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  1. I think that was with DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams
  2. I’ve never seen a league change its rules as much as the NFL does.
  3. He’s making a complete mockery of the draft process! No team should select him early in the draft. He should have to wait until the second round! Particularly, pick 33.
  4. The following play was a bust. Maybe Shanny should have trusted his coordinator.
  5. He should have had more carries, dammit!
  6. No. Stop trading away our good players.
  7. Did Belichick not own Dan Quinn in the Super Bowl? By Huddle’s logic, he didn’t because New England had a terrible first half.
  8. Awesome! Now let’s hire God as the offensive coordinator and we may actually look like a decent franchise.
  9. That was just a crew change. To me, blowup means the general manager cutting or trading away veterans for draft picks and letting the younger, cheaper guys take over.
  10. Never understood the point of blowing up a perennial playoff team.
  11. You’re describing all pro wide receivers. There aren’t many of those in the league.
  12. My bad. Tepper wanted to fire him.
  13. Tepper didn’t want him to become the Steelers head coach. Whatever Tepper says, do the opposite.
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