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  1. Christensen got bullied whenever a DE bullrushed him at LT. Y'all joke about those short arms not being a factor, but NFL DEs can get into his body and just manhandle him. He CAN play there, but it's never going to be pretty / dominant. Whether he can be a finesse LG is another matter. Either way he's not nailed down a spot for 2022.
  2. Brown looked fat af when he saw the field. He needs a major offseason conditioning programme to get him anything like.
  3. Haskins was a 7th round pick and Nixon was on IR for a good portion of the season - when he played he looked good.
  4. Maybe run the correct routes and catch the ball when it hits you in your hands before casting those stones, Robbie.
  5. I trust Tony Romo of you guys - what can I say.
  6. The INT was on Anderson, but sure.
  7. Brady would literally die behind this Oline. End of discussion.
  8. You're kidding, right? He's being murdered behind this Oline again.
  9. I don't know what more a franchise has to do to lose it's right to exist. We're just a misery factory at this point. The other NFL owners need to step in.
  10. With no WRs or RBs. At this point just fold the fuging franchise. It's embarrassing.
  11. He broke his shoulder blade and had a concussion - I'd run hesitantly too.
  12. Why is Chinn inactive?
  13. He's always been this way, apparently. A couple of posters on a Canes board I'm on have known him since High School (he's from Miami). Quote below: "He does whoever have some insane mood swings, he’ll go from being calm AF to being super mad for no reason at all, but he usually just will walk away to calm himself down, he’s always been like that, which is why I’m certain he has untreated Bipolar disorder. He just hates authority & doesn’t like being told what to do."
  14. So now we're questioning his College resume, excellent(!) Baylor was razed to the ground when he got there.
  15. I hope he goes elsewhere too. He's let us down countless times this season with his drops and lazy routes. He's not worth the money he'll be asking for.
  16. They'd have cremated Brady in November if he was asked to play behind this Oline.
  17. You're correct, he can't - because the Oline can't block anyone for longer than 1 second.
  18. Harbaugh would be dumb to leave Michigan now. He's only just got them rolling.
  19. Yep, Aranda handled COVID extremely badly.
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