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  1. Mitch is still young and who knows what he could do in a different city with a different system?
  2. He’s 37, you might get a few years out of him before he retires. Why would you give up a lot of picks for him?
  3. Can anyone explain to me why the falcons would want a QB? I mean he still has some years left and is probably a top 10 QB.
  4. If we trade for Stafford then that means we would have to trade Teddy because of cap issues. Does that mean we trade him to Detroit?
  5. People want to hate on Remmers but he’s actually an average offensive linemen. Yeah he got destroyed in the Super Bowl but that was against a top defense of all time and great defensive line filled with great rushers. Add the fact Cam likes to hold on to the ball and we had average receivers it was a Recipe for disaster. I remember Remmers holding his own against JJ Watt in his prime that season too.
  6. I know people don’t want to here this but there is legit concern that CMC isn’t going to be the same player. Many good players end up never recovering after one injury.
  7. Jones tweeted about us getting Watson for 2 first round picks and cmc. you really think that’s all it would take to get him? i doubt it. If that’s all then yes do it.
  8. Correct, he’s a way better QB, with a completion percentage and QB skill way better than Newton ever was or will be. Take away Newton’s ability to run and he’s an backup QBs at best.
  9. That’s the problem though. As much potential as Daley has shown he can’t stay healthy so it doesn’t matter how good he is if he can’t play. Some players just can’t stay healthy enough to have a NFL career. Maybe Daley is that guy.
  10. Shh logic is duh raycist! seriously though most of the time the teams already know who they are going to get so the Rooney rule just forces them to interview a minority they have no interest in actually hiring. It’s all about optics.
  11. I’ve always thought certain schools produced good players at certain positions. I’ve also noticed a lot of teams would make a lot of good college players at a certain position but end up being bust in the NFL.
  12. You need to be able to find those hidden gems in free agency. Players who don’t cost much but can play good. You want to find players who didn’t get a lot of playing time or played in the wrong system. you don’t want to sign players that are coming off of injuries or were system players. Look at Paradis who we spent lots of money on and he’s not really done much for us. I would argue his success comes from the Denver system.
  13. Okung is good when healthy but that’s the problem with him. I bet he will still get a big contract despite his injury history. I mean LT is a very important position and there aren’t a lot of good ones. So he could probably find a team that would give him a big contract. I could see moving Moton to LT however I’m not sure it would work out well. Would you rather have a good RT or an average LT? Maybe Moton ends up being a good LT but you are taking a risk.
  14. I’ve never understood why the panthers have always sucked at staying below the salary cap and managing contracts. We seem to almost always have no cap room. Meanwhile teams like Tampa bay, Jacksonville and the saints sign big time free agents on a yearly basis.
  15. I always thought he had potential. I was mad when we picked Kyle Allen over him.
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