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  1. I always thought he had potential and he has played well every game in Washington. I’ve always said that there are probably plenty of qbs that would do great if they were given a chance to start. Just think of how many good players never get to start because of politics, experience or having a good player starting over them. Just think of all the back ups that did nothing then became stars on another team. Now just think of how many players never were given an opportunity and never show their skills. I mean this guy only is playing due to multiple injuries.
  2. I agree. The game shouldnt had been as close as it was. We turned over the ball in the end zone, missed a XP field goal, punted when we should have kicked a FG, had some key drops and multiple penalties, I know the one holding penalty by Elfein probably cost us a drive. Also dropped TD pass by Thomas. It the first game of the season so you can expect there to be more mistakes. We should have had 10-17 more points if it wasn’t for the mistakes.
  3. Why isn’t tremble playing some FB and we cut Ricci? I mean is Tremble not supposed to be a versatile player who is great at blocking? Probably wouldn’t have had the fumble in the red zone if Tremble was the FB.
  4. Let’s not also forget it’s the coaches fault Ricci is playing fullback so you could say they are in a sense responsible for the red zone fumble. I don’t understand why Tremble isn’t our fullback. He has experience at the position and is great at blocking. So why the hell does our coaching staff decide to convert a TE to FB and start him over Tremble?
  5. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for a team to find a kicker. I mean how hard is it to find someone who can kick 50 yard field goals? My short out of shape ass could kick 20 hard field goals in high school and I didn’t even play sports. There are plenty of free agent kickers out there, I think the front office is just over thinking it.
  6. It looked like to me that Ricci slapped the ball out of his hand. I know it was an accident but I thought it almost looked like he did it on purpose.
  7. I have to wonder if the off season drama with Rodgers has messed with the teams morale? Saints looked good but I don’t think they can keep it up. I could be wrong but isn’t their defense not that good at getting to the QB? Also didn’t they loose some key offensive linemen? It’s hard to judge a team on what they do week one.
  8. He got a lot of pressures as a rookie. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t he basically the NT last year and this year he will be able to get to the QB more since we signed Bowers who will be the NT?
  9. I don’t think simulations are advanced enough to predict an entire nfl season. I mean how can it predict injures? How can it predict player professions and players getting worse? Some players will be a completely different player in different systems. You can’t predict what a new coach is going to do. That said if we do get the #1 pick I honestly don’t think any of the Top QBs in this draft will be that great but maybe I’m wrong.
  10. I’ll be at work and won’t be off until 4pm. So I’ll probably miss the game. I would rather just watch it from the begging. I know so apps allow you to watch games from the beginning. Does anyone know what apps I can use to watch the entire game from the beginning? I don’t plan on paying for any app so I prefer it being free, unless it’s on Hulu or Amazon because I already have that. thanks!
  11. So pat Elf is the starter? I saw him listed on the depth chart but didn’t know if it was official.
  12. What would be the best was of watching panthers games for poor people? Or people who don’t wanna pay anything to watch? I tried watching with an digital antenna but it sucks, the Fox and cbs apps sometimes don’t always show the local games for some reason.
  13. Young RB who was on buried in the depth chart in Denver. I like him more than cannon. Big RB which I believe we need.
  14. 4th round pick? Not bad. I have to wonder if this is good news for Darnold, hear me out. If Darnold has been really good in practice and looks like a different player here then maybe we signed Morgan because we think New York is just so bad that there could be another decent qb on their roster that the staff wasn’t using correctly?
  15. I would say resign players and front load contracts but I was told that doesn’t matter anymore because the way you came move dead cap over? Still we have some big contracts coming up and no big QB contract so I wouldn’t get too comfortable. We give DJ Moore, D jax, Burns big deals there goes a big hit. If Darnold plays well then there’s probably a 20 million a year contract. If D Arnold and/or Reddick play well then there’s a big payday to keep them.
  16. I’m shocked but maybe he looked bad to our staff?
  17. I mean don’t the bengals Oline suck? Don’t they have depth issues? This doesn’t look good that he got cut from a team that needs offensive linemen but hey not like we have anything invested in him
  18. I noticed that too. We keep signing all these players who can only play special teams. I mean Cannon sucks at Rb and is supposedly the top gunner in the league so he’s clearly just here for special teams. Stanford is a career special teams guy who doesn’t bring anything as a starter, Zylstra is a special teams player who might can be a decent back up but seems to only be on this team because of special teams. The DE we just traded for is a special teams guy. Maybe he does have potential as a starter but hasn’t shown it yet. We have JJ Jansen who is only a LS and drafted an LS when we could have drafted another position and I heard that we are keeping another player because of special teams. why not sign players who offer more than special teams? I remember when we had Greg Hardy on special teams laying people out. Keep one ace and the rest should be young players with potential or vets who are good back ups like we used Chase Blackburn. It’s wasting a roster spot to me.
  19. If I remember correctly we don’t really have a FS position and Burris and Franklin can play both spots if needed. I think the way our defense is that FS and SS are interchangeable or I remember hearing that. I am okay with us keeping 4 TE but not 4 TE and Ricci a TE turned FB. Seriously why? Tremble can be the FB or we can have a RB play FB as well. Is Ricci even that good of a blocker? Because I always thought he was more of a pass catching TE
  20. I just don’t see us keeping 5 TE. I think we have too many special teams players as it is but our staff seems to like the guys who don’t really offer anything except special teams. I would love to get a new back up QB but who? Who can we get that can play in our system and can learn our playbook? If we replace Walker with a different QB we could be screwed if Darnold gets hurt. You can’t expect a QB to do well if they hardly know the playbook. Then again PJ Walker isn’t that good either. Our team put a lot of faith in Darnold. I guess it’s a smart decision because it Darnold ends up being a bust then we will suck and need to get a top QB in the draft. So if he sucks we should end up with a top draft pick to get a QB. If he does well then we should be a good team and not need a QB in the draft.
  21. I think we need 3 rbs. I don’t think Cannon is even good enough to be a 3rd string RB, just a special team player. RB is an easy position to find talent at, find some young undrafted player with potential.
  22. It would be funny if Haskins and Rosen became the franchise QBs for their teams.
  23. I’m glad we found a way to keep him. I would hate for us to cut him after spending a draft pick on him. Then again maybe we would have kept him and traded JJ for a draft pick? This way we get to keep both players and Fletcher can play next year after JJ retires.
  24. I wish the NFL had a developmental/minor league where they could develop QBs and other players that just need some training and experience. QBs are the hardest to develop because they won’t get any playing time in a real game. No telling how many good QBs are out there if they just gave them a shot.
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