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  1. I mean it just screams dysfunction but both Campen and Tabor were right. We have a Oline that is best at power running and we don't have the WR's to come out in pistol and shotgun every snap especially with Reich's predictable play calling. I agree with Tabor firing Deuce because it seems he was a major reason we brough in Sanders and with the 1st game without Deuce here we saw mostly Chubba who looked "Miles" ahead better than Sanders has all season.
  2. A lot of respected football evaluators and former plays are all saying Bryce will be fine and that he's in an impossible situation right now. But sure, let's label him a bust because the huddler who was the 3rd string JV offensive tackle in high school said so.
  3. Luke saw that the top 3 options for the job where Rhule, McDaniels, and Bieniemy and rightful chose not to be a part of the dumpster fire that was about to come. That decision was the smartest he's ever made regarding his football career.
  4. Luke was literally calling out 60% to 70% of the other teams plays. It's easier to play defense when you know exactly what the offense is going to do. Luke's ability to study film and be able to recognize and relay that information to his teammates pre snap not only made him generational but improved our whole unit as well.
  5. Harbaugh would bring back the Panther way of playing football by power running the football and playing tough physical defense. Would total reset the culture for the better and get rid of the of the constant apathy amongst the players that Reich seemed to allow develop here. I still think Harbaugh is a bit of a douche, but the guy gets results that are hard to argue with. I'd much rather have him rather than Belichick. I'm tired of us being the loveable loser it's time to be the hated winner.
  6. Lou anarumo has been growing on me quite a bit. I wouldn't hate the hire and it would mean that someone with actual football knowledge advised Tepper to hire him and Tepper listening to them instead of going with a splash hire or another retread. Ben Johnson is still the #1 choice though, and we should to everything in our power to get him to choose us over the other head coaching openings if he decides to leave the lions.
  7. Give me Ben Johnson as HC, Mark Brunell as OC, and keep Evero as DC and Tabor as special teams coordinator. Use your Billions and pull out the checkbook and make it happen Tepper.
  8. Barno just blew up the middle
  9. Deuce Staley is the only coach who has improved anyone on this team.
  10. Chuba has been running with great power this year.
  11. We literally don't know the plays on the Oline.
  12. #98 is pretty good we should try blocking him.
  13. "Why didn't Bryce throw the ball", "Noodle arm", "Can't process"
  14. Hopefully getting embarrassed by the 3-7 Titians will be enough for Tepper to can Reich.
  15. Troy hill needs to be brought back
  16. It is but man is he supposed to run the routes and block for himself too.
  17. No one open and the entire Dline in his face. Please explain on what you'd like Bryce to do on that play.
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