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  1. Me before his rookie season: "Good God, that was an awful Draft pick. He'd better hit the ground running as the 'most pro ready QB' as he has zero development in him". And here we are.
  2. That nickname was always bonkers - absolutely nothing about his game resembles Mahomes.
  3. It's not about keeping the DTs from collapsing the pocket - no QB operates well under those conditions - it's that Young literally can't see the middle of the field for about 10-15 yards. It's why he threw those two horrendous INTs against Atlanta - he was guessing that the S had vacated the space.
  4. If we win more than 4 games, Canales is the real deal.
  5. Should have called his bluff and picked Cooper DeJean if the Patriots traded up.
  6. I wonder if they've taken a closer look at our 2nd round pick and realized he's not going to be ready for the start of the season.
  7. I roasted him by not watching it. Boom, roasted!
  8. So is that the extent of our offseason coverage then? No behind the scenes look at the War Room during the Draft, like literally every other team does these days? I wonder if they were so embarrassed by last year they nixed that little project.
  9. First thing I'd have done as the new GM is pull up every Scout's report on Young. Anyone that was wrote a glowing report would immediately be fired.
  10. I mean you can see it in his highlights - he has CBs from Yale and Colgate in his hip pocket. Yes he's making contested catches and moving the chains, but those aren't even P4 CBs and he's struggling to separate.
  11. It's not that you drafted a QB #1 overall. It's that you gave the Bears literally everything for the right to do so.
  12. The WR position has only got easier to play in that time though.
  13. If Young doesn't shine with the resources they've invested in the offence this season he never will. $1gazillion on OGs, 1st round WR, traded for a WR, 4th round TE, 2nd round RB - like, damn, how many excuses does this guy have left?
  14. You fill every gaping hole on your roster with mid-tier FAs. If they get passed over by your Draft pick, so be it. Teams always draft on need and it's bonkers. I've seen people clowning the Raiders for taking Bowers - dude is probably the best player in this Draft.
  15. I'd be a nightmare to draft against if I was a GM. I'd use the Draft for what it's meant to be - an opportunity to acquire talent. You should take the best player on YOUR board at your pick. FA is where you fill needs and holes - those players are much more proven commodities.
  16. He was historically bad last season and all we've done is double down on him this offseason - so I don't doubt your reasoning
  17. Davis was literally drafted to be a Spy for Vick twice a year - they developed him from there.
  18. He's not a fit for the blocking scheme they want to implement.
  19. "Teams didn't just grab a QB because they needed one." Also, Bo Nix taken 12th overall.
  20. Speaking of the 7th round, 3 Canes taken so far Brutal.
  21. He's not even a CFB level athlete at S. He'd be murdered playing S in the NFL. He's also not a dawg.
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