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  1. The stats this year are going to be high because of that extra game. Lots of records are going to be broken because of that extra game
  2. Another bad draft pick that made no sense. I remember I think it was Jalen Ramsey hyping this guy up in the off-season. I was thinking, maybe I’m wrong and he does end up being a good player. Nope, he sucked and was just being hyped up by his friend.
  3. It all depends on Darnold. If he doesn’t play well then we won’t win. He has to improve a lot, not a little to be our future QB. I doubt our back ups can do any better so if he doesn’t have a good season then we will be getting a top pick. If he does that then I could see us winning the division. Tampa looses Brady then they will suck. Atlanta is rebuilding and the saints will probably suck now that Brees is gone. Brady eventually has to break down, maybe this is that season? Look at how bad Manning was his final season.
  4. Because if you haven’t noticed by now we like to have players who are versatile. Just look at most of the players we have drafted and signed and you noticed 90% of them can play multiple positions. The coaching staff really likes this and I understand why.
  5. Where can you bet on the panthers wining the nfc south or rookie of the year at?
  6. That’s why you’re not an NFL coach.
  7. I mean Andrew Norwell didn’t start week one his rookie season so who knows.
  8. What happened to him? I thought he was good but never got resigned.
  9. Watch Little get his poo together and end up being our starting LT. That would be hilarious. I wonder if we would be better off by moving Moton to LT and letting someone else play RT? Yes it would mean we would need to pay him more if he was good at LT but If he’s good at LT then it’s worth the money.
  10. We have a history of signing safeties and turning them into pro bowlers. Delano Hill has potential and maybe will be a good player if healthy. Our GM must have liked what he saw in SEA to give him a chance here. If he doesn’t work out no big loss. donnerson will be a camp body in my opinion. We sure love these players with high RAS scores.
  11. Well maybe he wouldn’t have got hurt if he didn’t throw an interception first?
  12. Assuming he is healthy enough to play at a high level I think he can do well as a rotational player where he doesn’t get a lot of reps to wear him down. Maybe he can also bring some leadership and teach our new guys how to be better. Nixon may take some time do develop so maybe we will be a lot better with short on the team.
  13. Let’s hope he can mature but if not oh well it was only a 5th round pick. honestly I don’t understand why teams don’t start making programs to help these troubled prospects. Some need mental help, some just need good people to be around. I mean for all the money invested in players and in the nfl you would think they would look after the troubled players more often.
  14. I thought it was funny that when Tremble was drafted they ended up spending just as much time talking about Arnold as they did Tremble. Aquib Talib was praising him which means something to me because he was a great player who could cover the best tight ends.
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