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  1. Not firing Fitterer tells me that Tepper doesn't give a poo about either of those.
  2. fug Louisville. What an abortion of a performance that was.
  3. Why did Miami get the A game of these two teams? They look like they met each other for the first time in the parking lot this morning, tonight.
  4. 6 years, $70m in your only shot at HC - oh and you're tied to Fitterer and Young. I'd be looking at other gigs, personally.
  5. So you're telling me the same GM that assembled the worst collection of OL/RB/TE/WR talent in the league somehow made the correct pick at #1 overall?
  6. I read that as they were texting him to stay away from this clown show.
  7. I've explained it multiple times how he brings a lot of it on himself - but you continue to ignore it.
  8. So we're fuged then. Tepper doesn't understand that Young is part of the problem, isn't going to fire Fitterer and is going to hire another yes man as HC. Worst owner in the NFL.
  9. Lanning is never going to win the PAC-12. Cristobal won it twice.
  10. I expect him to put up better numbers than the historically bad ones he's currently registering, yes. Well actually no, I don't, 'cos I didn't rate him coming out of College.
  11. I see Tepper still hasn't learned his lesson. Hire a President, hire a GM and let THEM hire their HC.
  12. The Run element of the Run Pass Option isn't the QB, it's the RB he's (potentially) handing the ball off to. You're thinking of the Read Option.
  13. He hasn't flashed once. We're 11 games in and there isn't a single throw where you think "goddamn, alright, this kid has something". We celebrate routine NFL throws he makes as they're that few and far between.
  14. And they all have more Draft capital to go after their guy. It's clear by now that Bryce Young isn't the guy, bar some Hollywood ending turn around in his career.
  15. If I'm paying that kind of ridiculous guaranteed money I'd want an established superstar HC. How you fix this if you're Tepper is by swallowing your ego, employing an excellent consultancy firm and let them hire your President and GM. The HC takes care of itself then.
  16. Wow, what a car crash that press conference was. Dude really needs to hire a President and get the f' out of the limelight for a few years. He's not built for this.
  17. We're 1-10. Nothing impulsive about firing a HC that's gone 1-10 in his first season when the roster won 7 games last year.
  18. Part of the reason why the OLine is struggling is that teams have literally zero fear of Young beating them over the top - so they're happy 'gambling' and sending blitzes. Everyone on defence is within 10 yards of the LOS and half of them are threatening to blitz every down - it must be a nightmare for the OLine.
  19. I'm not a massive fan of Maye, but he's better than Howell, so I assume he'll go on to have a good NFL career.
  20. I'm sat here hoping the Committee doesn't give Miami a killer in their Bowl game. We might be starting a walk-on QB.
  21. We organise a parade when Young makes a routine throw. That's how bad he's looked. I hate the longing for Stroud, but he'd absolutely be doing much more with this supporting cast and play calling. Richardson would too.
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