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  1. I can only assume Obada was missing his former teammates...
  2. Reid probably questioned Bell's parenting skills.
  3. You have to be able to win from the pocket. Everything else is gravy. Darnold has the mobility / ability to make plays outside of the pocket and off platform, but that can't be his bread and butter if we want him to be a success in the NFL.
  4. How very dare you. Darnold has a 50 yard TD run in the NFL. Does Fields have one of those? I think not.
  5. The bigger pay day is if he proves he can play LT in the NFL.
  6. Yeah about 50, but it's been that way for a number of years. I've never invested the time to learn the names of guys that only see the field sparingly.
  7. "One of the biggest tournaments in Europe called Euro’s. It’s like a mini World Cup for European teams only" You're a stereotypical soccer-ball Yank fan and I'm here for it.
  8. I dislike him for that cheap shot on Clausen when he was trying to sneak on the goalline too, but man, let it go. Life is too short to hate someone as inconsequential as Talib.
  9. You're looking for something that isn't there. They're rebuilding his confidence and his mechanics. Don't expect miracle results in Minicamp.
  10. The article that was posted earlier today had the most relevant info about Darnold. The new QB Coach is trying to fix his footwork. That's his big weakness - and it's going to take the entire offseason to sort. Fix that and we've got something special on our hands I feel.
  11. Well obviously between last week and this he's forgotten how to throw a football...
  12. I can't fathom him being cut during Minicamp. He's done in the NFL - or the Eagles are just an incredibly dysfunctional franchise.
  13. Jackson isn't a superstar, but he's a good player. You win games in the NFL by acquiring as many good players as possible. I wouldn't be in a hurry to run him off.
  14. Or he thinks "that's a College punishment and this is the NFL" - only Rhule is going to run a tight ship so he'd best get used to it.
  15. Especially when you consider that we had 16 guys valued as 1st round picks. So as much as the Bears offer being worth the #1 overall pick (I don't agree with that), if it means you have to Draft a guy in 2021 that you don't consider a 1st round talent then it's a bad move. It why analytics, in a bubble, suck.
  16. The Bucs literally had one of the worst Drafts in 2021. They retained their core for another run at a Championship (on discounts). They'll have to blow it all up soon though and they've brought nothing in behind them.
  17. If we're talking Salma Hayek and not mentioning Dogma and Desperado we're doing it wrong.
  18. Oh god he's an anti-vaxxer. On the plus side most great QBs are knobheads, so fingers crossed.
  19. I can't be the only one that isn't bothered? He's a decent player, but if he's angling for a huge contract extension and putting pressure on the team I'd just trade him.
  20. It looks pretty swanky on all the video productions they've been releasing. That said I do wonder about American builders. The Empire State has stood tall for nearly a century, but apparently football stadiums have a 25 year shelf life...
  21. Team built to win now and out of conference. Pretty obvious landing spot, no?
  22. Fantastic. Great to get him out of the division. We're very close to taking over the division now thanks to Brees' retirement.
  23. It always has been - I just think that breaking point isn't Pro Bowler like some would have you believe. They'll want to see a consistent QB who follows instruction and improves week on week. If he's not better in Week 18 than he is in Week 1 we have a problem.
  24. There's no need to knock down a guy to pump up another. Gamble was really, really good. Brown is one of those War Daddy DTs that SEC teams bag up early. He holds everything together in the middle and allows you to dominate the trenches IF you surround him with talent. If Nixon reaches his potential he'll eat next to Brown.
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