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  1. Why would anyone give you anything of note for a guy that's not played a down in the NFL?
  2. Just watched the highlights of the Jags - Broncos game. Henderson gave up a TD to Patrick and never returned to the game. He was listed as out with an 'illness' and a 'minor groin injury' for Week 3. He was absolutely loafing on the highlights though - clearly didn't want to be there and was quite clearly benched. Rhule has a major rebuild on his hands here - the talent is there, but he's going to have to get inside the kid's head and flip a switch.
  3. Analytics have changed the game. That was a super aggressive play call on 4th and goal when the previous 3 plays had been poo. I'd have kicked the FG.
  4. Hurts is so inaccurate. Minshew gives you a better chance to win - especially if you're going to run as little as this.
  5. Saban remains a personality and charisma vacuum. What a charmless man.
  6. My big complaint about the Mannings broadcast so far is that they don't really talk about the game. Or maybe they're just way off today - they're talking over each other a lot and not really providing many great insights. Romo is better.
  7. Peyton lives in Denver? That's interesting - you'd think he'd have gone home to Louisiana or Indy when he retired.
  8. You're thinking Cooper was the guy that suggested Bridgewater and not Brady or Parcells? I think not.
  9. How long until the fans start calling for Minshew?
  10. I mean it was Mike Martz - Greatest Show on Turf. If he doesn't want to use a TE in the passing game I think he's got the credentials to back that stance up.
  11. They need to buy Eli and Peyton some telestrators.
  12. Because March you is willing to watch blokes run around in lycra shorts and shirts in Indianapolis you're that starved for football during the offseason.
  13. I'm watching ESPN 2. Curious to see how the Mannings' look.
  14. One of the few good Canes we've put into the league in recent years.
  15. They sure got a decent haul for him if they weren't too fond of him. To me he wasn't the big bodied RedZone threat I thought we were getting - he's a finesse TE and played smaller than he is. 77 yards in 3 games as the primary TE isn't going to cut it. Good luck to him in Jacksonville - they have some very talented skill position players (Robinson, Chalk, Shenault, Jones and Hyde), so hopefully he can contribute. It'd be nice to see Jacksonville turn into a legit team again.
  16. The current OLine is why we can't be a great team this year. We can get by with it, but we're not going to assert our dominance on any team this year and, as you've said, Darnold has been getting hit a lot already.
  17. I think we'll be there or there abouts. If injuries hold off you've got to like our chances against the Giants, WTFs and Falcons. That's 6-7 wins. Only need to pick up a few more from a group of tough, but winnable games and you're in the hunt.
  18. The Henderson and Darnold trades make sense because they're incredibly young guys on rookie deals. Which OL could we get that's in a similar boat? Teams don't trade the big guys unless they absolutely have to - they're too rare.
  19. At the end of the day you're not getting a more talented athlete with that third round pick next year - not unless he's got major red flags around him. Arnold is a throwaway piece - he wasn't as advertised at all.
  20. So as you'll know I have prior beef with Henderson - he was a bitch at a HS All-Star game (sulked because he wasn't named the starter), was told to stop being a bitch by the Miami DB Coach, (former first round Draft pick) Mike Rumph, and promptly de-comitted and committed to Florida. I've also questioned the dog in him - he can't tackle. That said, to get a guy with his athletic profile for a journeyman TE who's disappointed in Charlotte AND only a third round pick is daylight robbery - oh and we got a fifth round pick back? Crown Fitterer. We know this staff can develop - this is them throwing another dice with a freak athlete. Love that.
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