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  1. I think we should trade whoever we can’t keep. CBS and pass rushers are always needed and we could get a lot for Jackson and Reddick. Resign them or franchise them and if we need to we can trade them for whatever we need.
  2. He couldn’t even do that in the XFL so how can you expect him to do it in the NFL? He hasn’t played well for us and I don’t expect that to change when we face a top NFL team.
  3. I would love to see cam sign and play great. Imagine if he was to come back and be a good QB and end up being our starter for a few years.
  4. Isn’t the problem with cam that he can’t throw over 20 yards because of his shoulder injury? I mean you can say the patriots had no WRs last year but they still had a decent Offensive line. His throwing stats were bad. He threw a high completion percentage but that’s because he threw a bunch of short passes. His td to int ratio sucked.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the issue with cam is that he can’t throw far anymore because of all the injuries he sustained? I mean look at his throwing stats last year.
  6. Before hating on Henderson just remember how long it took josh Norman to develop, hell even Jackson wasn’t good at first. Some players just take a few years to develop. Henderson isn’t as bad as many 1st round CBs have been. He’s been okay but still has potential.
  7. Problem is he is a CB and doing a good job at CB which means he’s going to get paid CB money which doesn’t make sense to pay him CB money and move him to FS. We have a lot of depth at CB but we don’t know if Gilmore will be back, honestly I think it would make more sense for him to be FS because of his age. Not many CB can play well at his age and it’s likely his ability will drop. Henderson is young and we don’t know what we have in him yet. He could still be a bust or just an average CB or he could end up being a good CB. Either way he’s going to be with us for the next few years. Bouye has another year left. He’s a solid CB, if we resign Jackson then we could trade Bouye. Taylor has had some good games but how many times have we seen a CB do well as a rookie and end up becoming a bust? Ricky Manning jr. and Bene come to mind. if we end up keeping Jackson and Gilmore then I think Bouye is gone. I don’t think we need 5 starting CB on our roster, don’t forget Burris can also play CB/slot.
  8. There has to be something wrong with the guy in order for him to not be playing. Otherwise this means Rhule is very incompetent
  9. A nfl football player is muscular? I guess it’s good that the panthers have a player that’s in shape.
  10. Thing is so we want to resign him to a big contract considering his age? Let’s assume he plays good for us, we cant honestly expect to pay him a big payday at his age. I mean how many CBs play good at his age? Usually they are already done by 30 and Gilmore is older than that. Unless there are plans to make him a safety, I see this as a one year deal. I just don’t see us being a Super Bowl team right now. We are young and have lots of holes. Shouldn’t we keep draft picks and suck so we can draft higher? I’m conflicted. Yes I want our team to compete but I don’t think our team is a Super Bowl winning team right now and we are trading like we are thinking we have a chance at a Super Bowl.
  11. Problem is our offensive line is so bad I don’t understand why we did this. It’s like we are in win now mode when we are just a rebuilding team.
  12. No doubt Jackson will be getting a big payday if he continues playing the way he’s been. There’s no guarantee he will resign. We just signed Bouye and drafted Horn this year. I think this is a great back up plan in case Jackson leaves. We won’t get desperate to keep him now that we have Henderson and Bouye. We would be desperate if he did leave and we didn’t have Henderson. Good planning ahead for the future.
  13. I don’t think it’s fair to judge a QB in his first few years. Yes there have been plenty of qbs that were great out of the gate but there were also lots that took years to develop. Chicago hasn’t done a great job of developing QBs and in my opinion don’t have a good offense around him. He also has a lot to learn because the Ohio state offense is pretty simple.
  14. Thing is about our defense is that all our players seem to be in their prime and playing up to their potential. Shaq, Burns, Brown, Jackson and Reddick are finally the players they were drafted to be. All these players have had some good seasons but it seems like they are playing their best now and are playing at all star levels. Carter, Fox, Burris and others are playing great too. Now it’s only 3 games and a lot can change but it looks as if everyone is hitting their stride.
  15. I thought going into the season CMC may end up being a injury prone player. He ends up getting injured and missing a few reps in one game and gets hurt yesterday. With the workload we give him I’m worried if he just isn’t going to make it long in the NFL.
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