm sure we'll get the best version of Legette here.
  16. There's gonna be a good player left at 33. I don't think even think Fitterer could screw this up.
  17. As a huge Gardner Minshew fan I'd love that for him. He might finally get a shot to lock down a starting QB job.
  19. With no defensive player worth taking at 8 and probably no trade down offer I can respect that they stuck to their guns and took the guy the must believe in. Kirk while being paid very highly will be a 36 year old QB coming off an Achilles tear so there's no guarantee he will hold up. Also, it's not like Kirk is just some elite QB he in my view is a very productive QB who has an elite agent who keeps getting him these mega deals. Kirk is also awful in primetime and hasn't won a playoff game since 2020.
  20. The Falcons are gonna lose picks when the NFL does the investigation on the whole Kirk Cousins tampering deal so I can see why they went ahead and took a QB now. Take the guy you like now because you'll be too good with Kirk to be picking that high and you'll lack the capital go trade up.
  21. My bad haven't paid much attention to the 1st round order this year since we don't gotta pick.
  22. How it feels watching the 31 other teams make at least 1 pick tonight.
  23. I'll never forgive Kelvin Benjamin for not chasing down that Chargers defender and forcing Cam to have to make that awkward tackle and causing Cam to hurt his shoulder.
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