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  1. Nah. Most new jerseys look similar.. Jets, falcons, titans, texans, broncos etc
  2. Thought's on taking a WR with the 1st pk in round 3 if available?
  3. Maybe payton didn't give a 2nd interview to Tepper
  4. Yeah. Dude was ass in college..did nothing for 4 yrs in college but be a bum...& like a qtr of his yards last yr (in his lone "good season")came against a poo Vanderbilt team ...Scotty Fitt likes to draft guys off potential instead of productioncant wait for that HC & GM fired notification
  5. Tepper said he told Bryce at the SB they were taking a QB. You dont walk up to somebody & say that unless you know thats your guy... Tepper wanted Bryce. It was always gonna be Bryce no matter what
  6. Lol. Joe Flacco wasn't a level 2 guy. He straight up won the SB for them. They dont even make the playoffs if not for him. Even the yr b4 when they shouldve beat the pats it was because of him
  7. 19/31 players drafted by the panthers are off the team with more to follow. Every one minus Grier & Daley are out the league or on a PS. Deonte Brown being the only one on ours. Chinn, Tmarsh, & YGM n are all likely to be off the team next yr. Horn, Brady, Chuba, Barno & Mays all potential candidates as well. Haynes, donte, & Ian from 2018 could all be gone next yr too. The drafting by this team has been absolutely brutal for awhile now minus the 1st pk
  8. We haven't done much winning with that. We've had more bust then success with wrs/te's weve drafted over the years... I'd much rather spend on proven commodities
  9. Lol. He got sacked 6 times against the worst pass rush. Im thankful we scored anything
  10. Average slow speed slot wr. No thanks. Take a flyer on a speedy wr like quez watkins & go after big name free agents next yr
  11. We'll see. I hope we dont extend him. Id prefer a trade...This guy has been right b4 tho
  12. We'll probably get a 6th rounder for him. Or trade him for a 7th & some no name DB
  13. Ravens, Jags, Bills, & eagles make the most sense.
  14. He's only been playing pro football for a month...... Relax
  15. 2 TEs in Olsen & Shockey... Elite wr in Smith. Good enough 2 in LaFell. O line that finished ranked in the top 10 with RT being the only weakness. 2 good RBs. Come on nowtheres a reason Cam threw for 4k yards & had over 30 TDs that yr
  16. QuitBitching


    So obviously as you all know... We're dog poo (cat poo?) this yr. What do you think the chance's of us going 0-17 are? Colts, Texans, Bears, & Falcons are the only teams that i see us having a chance at beating. & you can take the colts off that list if Minshew starts. This season has been probably the worst ive ever endured as a fan, but on the bright side Scotty trade all our assets away & Frank call the same 3 plays every game will be gone soon
  17. Thanks. I needed my daily reminder of how our panthers suck assjust beat the bears. Its all i ask for
  18. We have a rookie QB with mediocre wrs + banged up O line.lol... Give Bryce & the team time... If Bryce & the squad look this bad next yr then you can panic
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