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  1. No it didn't. Richardson had the most jaw dropping tape of any of the QBs.
  2. It's a win-win because if Young is a bust we get a new GM.
  3. Even if he thinks it he shouldn't have said it publicly. Shocking PR move.
  4. I guess we'll find out - it's a moot discussion now tbh, we've made the pick.
  5. That's not quite how it works - almost every College QB can rainbow the ball 60 yards.
  6. No. Some throws will simply be off the table with Young's arm strength.
  7. The UK is WAY different than the US, but you do you.
  8. How is it possibly better than London?
  9. Don't let our CBs listen to this.
  10. He's noooooowhere near as talented. Patterson is a freak.
  11. I do worry that they've fallen in love with the person, rather than the player.
  12. Is he? It looks to me like he demanded we get a QB in the Draft this year, which required us to trade up. He also clearly heavily favoured Young.
  13. So he thought it was a better idea to trade away 5 premium players? Good god.
  14. Could be the conversation that gets them both fired.
  15. Young: "They tell me you're worth 2 first round picks". Burns: "They tell me you're worth 3".
  16. Oh, retired Cam Newton? I don't know, I don't follow his life.
  17. I think the two elite TEs went at the start of the 2nd round. I guess they had a higher grade on Mingo than Musgrave too. Beyond that you're just adding bodies to the room.
  18. This is how we've got ourselves in this position. The good teams nail the majority of their picks.
  19. Well the Bryce Young trade / selection is the move that will define Reich's time here. If it's a success, lovely. If he's a failure then he's fired in 2 years.
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