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  1. I was a kid for 1-15, so I just have memories of my dad Hyping up Siefert and then that falling apart while he screamed for Weinke to start. 2-14 I was in college and had to work every Sunday so didn't see much of that So this is by far the worst season I have watched in its entirety, and by far the worst since I purchased PSL's in 2013. What an awful feeling it is to get myself hyped up for these games with all my gear on just to post a big fat goose egg. At least it's over, they can't hurt me anymore.
  2. I'll be "in" next season like it or not as a PSL owner who never sells his tickets. But the one thing this team can do to get my hopes up: give up on next season. Give up right now. Trade every draft pick for future picks, sign no one in free agency, and admit that we suck and need to make decisions to benefit the future at the cost of the present. For 5 years now we have sacrificed the future for the lie that we are just out of reach of being a good team. No more, we are a bad team and need to face the music and start building like we are bad. I will happily attend those games and lose every one of them if it means our attitude has changed. If we trade up in the draft again I will pay for my tickets and no show each week.
  3. If we're smart the goal should be to completely tear down the whole operation and win zero games. And I will happily attend every single one of those losses if it means we admit we suck and start building for the future instead of making bone headed moves each season to try and win now as the expense of the future.
  4. Anyone that doesn't believe this winds up with us getting an even worse franchise, ala the bobcats, is kidding themselves. Most likely I would stop watching the NFL entirely the same as I did for the NBA when the hornets moved.
  5. Can't hit rock bottom until you admit you have a problem, and our owner spends every single off-season convincing himself there is no problem and that were just one or two moves away from winning. Ownership has to wake up, realize we are a terrible team, and approach the off-season with the understanding that we will continue to be bad next year no matter what they do. Because until we give up on next season we will continue to make "win now" moves and continue this tail spin.
  6. As a fan in the stands it is expected of me that I can handle the sneering and jeering of opposing fans and keep my composure. Our stadium is regularly taken over, opposing fans chants drown out the few Panthers fans remaining. And yet I am 100% expected to be able to endure that without throwing drinks on people. If I were to act the way Tepper did I'd be asked to leave at a minimum and face potential loss of my ticket rights.
  7. Don't EVER let them build a dome, make the falcons and saints come up here and play real football in the elements!
  8. Shout out to everyone who stuck it out in the rain, I almost stayed home but had a feeling we could win in the rain and I didn't wanna miss an opportunity to sing sweet Caroline with the rest of y'all Keep Pounding!
  9. The first step is for management to be honest about what this team is right now. We are not a good football team and yet somehow each year we are just the right move away from competing We are not one trade away We are not one F/A signing away We are not one draft pick away We are going to have to take our medicine and be a bad team next year, and maybe more than that to get out of this mess. The mentality of making moves that can suddenly make us a good football team has to go if we're going to get out of this downward spiral.
  10. I agree we HAVE to make an evaluation here by the end of next season. But I don't know that there's anything left to see the remainder of this year, and if he were to suffer a significant injury it removes our ability to evaluate from next season.
  11. I really want to see the All 22 view of this play. From my spot in the stands I saw someone (Thielen I think) coming wide open across the middle going right to left on a route that was over 10 yards deep. As I see him come open I watch as the ball instead goes to the 3 yard crossing route and picked for a TD. I am not a professional athlete, I am not even good at Madden. How on earth can I see the open receiver in real time from the stands and our QB can't see him on the field? I think Tremble was open behind Mingo as well...
  12. I think we need to start considering pulling him for Dalton for the remainder of the season. Everything is so bad right now we can't even get a clear picture of how good or bad Bryce could be, and now he appears to be regressing and building some bad habits. Now imagine the nightmare scenario where he gets a bad injury late in the year and has to miss the start of next season, so we still couldn't evaluate him with a (hopefully) improves roster? We've seen about all we can see in a rookie season at this point, only bad things can happen from here.
  13. Pride. I won't be run out of my stadium by any fan base, much less the cowboys (who weren't even that loud cause they all know how their season is going to end)
  15. Cowboys fans ain't even that loud in here, and they can 100% screw this game up and lose. If Bryce had any time at all to throw this is a competitive game.
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