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  1. I find it funny how some people think I’m some horrible person for saying this. I don’t want Dalton but he makes a lot of sense considering the circumstances. We need a good vet back up and Dalton can be that for a good price and would be familiar with Grudens system. If we keep Darnold I would rather have Dalton as our back up than PJ Walker, Dalton is better than Walker and has way more experience and can offer veteran help that Pj couldn’t offer. I would love cousins, I would love Minshew but I just don’t see us getting him and let’s be honest the front office is known to let us down so Dalton being the vet qb they end up getting makes sense.
  2. Yeah but to be fair I don’t think we have the money to get him. Where as Dalton would be affordable. It’s not that I want Dalton as much as I think he makes the most sense and considering how we always sign the players we don’t want then I think it’s a high probability we get him, of course only if we sign Gruden. I would love Cousins but how can we afford him and what would we have to give up for him? Why would Minnesota get rid of a good qb?
  3. You can’t really win without a good qb. The few teams that have won a Super Bowl with out a good team in the past 2 decades were loaded with talent, look how loaded the ravens Super Bowl were in the 2000s. You can always find good player later in the draft, udfa and FA so yeah I would do it if the player was good, I would rather trade for an established qb like Watson instead of a unproven qb in the draft. I don’t think there are any QBs in this draft worth trading 3 1st round draft picks for in this draft.
  4. Lmao I think it’s hilarious how people don’t want anything to do with Watson over the allegations. I mean you don’t have to like the guy personally, he just needs to win games which he does. I don’t think people realize how many scumbags are on each NFL team. A lot of it gets covered up but just because a player is donating money to a charity doesn’t mean he isn’t doing bad things behind the scenes.
  5. So if we sign Jay Gruden I think it’s obvious who our QB will be and here’s why 1. Carolina wants a vet QB 2. Carolina signs Jay Gruden as OC 3. panthers sign Andy Dalton, a vet QB who has a history with Jay Gruden(2011-2013) Sadly I think this is more realistic than the panthers signing/trading/drafting a top QB. while it’s not what we want I would rather have him than PJ Walker, he would probably be a good vet to go with Darnold and he knows Jay Grudens system. He probably won’t cost a lot of money either. Honestly he may be a upgrade over who we had this year.
  6. That’s what I was saying. It’s like our coaches don’t know how to use players to their strengths. They have to constantly move them to other positions because of “muh versatility” which ends up just putting a good player in a new position that he won’t be good at. the whole making Ricci a FB and having him take up a roster spot while learning the position is a dumb decision especially when we just used a 3rd round pick on Tremble who could be our FB. Ricci made some bone headed plays while learning the position, he caused a fumble in the red zone, luckily we won that game. If I remember correctly Ricci was more of a pass catching TE than blocking TE. If true then I really think that shows how bad our coaching staff is.
  7. Cousins is a good QB. Does he have a big contract? Yes but he is atleast good. Just because Minnesota can’t win in the playoffs doesn’t mean he sucks. It’s a team sport and Kirk hasn’t really had a good offensive line the entire time he’s been in Minnesota. Minnesota had a bad defense this year and I believe last year as well. Saying he just puts up good stats but sucks makes no sense. You don’t put up those kinds of numbers consistently if you are bad. He has always been on a average ton below average team and yet puts up about Top 10 qb numbers.
  8. Can you blame him? We have Darnold right now and PJ Walker. No guarantee that we upgrade at qb. Rhule could be in his last year so it basically is a one year job. Playing here could hurt his resume. He could stay in Houston with a QB he is familiar with and a QB who could actually end up being decent. If he does a good job next year with Houston then it’s possible he could be offered a OC or even a head coaching job. I mean to put up an average offense with a mid round rookie QB, rookie coach and a team with lots of issues looks good on Hamilton’s resume. If he’s able to improve the offense next year then why wouldn’t he get a coaching offer? Maybe a head coaching job for a college or even an nfl team? Or maybe a OC job with more potential then what we have.
  9. We were undefeated when Horn played. Although I don’t think we started loosing because he got hurt, I do wonder how much of a impact he has on our defense. I feel like most of our rookies didn’t get much playing time. Marshall was disappointment to me. I think Tremble and Christensen played well for the limited time they had. I think both should have started. Brown should have played more, hopefully next year he will win a starting job.
  10. I don’t recall hearing any other coach saying this before. Most of the time they don’t even blame anyone, just talk about how they need to improve and talk about the positives of the loosing season, like the development of young talent.
  11. I never understood why we used Ricci instead of Tremble as a FB. I mean Ricci caused a fumble because of his incompetence in the red zone I think in week one or two. Tremble supposed to be a great blocker and can play FB, so why didn’t we use him as our FB and back up TE? At the the beginning of the season Tremble would have been the 3rd TE. So why not use him as our FB and free up another roster spot? I don’t think Ricci was good at FB so if anything this just shows me that our coaching staff doesn’t know what they are doing.
  12. Jimmy G has a major injury history. Imagine what he would do with our offensive line? I mean it’s like the guy is made of glass already.
  13. I respect this. Fans should make it absolute hell for the opposing team and if the refs do a bad job then so be it. If you care about your team and winning so much then wouldn’t you be willing to do whatever it takes?
  14. I know he got a lot of credit for what he did with Baylor but Baylor has been a pretty good school before they got into trouble. Baylor is just as good right now without Rhule as they were with him. So I wonder how much Rhule really had to do with turning around Baylor. I have a feeling Baylor was a big enough school that they would have turned it around no matter who the coach was.
  15. Yeah 9 sacks in 17 games isn’t a lot. I hate he can’t get over that 10 sack hump. I think he does have a high win percentage and can get to the QB though. I thought Brown was going to help Burns this year but he has sucked as well.
  16. I was wondering how the PFF scores worked… so 67 is good? It just sounds bad. Still I knew he wasn’t a complete player, you don’t sign a player who’s coming off a 12 sack season for the price we got Reddick for unless he has lots of issues.
  17. Cam had a worst PFF grade than Sam despite being used in goal line situations where he could get a easy TD. He’s not the answer. He might have a good play here or there but his arm isn’t what it was. He’s a shell of the player he once was.
  18. Miami had injuries at the QB position and didn’t have as much talent yet turned it around and ended with a winning season. Dude might be a good nfl coach. I think he will find a job easily. I mean for what he did in Miami with the talent he had he should get lots of credit.
  19. Even though we had the 2nd ranked defense somehow I think our defensive line sucked. Look at former 1st round pick Derrick Brown, he’s sucked, I could be wrong but I think he’s regressed. The other young defensive linemen haven’t done much better. Brown and Reddick may get sacks but their overall PFF grade sucks. We have had plenty of games where we haven’t got after the QB or let them run down our throats. I think the whole 2nd ranked defense is misleading anyhow. Our offensive line sucked and honestly I don’t see any improvements from our OL. It took all season just to see the two rookies get some playing time. We need coaches who have NFL experience and can help develop young talent. I don’t think college coaches are going to get the job done.
  20. This level of ignorance is why you don’t listen to the fans who want to win now instead of waiting and developing what you have. There have been many QBs that sucked for years and then one day turned it around and was good. The most recent example I think of is Alex Smith, he was worse than Darnold his first 4 years. Then look how good Alex Got once the 49ers drafted good offensive linemen and gave him some weapons and a good coach. Steve Young, Drew Bledsoe, Troy Aikman and John Elway took years to be good players. Drew Brees wasn’t good his first 3 years. Jameis Winston went from being a turnover machine to only throwing 3 interceptions to 14 TDs in 7 games this year and might have turned his career around. With the right coaching staff you can fix players, it happens all the time at all positions. Sam had a horrible coaching staff and franchise for the first couple of years with the jets. He comes here to a coach that is new to the NFL and seems to be doing a horrible job of developing players. It looks like players are actually regressing under Rhule. Add the fact 4 out of the 5 offensive linemen have sucked this year and our receivers have been pretty bad and the fact it seems our offensive coordinator is clueless to being an NFL coach and I would say that it’s possible that Darnold might be redeemed. It’s not a guarantee but it happens all the time in the NFL so why couldn’t it happen again? Give the guy a better offensive line and a offensive coordinator that can help him then find someone to help him improve this offseason and you might be shocked at what you see. Hell it took cam about 7 years just to have a completion percentage over 62% because it took him that long to find him a coach to teach him checkdowns and short passes. It’s easy to call Darnold a bust until you look at how he’s had some of the worst coaching staffs around and had crappy offensive linemen every year. Let the guy develop.
  21. I honestly would rather us draft offensive linemen and build a team for a good QB to come in the next year or two (like TB did with Brady) rather than draft a QB in the first round. I honestly don’t like this years QBs. Pickett might be the best but he’s older and only has one good year. I thought Riddler might be good but the way he played in the playoff game against a good team bothered me. I’ve seen a lot of player comparisons of Matt Corral to a bunch of QBs who ended up being bust, like David Carr so I don’t know about him. I’m not sold on Howell either. Willis is a no for me. Strong might be good in the NFL but I’m worried because of the competition he played against. I wouldn’t mind taking a late round pick on Zappe. I mean for someone to put up those amazing numbers I would love to see what he can do in the NFL, sure college numbers don’t always translate but let’s say a great QB was on a bad team, wouldn’t he put up big numbers like Zappe? If he ends up being a bust it’s okay because he will be a mid round pick. honestly I would just rather us build a good team and when a good QB like a Watson, Wilson or Rodgers is a FA we can sign him here. Maybe if we suck enough next year we can get the #1 pick and get a good QB but I don’t want one this year.
  22. I’m down for minshew. There are plenty of QBs out there that I think could get the job done for us. Think of how many good QBs want off their team right now, like Rodgers, Wilson and Watson. Then you have Minshew, you have your guys like Tyler Heincke and Kyle Allen which I think could do a decent job. There are plenty of back ups who could be a decent starter for us. Personally I don’t want us to draft a QB this year.
  23. Looked how bad the other QBs played for us. Pj was even worse. Cam was horrible. If our WRs weren’t dropping so many passes, our o line didnt suck and our RBs could average over 4.0 ypc maybe Darnold could get the job done. I think we also had a bad OC that hurt Darnold. You honestly think if we had a good qb with this offense that things would be that much better? I don’t think so, not when you have 3-4 offensive linemen that are horrible.
  24. When I heard we Drafted Hubbard because Rhule’s wife called I knew we were going to be screwed. If you look at how many players we cut or traded under Rhule that ended up doing good for other teams you can see that we don’t know what the he’ll we are doing. Rasual Douglas and Perryman had great years this year, we traded our TE who was arguably the best receiver for the Jags.
  25. we need someone who can develop Sam. If he fails then the OC and Rhule will be gone anyhow so I’m willing to see us waste a year on trying. Plenty of QBs took a few years to develop, let’s give Darnold a chance with a OC that knows what he’s doing and a decent offensive line.
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