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  1. Sad thing is that unless some major injuries occur then it looks like Mays, Christensen and Brown could end up never amounting to much because they get no PT. Christensen might suck at LG because he’s a better LT and Mays and Brown might not get any PT because they have players in front of them.
  2. Well he can block and play special teams so that may help him make the 53 man roster. I know his stats don’t look that good but to be fair he was basically 3rd in receiving stats, 2nd in receiving TDs and the team doesn’t pass a lot, less than 2400 yards total passing so maybe he ends up being a surprise? Who knows.
  3. To be fair Joes #1 receiver was Jerry Rice so if he was to lock on him all the time like the scouting report suggest then he’s going to win more times than loose because Jerry Rice is statistically speaking the greatest WR to ever play the game.
  4. He’s still around? I remember him being around a long time ago.
  5. Sounds good but then again why did he fall? Maybe he just isn’t as good as he was projected to be? Or maybe he just had injuries or problems on his new team?
  6. Not going to lie, Iky being a run blocking LT bothers me. The main job of the LT is to protect the QBs blindside. He gave up a few sacks in ACC play so what you expect to happen when he plays NFL? maybe I’m wrong but I could see him being a better Guard and BC being our LT. Honestly I wouldn’t care as long as both do a good job at their postions. I know many would think Iky would be a bust if he ended up being a guard but if he can consistently be a top G then I wouldn’t see him as a bust.
  7. Exactly. A lot of times the mocks aren’t even close to being right. Injuries happen, people end up sucking some end up coming out of nowhere.
  8. Brady was drafted in the 6th round, Kirk cousins 4th round, Nick Foles 3rd round, Carr drafted in the 2nd round. You can find a starting qb in later rounds. Plenty of first round qbs have been busts.
  9. What if Coral starts then he ends up sucking then Darnold comes in after a few games and plays well? Doubt it happens but it’s always possible.
  10. Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson are proof you can find a franchise Qb in the 3rd/4th rounds.
  11. Charleston Rambo could be a good one. Had a bad 40 time but great route runner and is said to play better than the 40 time shows.
  12. Problem is vet QBs even old ones that don’t have great stats still get decent sized contracts. It maybe cheaper to sign a recently retired QB as an assistant coach.
  13. This is the pick I hate the most. Yeah he has speed but lacks technique. I feel like the players with good technique do better in the nfl then your players who are great physically.
  14. I feel like he has bust potential or possibly will fail at being a tackle and have to move to guard. His strength is the run game, no something you wanna see in a LT.
  15. I disagree. Our online improved some sure but Our LT is a rookie who supposed to be a great run blocker. He gave up a few sacks in ncaa play so I wouldn’t be if he does give up more in the nfl. Brady played well at LT not so much at G so he might not be a good G. Bozeman basically had one good year in a run heavy offense. Maybe he keeps playing at that level or maybe he doesnt. We don’t know how well these new offensive linemen will do in a new system and there’s always a chance of injuries.
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