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  1. Sure, atleast around that range. Considering he played injured last year and has had better seasons when healthy.
  2. Baker is a top 15 qb, with him on our team last year we might end up being a borderline playoff team.
  3. Don’t know why people would be mad about this. He is a top 15 qb with potential. He had an off year but played with an injured shoulder all year. He is better than Darnold and we didn’t give up much.
  4. Would a team even want Darnold even if we offered to pay for his contract?
  5. This guy is college educated? Jesus Christ someone give a refund he can’t even speak basic English at a middle school level.
  6. I’m not saying that they are lying or nothing happened but I’m saying there have been times people have falsely accused rich men and some of the accusations could be false. Yes there are plenty of rich and powerful people who also use their power and wealth to cover up their sexual deviancy. Personally I like to see someone be convicted before calling them a predator, etc. personally I don’t really care, the nfl is filled with dirt bags and so is most sports. A lot gets covered up and we don’t even find out but a small percentage of what happens. When people get the fame and money athletes get then they act like fools, then on top of that people will cover for them because they want to be friends with the athletes or don’t want to hurt their team.
  7. So when you say “succeeded” you saying that he found plenty of women who did give him happy endings? personally I don’t want to call him a sexual predator because there is a lot I don’t know. I do know that him being rich and famous means he probably gets lots of women willing to have sex with him consensually. I also would think that the reason why he attempted to use so many women for happy endings is because he had plenty of ones that would do it for money.
  8. Simp! I bet you are one of those guys who says “believe all women”
  9. True. Most athletes have a big ego and are narcissistic. Considering how Cam acts when he runs for 2 yards, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear him prop himself up and act like he’s great when he sucks.
  10. Do humans not lie a lot? Are there not lots of people who try to take advantage of rich and famous people for money? You sound like someone who has never been in the real world before. When you are rich and famous it puts a target on your back. Sure there are plenty of bad men who hurt women to but don’t act like all women are victims and never do wrong. There are plenty of women who make false allegations against men, that is a fact. Anyone who pays attention to what’s going on in the world would know about Amber Heard lying about the abuses of Johnny Depp and trying to ruin his life. Then you have what happened to Kobe and also the Duke Lacrosse team. It happens a lot and sadly a lot of times nothing happens to the false accusers because it’s cheaper just to settle it out of court and pay them to be quiet than it is to get a lawyer involved. Don’t be a simp man because that’s what you sound like.
  11. I think Cousins should be a little higher and if Watson plays all year then he should be too. I don’t see how Watson can be 13 and baker is 17. If you are going by statistics then baker probably won’t even be top 30 if Watson plays.
  12. Cam says one thing but reality shows otherwise. He started off great but as he played more he got worse and by the end of the season he was worse than Darnold. That shows me that it wasn’t him learning the playbook that was the problem as much as him being healthy. He was good when he first came back but as he got just a little west and tear on him he sucked. Also I assume they opened up the playbook as time went on. He was great when he was just doing short yardage and goal line situations but when he had to throw farther he couldn’t do it. That just shows me that the idea he can’t throw anymore is true.
  13. Idk this story sounds kinda odd. Women lie all the time, especially when money is involved. Honestly it sounds to me like Watson was being an idiot and thought that like the movies you could find a Masseuse to give you an happy ending. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did get plenty of “happy endings” and that’s the reason why he kept trying to find new women masseuse. I don’t understand why someone didn’t just tell him about “escorts” then this whole thing could have been avoided.
  14. I mean it doesn’t sound like he would be succesful looking at those numbers, sounds like a run defender then again I remember us signing a few udfa DEs over the years that made the team and got playing time and were specifically run stopping DEs like Wes Horton and Bryan Cox. Both put up similar numbers in college.
  15. I think Rambo has a shot. Miami has produced some successful WRs and UDFA receivers like Allen Hurns. His scouting report sounds like similar to other successful Wrs, he’s a route runner and has had good production in college.
  16. I think Minshew and Beidgewater would be ranked higher but since they are probably going to be back ups unless an injury happens then I doubt they will play much.
  17. I wonder if Cade or Brown would be better at G than Brady Christensen? still I think having brady as our back up LT is great depth. I still wonder if Brady would be the better LT, at least this year than Icky? Icky at LG and Brady at LT could be the better combo atleast for now.
  18. Sad thing is that unless some major injuries occur then it looks like Mays, Christensen and Brown could end up never amounting to much because they get no PT. Christensen might suck at LG because he’s a better LT and Mays and Brown might not get any PT because they have players in front of them.
  19. Well he can block and play special teams so that may help him make the 53 man roster. I know his stats don’t look that good but to be fair he was basically 3rd in receiving stats, 2nd in receiving TDs and the team doesn’t pass a lot, less than 2400 yards total passing so maybe he ends up being a surprise? Who knows.
  20. To be fair Joes #1 receiver was Jerry Rice so if he was to lock on him all the time like the scouting report suggest then he’s going to win more times than loose because Jerry Rice is statistically speaking the greatest WR to ever play the game.
  21. He’s still around? I remember him being around a long time ago.
  22. Sounds good but then again why did he fall? Maybe he just isn’t as good as he was projected to be? Or maybe he just had injuries or problems on his new team?
  23. Not going to lie, Iky being a run blocking LT bothers me. The main job of the LT is to protect the QBs blindside. He gave up a few sacks in ACC play so what you expect to happen when he plays NFL? maybe I’m wrong but I could see him being a better Guard and BC being our LT. Honestly I wouldn’t care as long as both do a good job at their postions. I know many would think Iky would be a bust if he ended up being a guard but if he can consistently be a top G then I wouldn’t see him as a bust.
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