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  1. fug me you miserable sods could suck the life out of any room.
  2. I'd be disappointed, but it could be worse - we could be the Browns. Thank goodness Watson turned us down.
  3. He's thick as pigshit.
  4. Happy trails. Absolutely not good enough for the headaches he causes.
  5. Joe Brady was the 'singular pinpoint move' that could have killed his career. He survived that - so I suspect he's here for a while longer now.
  6. I despite the Haka. Their opponents are forced to stand there and watch them prance around with their little dance firing themselves up. Any reaction is outlawed - England got fined for this, it's bullshit:
  7. Except it's been reported that they called around to see if anyone was interested, but nobody was blowing them away with an offer so they stuck.
  8. They drew from more resources this year - Combine interviews / Top 30 invites / players getting fitted for equipment etc - so the presentation was better, but it lacked the 'behind the scenes' feel of last year in my opinion. We didn't really get any insight into their Draft board, the War Room scenes were all very heavily edited and we didn't get any candid office conversations between Rhule and Fitterer. Most interesting points for me though were: Didn't mention Cross at all in the conversation with Ekwonu and Neil at 6 Pushed the narrative that Corral was their top QB all along... but that felt heavily edited (snippets of conversation) McAdoo has way more gravitas about him than Brady did. I'm excited about what he can do with this offence.
  9. If I'm Mayfield I'm turning up every day. If they force me to sit out drills, so be it - but I wouldn't want to forgo any pay cheque because they've sold the farm for Watson. Avoiding the facility just makes it easier for them - and actually hurts you keeping in game shape (+ if you get hurt working out away from the facility you're not covered).
  10. This fanbase is far too thirsty for a QB - he's talented, but he has enough flaws to justify being a 3rd round pick. I hope Rhule and co just play the best QB.
  11. What year were they taken from? I didn't see him get to operate with a clean pocket in 2021.
  12. I'd just rather the NFL OC decide who starts at QB. You're all far too eager for a 3rd round pick to start. IF he legitimately beats out Darnold, run him out there. If not then sit him on the bench.
  13. Mario Cristobal was the right choice for the Hurricanes, but there was a part of me that was ready to embrace the Lane Kiffin hate. He wanted the job BADLY.
  14. I think it's the opposite these days - defences trying to figure out how to stop offences. The game has shifted from 'how do we score against you' to 'how can we limit your scoring'? Mainly due to the rule changes.
  15. Yep, it's why we took Horn at #8, the Broncos took Surtain at #9 and the Texans and the Jets took Stingley and Gardner at #3 and #4 respectively. You can never have enough good CBs.
  16. He's 250lbs, they've known they can run on him since his rookie season.
  17. Good lord you people have a pathological hatred of Rhule.
  18. OP really doesn't like Darnold (assuming OP is the host ). Also I felt like you strayed into the Option, rather than the RPO when talking about that part of the game. Otherwise a good listen.
  19. Unless you're bringing him in to start - and we know that he's washed so that would be a mistake - then don't sign him. He's simply a massive distraction - this fan base can't disassociate the player he is today with the player he was in 2015.
  20. If he beats out Darnold, sure.
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