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  1. Chiefs probably will grab him
  2. Naw if I’m cam this is the last place I’m coming back to, this FO and staff signed him well into the season and then threw him under the bus as if we were winning before he got here. again rhule can flounder in his decisions on the roster, I’m not coming here to try and bail him out and I hope he doesn’t feed corral to the wolves when Sam starts going full jets mode either
  3. Eh I don’t like trading next years pick but we’ll see how this goes, was jumping on the Howell train
  4. Idk these trade ups have been hella cheap this year
  5. Strong or Howell would be nice if the cost to trade up isn’t too high
  6. Fans or people who call themselves fans try and judge these athletes off a fraction of what they see in the media or clickbait articles. you can’t read a couple pages of a book and claim to know what said book is about
  7. It’s a lot of ifs that need to fall in place but he’s a better option than darnold, idc who we bring in but someone needs to compete with darnold other than pj instead of just giving the job to darnold, and no I don’t want jimmy g or baker, unless baker is cut
  8. I’d consider trading back if they think cross will last to the beginning of the teens
  9. Please don’t Botch this prime Lt will be on the board
  10. Worst nightmare is for a top Lt to be on the board and we reach on a qb for rhules job sake or trade back to make up for picks list in the darnold trade
  11. Yeah I hope so now, but if we reach on a qb and neglect Lt I don’t wanna hear anything else about commitment to building a foundation or whatever con artistry they’ve been feeding us the last 3 years
  12. Well glad they fix it cause he’s my fav LT based off what we’re needing
  13. I was fine when he didn’t speak to the press
  14. If that did happen you trade Sam for the best trade possible, 1 year of excellence isn’t enough to warrant the 3-4 years of bad play
  15. Deebo is a luxury at this point for us
  16. Basically how I feel, rhule is an idiot if he didn’t accept the deal but tepper is a fool for giving a coach out of college with zero nfl experience such a deal
  17. Simple stuff like facility upgrades, etc nothing that has significantly increase on field production
  18. Tepper has done some good but for the most part he’s tried to hard to put his stamp on the team from staff to personnel, the saying one thing and doing another im not sure if that’s more rhule or tepper
  19. Guy looks really comfortable in the pocket, honestly I wouldn’t be mad drafting him in a trade back scenario.
  20. Exactly, a damn mess either you handcuff rhule or allow him to make more questionable moves on his way out
  21. The impatience of the Fo and owner is only gonna cost us in the long run, I don’t know how they can collectively look at the last two seasons and not see that
  22. Bpa, the team isn’t a qb away or draft away from contending, just do the poo the right way an build the team instead of trying to get instant gratification. we set ourselves back 4-5 seasons with the moves we’ve made since rhule has been hired
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