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  1. Always loved gano, people were so upset with Harrison being cut for gano(rightfully so) they wanted to see anyone who could make gg’s replace him, now look at us
  2. That wasn’t my argument but since you brought it up there’s a pretty good argument that can be made, his stats aren’t much better in major passing categories and this is with majority of his career being with hof Calvin Johnson, Lamar has done more with less passing threats that’s an asinine statement, rushing stats aside, dude threw for 38 tds which led the league,Lamar and rg3 aren’t even in the same convo, basically knocking the guy because he can achieve the same or better passing stats than majority pocket qbs while adding 1000 yards rushing.
  3. I watch lesser qbs like Stafford, do worst with less questions. this is also without throwing to nearly the talent Stafford had in det. You don’t luck into a mvp. without context, media outlets funnel this silly narrative that he can’t throw outside the numbers but fail to mention the personnel.
  4. Bad part is now Lamar is the media’s target, even with a mvp I still hear ppl question HIS throwing ability now
  5. Battle of the former Alabama qbs in foxbourough
  6. Very lackluster tbh, defense looks the part but it’s also the jets not that much encouraging
  7. Felt like we had some options for the first underneath, but good coverage by the cb for the jets
  8. It’s hilarious because cam and his father finally address bs rumors that have been going on for years about not only cam but African American qbs, it’s an issue lol, y’all gotta do better lol some of you won’t even let half of what was said about cam slide If it was you, let alone if it was said to your son/daughter but want to take the holier than thou approach very telling
  9. Clearly they haven’t watched the video, and clearly none know the difference in talking to an audience, because I keep hearing complaining about him talking about himself in 3rd person but no one is stating why exactly that comes off as cringe dude said the same thing the media and most have been saying on this forum for the last couple of years yet when he says it he’s somehow had an ego, lol guy can’t win
  10. 100% correct, unfortunately History tells us he won’t have much success with the rookie year one
  11. Could be true but if Mac Jones struggles or fails to yield more than 7 wins, not only is that another indictment on Bill that would suggest they started the rookie too early. what I’ve seen from Mac is impressive but it was against 2-3rd stringers fighting for roster spots, not pro bowlers and starters, it’s very possible he struggles just as likely as he lights it up
  12. Basically, as a fan I didn’t want him to give Mac and opportunity at least this season to steal the job, and not being vaxxed with the current nfl rules did just that. i agreed with majority of what cam stated in the video, however the reality is until he’s vaxxed he’ll be waiting on injury before a opportunity arises
  13. I agree with some of this but it is refreshing to have actual dialogue with posters like yourself and others who are not still taking pop shots at cam, let alone former panther greats each go around
  14. Idk if ne stated that but that’s not what cam stated. Apparently the absence didn’t play too Much a role according to cam, he felt it was inevitable that they were going to roll with Mac
  15. Yeah I did catch that too, couple subjects they moved quickly off of(rightfully so for cam’s nfl future). I still think the vaccination played a bigger role than stated, what was very interesting was cam explain the snaps, playcalling, first team reps etc. and he’s sounds conflicted whenever they mention the atl trip and missing 5 days of practice, I think both things are true, it played a bigger role than stated and made it easier to go forward with Mac
  16. Man if you didn’t watch the video just say so, I know it was 43 mins long but you are just putting misinformation out left and right. he literally said he got the teams ok to get a 2nd opinion in atl with his dr, a precautionary checkup, he also stated that if the team didn’t ok it he would have never made the trip to atl. If you don’t like cam just say it but this is a momental reach in your above statement
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