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  1. You can thank Robby Anderson for making it difficult to keep DJ. Robby's replacement was drafted but they decided to give him an extension anyway. Always signing the wrong player is the Panthers way.
  2. Count me in on the Bryce Young sweepstakes.
  3. Pay Kevin Colbert whatever it takes to come in and fix this mess. That takes balls.
  4. No, no I'm not. But he and Rhule has to talk about something besides Rhule's wife's meatballs.
  5. Without knowing Teppers end game in all this mess I hesitate to guess. I fail to see anything positive in building any semblance of culture. I cannot see any improvement in the development of the players save one or two. The team has no identity nor has it shown anything encouraging to point to a direction other the down. There is yet again no attempt at adjusting strategy in scheme or play calling. The talent is lacking and what little there is will be misused. I honestly have no idea what to expect other than more of the same.
  6. The answer? Probably not, but we certainly have had worse. He will do for now.
  7. If Sam Darnold can help this bunch get 9 wins next season then hell has frozen over. I may have to take back everything I said about him. Getting 9 wins buys you an extension around BOA.
  8. Must be the blisters on his ass from riding the bench all season.
  9. No. Go oline early and often. Ride Sam to the number 1 pick next year.
  10. Who recruited and coached that talent at Michigan? I say we keep looking.
  11. The coaches do not play the game. That so called talent doesn't have enough pride to play hard enough to prevent getting embarrassed on the field on Sunday. There is zero fight in 90% of this team. That talent is only concerned with stat padding and paycheck collecting. That long standing culture within the organization will take a long time to purge. I'll have to agree to disagree on the state of the franchise.
  12. Competitive is what we occasionally are if the stars align and we stumble upon a qb by sucking really bad. I want a team that is in the playoffs every damn season. Don't you as a fan want more than the occasional competitive season? I certainly am sick and tired of the one hit wonders.
  13. This team is no where near competitive. They do not have near enough starting talent not to mention depth. They have no coaching, no identity and no accountability. The goal is to be regular contenders not occasional ones.
  14. All that this just paper tigers and fan dreams. Nothing about this team suggested that anything they did last season and in the draft suggested this team would be any better than what we've witnessed. It's not retrospect to hope for overarching but to expect anything more is a foolish endeavor. This team has young guys whi shown potential sure. But potential will always be potential until it's realized. This team is years away from being a serious contender and that's not debatable.
  15. You have to know the protection calls to assign blame. They simple could have called the wrong protection for the oline on that play. It happens.
  16. I don't agree with that statement at all. I think this is where folks have gotten themselves the most upset thinking this team was better. This team is much worse than last years and it was going to be. Mostly due to coaching but also a lack of talent. This team needs a purge at just about every offensive position. You have one olineman and a few young contributors worth keeping. I would trade everyone else for draft picks and start the fug over. It's what should have been done from that start.
  17. This would be complete and utter lunacy. That would do it for me as a fan.
  18. Go OL in this draft. Get the qb next draft. This qb class is terrible.
  19. Tepper needs to throw as much money as it takes at Kevin Colbert to get him in the building to clean this mess up.
  20. Howell certainly doesn't look any better than Darnold. I was disappointed in how he played today. But that was the first full game I've watched of his. UNC's offense looks a lot like the Panthers offense.
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