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  1. Should we be interested in Damiere Byrd at all? He was on a one year deal with the Falcons last year. He burned us pretty good in the game in ATL but didn't have a big season stats wise. Could we pick him up for cheap to have a speed guy on the outside? Obviously he's no WR 1 but we may be going WR by committee this year.
  2. Always wanted Pinion as our punter, I played rec league soccer with him and his brother as a middle school kid in cabarrus county.
  3. I'd feel way better about either Levis or AR now that we're putting together a staff that can actually develop QB's. It might be a blessing that we never drafted one with the last regime.
  4. Hey guys, I figured this might be a good place to ask about getting stains out of jerseys. My Luke jersey had these stains on the sown on numbers. I've tried scrubbing with soapy water and spraying with stain remover before washing and i can't get them out. Does anyone have suggestions?
  5. Dang it I thought I was gonna be the first to point out he brought music to our town for the first time ever! What a plus! I also do not view the soccer team as a plus at all. We are sharing our stadium with them like some sort of step sibling. I can't stand the fact that our stadium is only halfway Panthers branded, it's disrespectful to the football team. FC needs their own place.
  6. I hate Tom as much as anyone, and he's not what he used to be, but he would instantly be the best QB that's played for this team since Cams shoulder injury. Keep In mind at one point this season our starting QB was ranked 33rd in the league, a team had two QB's outperforming Baker. Tom just being average is a massive improvement.
  7. They should add to it that the field should be fully restored with soil from each county in the Carolinas as it was originally built.
  8. Are we seriously considering someone from the Belichick coaching tree or is that just to satisfy the rule? I know you can't write off every person who's worked under Bill, but the track record looks waaaaayyyy worse than even Rivera's tree.
  9. Haha, big middle finger to you from across the Catawba buddy And don't point fingers at Herschel and Wayne Bobby when you're the one with the Ricky bobby "if you ain't first your last" mentality So I'm sorry that for the first time in years the PSL's i pay for year in and year out actually yielded experiences that weren't exercises in masochism. And for the extra wear and tear I added to my seat getting loud on defense to try and help get stops, clearly I'm responsible for us not having the No1 overall pick.
  10. Doing a little Monday morning QB work today and was thinking... After the first two TD passes why weren't our CB's instructed to just pass interfere Evans if he got by? Just push him outta bounds and take the flag. We held up in the red zone all day long, even blocked a damn field goal. If we take away the TD's on the long passes we could have turned 21 points into 13 or 17
  11. My opinion on Wilks didn't change all that much after yesterday. I would still make Wilks the default option, but would take a big name like Payton or Harbaugh over him. Otherwise if your suggestions are someone like Dan Quinn then i definitely want Wilks. As for offensive guys, I would be interested in moving in that direction for the first time, but at this point i am tired of hearing "offensive guru" and want to see names named so we can actually do a comparison. Sure Wilks doesn't measure up to the mythical offensive guru/next Sean McVay/wunderkind that everyone has in their heads right now. But how does Wilks measure up to the ACTUAL candidates we will have an opportunity to hire? I want more track record than just whatever offensive coordinator was tied to a good offense this season.
  12. These are also the only two scenarios I see happening, which is why when the line opened up at YB -5.5 I was stunned. Kinda worries me that much money came in on Tampa to generate a line like that, they haven't beaten anyone by 6 points since October.
  13. What exactly is the big risk of him playing in a cast? Wouldn't the worst case scenario be a full break that would be healed up before next year's training camp? I mean, a catastrophic break could have an impact on his long term career, but you'd have to tell me the odds of that happening are now 5X the normal risk for a freak injury like that before I wouldn't "risk" playing him.
  14. Man what a fun day to be in BoA! The cold was honestly not as bad as the heat is those first few weeks of the year. It feels SO GOOD to still have football to care about this time of year, hopefully the boys go on the road and bring us back a division title and another home game!
  15. I only really know a lot about the Panthers and the rest of the NFC south, my football knowledge drops off hard beyond that.
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