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  1. This is from his draft / combine profile from NFL.com. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/austin-corbett/3200434f-5200-8097-d4cb-2bd53a7e3b55 Overview Corbett won't blow you away with any of his measurables or play traits, but he's solid in most areas. Corbett is definitely sharp enough to move inside to guard or even center and has good technique, but his average to below average play strength and lack of length may be a concern. He has the size and talent to compete for a guard/center spot early on, but he may elevate above an average starter during his career. Sources Tell Us "He's smart and just solid all the way around. Long time starter in the league. I think he'll end up at center." - AFC offensive line coach
  2. I don't think all the 5th and 6th year seniors flooding the market due to Covid had any effect on the value of a 2nd round pick next year vs this year. Still feels great.
  3. 33 - A. Mitchell (this was before I heard about rumors of his attitude problem) 39 - Zach Frazier 65 - Trey Benson 101 - Ja'Tavion Sander 136 - Trotter Jr. 178 - Tyler Davis I also went with our original draft slots.
  4. “So dawg mentality to me, it might sound crazy, dawg mentality to me is you don’t care if you go out there and hurt somebody. It’s part of the game. You go in there and hurt somebody, you be like, ‘I did this and I’ma do it again.’ That’s what dawg mentality is. You don’t go in there being soft. You go in there like, ‘I’ma hurt you every play. I want you to be scared of me.'” He also already has two little girls and says every play he just imagines they (the other team) is trying to take food out my girls mouth. He was asked if he's every hurt somebody. He just laughed softly, smiled and didn't answer. D A W G
  5. I've read numerous times that mid to late 4th round the talent falls off a cliff.
  6. We get a 5th year on him as a first round pick. Bills did us the favor.
  7. I love Pearsall. I see Mingo as our #2 so we really need the harder to find X outside receiver although it's possible Mingo could continue to develop into that roll. Legette, Baker and Coleman could fit that role but I think they are middle to low 2nd rounders so we'd have to overdraft based on most big boards. Out of those I do like Legette the best. 6'4" with 4.4 speed. I also really like Worthy alot of his size puts me off as I can already see the whole team full of little people jokes.
  8. Evero's defense is a 2 high shell. It's not just the rules these days allowing offenses to score more easily. It's much more difficult in today's NFL to get over the top since Vic Fangiono's style defense has gotten more and more popular. Losing Burns is a loss in my opinion but overall I think we'll be a better defense because it's year two and Evero has more guys that fit his system. With the addition of Robinson and Wonnum as well as others I think we are going to be much improved against the run. With any improvement on offense that is also going to help the defense who kept us in a lot of games last year but couldn't last the entire game. I am in.
  9. I've been a Panthers fan since word came out that Jerry was making a bid. I am ride or die. “The pain. It's worth it. The more you love, the more it hurts. It's the only thing that is.”
  10. Mmmm. So, this is what the bottom looks like.
  11. Association + need = educated speculation. Panthers need WR help = reports of Panthers looking at or being involved in FA WR's. I expect most "sources" go like this. Ring, ring. Hello, this is Carolina Panthers person who works inside the building or is in the NFL in any way. Yes, I'm a reporter. Are you guys going after Calvin Ridley? Anything is possible and we are looking to upgrade our WR's Can I quote you on that? Sure. Sources inside the Panthers organization say they are interested in acquiring Calvin Ridley to upgrade their WR's for Bryce Young. If the Panthers can sign Ridley, anything is possible, including a surprise trip to the Superbowl sooner rather than later.
  12. I want Jackson Powers-Johnson, the Duck center. Take him at #33.
  13. I think it depends how the difference in grades when you pick. If a guy you have graded as a mid to first rounder drops to the 2nd, you take him as long as it's not at a position where we are stacked. Luckily, we are not stacked at any position. I think Canales's offense is going to put Bryce in a much, much better position from the start so even if we had the same personal, this is going to help a lot. I've always said it's all connected but the biggest problem was our interior offense line. With that, the health and longer term health of Brady and Austin being big question the Panthers have to answer. How sure are you these guys are going to be as healthy as a vet you might go out and sign. When healthy and with Canales's new offense isn't the complete disaster it was last year. I'm not saying we still don't need WR, TE, or upgrades at other positions. Only that it isn't all going to happen in year 1 which is why I think you always go with BPA but with a strong eye towards interior oline. I also think we'll end up trading Burns for a 1st pick and something else.
  14. Brandt Tilis is our new cap guy. He was with Chiefs for 14 seasons and did Mahomes contract. I'd like to think he can make some magic.
  15. He Hate Me and Jarrod Cooper Juice boys was dawgs
  16. We should have watched some of his college games. Then we would have known.
  17. Also, I love Chinn and I hate we are going to lose a player of his caliber because he doesn't fit the system. Everyone could see this coming. Should have traded him last year at the very least. I agree that I think he will be elite on another team. It is a mark against Ejiro that he couldn't find a better use of Chinn, especially with all the injuries we had. I still don't understand why we never moved him to linebacker. 6'3, 221. He could easily put on 10-15 more lbs. We could have kept Luvu on the outside which would have also helped Burns a lot more having a good pass rushing opposite.
  18. I think it's pretty easy to see Ejiro is a very qualified and good DC. Always room to debate how good. I see a ton of potential for improvement in the 2nd year of his system with better health of players and better personal that fit his system. Player health was a big problem in his year with Denver as well as his year here. The guy had multiple interviews to be the head coach of multiple teams as well as multiple teams trying to sign him for their DC position. While that doesn't prove he's a good DC or coach it does certainly show how other teams and personal in the league view him in a very positive way.
  19. I thought he couldn't interview for other DC jobs? So then he can't miss out because it was never an option.
  20. I think he sees what he could do with Baker and is drooling over what he can do with Bryce. The biggest thing I'm getting from him is the culture he brings, the tailoring and creating an offense to fit the teams skill set and his voice/mannerism. He's has a slightly slowed down cadence when he talks and speaks very, very clearly. Seems like he has that teacher, mentor, following the process and the results will come type of dude. I also think this is the first time we have legit had a younger coach. I love the potential and energy.
  21. I don't think Evero is stomping his feet or will be a problem even if it's true that he would rather be able to pick his next job this year instead of next. We don't even know if he would rather be DC of another team. This is more speculation because we have blocked him from 3 other lateral moves for DC but he has had quite a few HC interviews. A few of them were twice with the same club. This also happens a lot in the corporate world outside of the NFL if you are under contract with a company and are considered an asset. Evero strikes me as the type of guy that doesn't waste time with things he can't control or negative emotions that don't further him in his goals or doing his job well. He could very well be extremely happy with staying as the defense has a lot of talent and we'll add a few more pieces. Year two with talent could be a better position to be in that a new DC of another team where he starts all over and has to install his system. We don't know his feelings and I expect he will not tell us. We may get a "I'm going to always give my best in whatever opportunity is in front of me" and I think he'll coach that way no matter his true feelings.
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