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  1. I remember when Darnold was a smart move after three games.
  2. Just rewatched. Benjamin touched him down on their 3 yard line. That TD shouldn’t have counted.
  3. Gettleman wasted Cam’s prime with terrible WR selections. One of the selections was the cause of Cam’s shoulder injury.
  4. WTF they should be studying the playbook and watching film instead of playing games.
  5. Lots of “asshole” assistants have been hired as head coach.
  6. We should have signed Uzomah instead of giving Ian Thomas that contract.
  7. The night we’re on primetime would be the night to perform a massive heist. The whole of America would be in a deep sleep that night.
  8. What is he doing here?! Rhule should be at home refining the playbook!
  9. Ok, Scot. One example: Derrick Brown In early 2020, Rhule was loved by many here. Most Huddlers loved to believe that Rhule ran that year’s draft: In reality.. Appearing Monday on WFNZ in Charlotte, The Athletic’s Joe Person reported that Rhule was “open and eager” to trade out of the No. 7 overall pick but was overruled by GM Marty Hurney. The team then drafted the Auburn defensive tackle Brown with the pick. “[Rhule] wanted to add a couple more picks, maybe find a sweet spot in the teens somewhere,” said Person, per Rotoworld. “[But] Marty said Derrick Brown is our guy. We aren’t moving.”
  10. This draft? I haven’t followed much of this draft to tell you the truth. Other drafts? I certainly do.
  11. Here comes the who ran the draft posts again. Good draft = orchestrated by staff members Carolina Huddle likes. Even though articles and quotes state the opposite. Bad draft = orchestrated by staff members the Carolina Huddle despises. Even though articles and quotes state the opposite.
  12. Probably DeAngelo Williams. I was expecting us to draft Lendale White. Biggest head scratcher: Vernon Butler. Wth.
  13. Kyler Murray and it’s not even close. He is the best out of the bunch by far.
  14. How many years did they have the aforementioned weapons? White wasn’t a great WR when Vick was around. Jackson played with McNabb for a whopping two seasons.
  15. Cam, Vick, Lamar, Wilson, McNabb had poor receiving weapons and lines for most of their career.
  16. Lol at saying Russell Wilson isn’t a run threat.
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